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    I have £100 and DEMON'S SOULS

    If anyone cared I got nominated by my Uni for a school prize about a month ago. I got this e-mail the other day.


    I think hey beleive my middle name (Wahed) is my last name so I need to sort that out. Otherwise its nice to have the extra £100. I was initially going to buy some games but I've decided to save at least £80 for new Uni books or other important stuff and spend the £20 on whatever I want. My Mum has said she'll get met me a presentfor doing well on my Uni exams and prize. I can't think of anything I really want though. It was my brithday last month and I actually got everything I wanted. I'll probably just ask for £5 and buy Gunstar Heroes off PSN.

    I finally got Demon's Souls on Wednesday. I haven't played too much of it (less than four hours) but I've got to say it really is a high quality game. The story isn't miondblowing but the game really does excel. The Graphics are what I expected, lots of grey with a quasi-gothic setting. And what really hit me for six was how if you die, it really is your fault for being one of the following slow to react/ think/ just being shit/ all of the above. I'm playing as a thief and I don't think I regret it yet . I've also been playing God of War on the GoW collection. Like Demon's Souls I haven't spent too much time on it. I'm currently at the desert and I'm really impressed by how it plays. It just feels so good. I've also started to replay GTAIV. I've spent about six hours on it and have completed fourty-eight missions.

    So that's it really. Cheers reading you wonderful five people that read my shit. And here's some Manics goodness.

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    Exam results and other shit

    Got my Uni results back yesterday and they seemed okay. (subect/mark/grade)

    POL100 Intro to Politics/114/C (the so-called easiest unit)
    POL103 Comparative Politics/144/A (the so-called difficult)
    POL104 International Relations/ 130/B
    POL105 Political Analysis/ 122/B

    They're not amazing but considering how average my coursework has been over the year, it's not too bad. However its also frustating, I know my coursework pushes me down becasue I have no interest in doing it due to how monotonous I find it. But I'll be positive, I didn't enjoy university or my courses so to haev out with these results isn't too bad. My Parent's were pleased but they want me to do better. My dad's excuse is becasue he knows I can be a clever little fucker when I want to be. And without sounding arrogant it is somewhat true but I do have self-belief issues. But to be fair ot the parents, my Mum said she wanted to get me a small present for for doing ok in my exams. Than again my mum was convinced I was going to fail my A-levels.

    It was also my brothday last week where I turned twenty. It was a decent day, I spent time with my family and all that. I got 'End of the Party' by Andrew Ranwsley which details New Labour,a comedy Labour party t-shirt and a pair of Sennhieser earphones. I was also meant to be getting some games (God of War Collection and Demon Souls) but they didn't come. But I got GoW yesterday and have only played the first chapter/level but I enjoyed it. Whilst Demon Souls isn't coming untill August 7th at the earliest.

    I also spent some days at my sister's house with her Husband and Kids. Thankfully I get on well with all of them so it was okay. I didn't do too much but lounge about and playing with the kids which was fine with me. I also helped her with the weekly shop at ASDA. She also gave me £20 for no reason. I put this down to not being a failure of a human being. My Brother in Law also let me keep his copy of the Mega Drive/Genesis collection becasue he only plays MW2. That was kind of him and pretty fortunate on my part becasue I've been looking to get this for a while. I didn't have a Mega Drive growing up so I'm certainly excited about playing some good retro magic.

    That's all and thanks to the eight people for reading this.
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    I've just checked how much pron I have.


    A cull is in order. Also that's a covername. Personally I think its hilarious.

    What can I say? I like to wank.
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    I have £6.84

    I may as waste it on some stuff. I've been looking at Crash Team Racing (£3.99) or Vagrant Story (4.79). Than wasting the remaning digital moohah on some minis. And other suggestions?


    I've been listening to 1977 by Ash recently. Its such a fitting album for youthful summer.
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    Uni have nominated me for an award

    I got an e-mail telling me, my department's examination board have nominated my for an award at Uni. I'm actually stunned by this as I thought my year had been pretty average at best. But the award is for the best performance in the last academic year. And I've just finished my first year as well so the fact I've been nominated means a lot to me. I ended up talking to my sister and she had only met one person whose been nominated for a university prize. Than my brother told me that my university were now going to keep a close eye on me.

    I actually can't get my head around this.
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    Birthday Stuff

    My Sister's been telling me to sort out what I want for my birthday in a few weeks. I tried to keep costs low as you do but here's what I asked for. Good or not?

    Demon Souls- £40 hopefully (from my Sister and Brother in Law)
    God of War Collection- £20 (my Parents)
    Seenheiser earphones- £14 (My Niece and Nephew)
    The End of the Party by Andrew Ranwsley- £12 (??)
    t-shirt- £15 (??) link

    Overall that would cost £101. Looking at that now, its too much. I'll probably just cut GoW and t-shirt and just settle just for the other stuff. Here's a funny thing, I've got another Sister and sixteen direct Aunts and Uncles (i.e. actual sublings of my parents) and I'm not going to get anything from them. I don't know if I should feel about that. The uncles and Aunts, I can live without but my own Sister? Thought tbf the only bit of contact I've had with her in the last two and a half years was just a birthday card :P

    Thanks for killing your time reading my shit blog, you wonderful people. It truly is an art.
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    The Quest for Work and General Gaming Stuff

    I applied to do some voluntering as an Oxfam lobbier and a youth mentor nearly two weeks ago. I haven't heard of a thing since so I'm currently playing with my options right now. I'd really like to get the jobs. Firstly, it would be really nice to do some good out there particualry the lobby job as it involves being tracking down MPS. And as I'm doing a politics degree; I would actually know what I'm doing adn could be remotely effective. Secondly it would get me out of the house. Otherwise I think I would get on my Mum's nerves.

    On the gaming front there's been some decent activity. I got round to beating SMT: Strange Journey and I must say it was a darn good game. Personally I preferred it to Devil Survivor. On the PS3, I started and finished Bayonetta. I really enjoyed playing it; it really was a pleasure to have messed around with it. I bought in mid March for £20 but only put the disc in the PS3 last week. Currently I need to finish Star Ocean: TLH. I'm fairly close to the end though but I'm looking to finish some sidequests before finishing the game off. At the moment I'm at EN II and have saved the Sanctuary. It's a good game but nothing mind blowing. I also decided to buy Final Fantasy VII on PSN. What can I say? I wanted to see what all the fuss was all about. And I like it. I imagine I got into it becasue you immediately get into the action, rather than some bastard tutorials. I'm pretty close to finishing the first disc as of now. I'm also messing about with Castlevania :DoS and replaying Ace Attorney with Crash Bandicoot 2 on the PS3.

    I've also got a lot of Queen on. Seriously fucking fantastic songs.


    Just gimme gimme gimme gimme
    Fried chicken
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    Tony Blair, Star Ocean, Children, Strange Journey and Crash Bandicoot

    I'm bored to I'm going to blog!

    Last night I found my old copy of Crash Bandicoot 3:Warped, I cleaned the disc and shoved in my PS3 and hey presto it worked! I'm pretty chuffed with that considering I never really looked after my games properly as a kid. I haven't spent too much time on it but so far I'm in the fourth warp room with seventeen crystals and over fifty lives! And its proving to be as good as I remember it as a kid plus I've saved myself some cash becasue I was planning to buy it on PSN.

    I also finished my essay for Uni today. It was about Tony Blair's resignation as PM and I think its decent consdiering I knew what I writing about. So far its 2133 words long so after editing it should hopefully be under the 2200 word limit. I unexpectedly did some work on it yesterday due to Uni closing becasue of a water leak which was slightly irritating as I didn't have both my lecture and seminar.

    Today I saw my sister aher family. My niece and nephew were playing up a bit but they are children. I was going to borrow their copy of MGS:4 but she forgot. I can't say I'm surprised but its not like I'm going to lose sleep over it. I also bought a suit today it cost £150 but i needed one now. I think I look awesome in it.

    In between stuff this week I've been playing Star Ocean on the PS3 and Strange Journey. On SO I've spent seventeen hours on it and I can't say its particulary great, its not a bad game but I can't help but feel its a tad disapointing. The game looks great, the battle system is fine but I can't help but feel the story is meh. Hopefully it'll improve. I'll finish it mainly becasue I spent £30 on it. SJ has been a lot of fun, I've spent six hours on it and can't help but enjoy it. I really hope a new SMT or Persona game is made for the home ocnsoles though becasue that would be immense.

    On another note, my earphones are starting to die on me so I'll be buying some new ones on Monday. Whilst I'm doing that, I think I'll pick up a game or two for the PS3. I've got £50 in my wallet and £20 is reserved fpr new earphones and the rest will go on a game. I'm not sure on what to get though, I'll probably look at the prices and see if I can get any deals. Feel free to suggest (if anyone is reading this that is). I was thinking about getting Assassins Creed II.
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    Y'know when you start an essay and realise you nothing?

    That's me right now it is.

    I've got a 2000 word essay due in next Friday for political theory. The question being 'Explain and asses the role of the concept of class in Marx's work'

    So far I've done 426 words. The point I get stuck to is explaining the importance of the CoC. All I've got is that it's important and central in Marx's work. I think I'll write about how the concept of class affected the economic writings of Marx.I now wished I had studied some sort of theory before I started Uni now. Though I'm not worrying yet, I've got a week till it's due; and I've done a decent amount and have sent my seminar tutor an e-mail for advice. Now I hope my university's shitty e-mail serivce works. I'm think I'm going to flunk this essay. A-levels were much easier than this irritating prententious absract essay.

    So feel free to regeale me of tales when you realised you had no idea on what to do on an essay or exam. Or you can take the piss.
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    I'm bored so I'll tell the temp about myself

    It hit me that I've been a member of this site for a year and I do post a bit; so I may as well properly introduce myself to teh forum.

    I'm nineteen year old bloke whose lived in London for the last decade. I was born in Swansea in South Wales so was consigned to a lifetime of international footballing (soccer) disapointment though we're pretty good at rugby.

    I live with my parents in Harrow and their genrally alright. My dad's a chief and has been working in the indian restaurant scene for about fourty years now and as you can imagine he's a pretty darn good cook. My mum has just filled in the role of homemaker and fulfills the sterotypical nagging mother though she thinks I'm an idiot. But it could be worse, I have a lot of freedom to do what I want particulary as my dad trusts me not to do anything stupid. I also have two older sisters aged thirty and twenty-seven. I get along pretty well with my older sister considering the age gap, she used to be a secondary (High( school teacher but she's taking a break to raise her kids while her husband supports them. I get along with my brother in law and her two kids aged three and one are lovely albeight mad but I love them nevertheless. The relationship with my other sister is more turbulant though. When she was eighteen, she ran away fro home to marry her Boyfriend. I didn't see her until five and a half years when I was nearly sixteen by then she had gotten divorced and was an accountant. Currently I haven't seen her for about two adn a half years. It used to hurt but as I got older, I was able to develop a new perspective on the situation; she was doing what she wanted and I have no control over it. I don't have any of her details whilst she has mine so the ball is in her court.

    I'm currently at Queen Mary University studying politics which is ok. University isn't living up to what I had hoped (i.e. uber open mindedness, greater chances of becoming close with people) but I'm only in my first year so things can get better. I should be doing an essay but I'm a bit ill so I'll do it hwen I feel better. If anyone's wonndering about my political alliegence, I'm Left Wing (Waits for the Trolly seal of approval) though I wouldn't say I was a traditional socialist but I do support the notion of social justice and my greatest political hero is Nye Bevan whose the man responsible for creation of the National Health Service. Now where's my flame shield...

    I like music and my favourite band are the Manic Street Preachers, in fact my name comes from a song from the lead singer's solo album. I guess I like a band who aren't afraid to make htemselves look like idiots. I also adore New Order, Joy Division, The Clash and Echo and the Bunneymen. I'm currently getting into The Hold Steady after getting my hands on 'Stay Poistive' which I've been listening on my commute to university.

    I also apperently like playing video games, I have a playstation 3 and a DS (OMG that's in my sig) and both are fun machines. I'm not playing anything religiously on the DS at the moment as there hasn't been anything to interest me apart from bejewled Twist and 7 Wonders II. Glory of Heracles hasn't really interested me and I spen seven hours on Sands of Destruction and just felt the battle system was a bit broken. I've picked my Nostalgia again and I'm just doing the extra missions as I finished the story a while ago. I've got my eye on Ace Attorney Investigations this month and Shin Megami Tensei, Pokemon and Infinite Space next month.

    my PS3 is get some good attention recently, I've gotten into Half Life 2 on the Orange Box (I know the PS3 bersion is Valve's bastard Stepson) and I'm on chapter eight at the moment; all I can syat is that it's an excellant game so far. I finished Saint's Row 2 and Eternal Sonata last month, so I've been looking for something new and I've just pre-ordered Star Ocean: The Last Hope Internation off Play.com for £30. That should be arriving next week and I'll play that when I finish HL2.

    And that's me in a nutshell (or blog post). I apologise for not neing interesting but fuck it. Thanks for reading or I don't balme you for not reading a word.