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    I haven't purchased Pokemon!


    As the titles says I haven't bought pokemon. Or downloaded it. Or care for it. Personally I just don't see the fuss about it, the game is essentially the same as it was in the game boy days but with EVs which really hasn't interested me. I just think there are better games to spend your money on like Vanquish or Valkyrie Chronicles.

    I've been doing essays for Uni recently. I've got one unit (Modern Political Thought) left and than I'm finished. The first problem is I have three assignments for this wheras my other units are only one assignment and this unit is worth anything extra. So that's a bitch. Secondly the essay is about comparing Marx to Nietzche which is due in next week but the problem is, they don't start teaching Nietzche until the day the essay is due. So I'm presently trying to teach myself Nietzche. and I'll tell you this Nietzche is rather difficult. I'm actually pissed off with this, I'm paying over £3000 for this year of teaching and they want us to do an essay on something they haven't taught yet. I certainly don't want to babied but I want a fair chance in being able to do this essay. I'm thinking below-par organistation is responsible.

    I also got a PSP. I like it a lot. I've been playing Persona on it. I haven't had much of a chance to play on my triple with all these essays so the handhelds are getting more attention.

    Anywhos cheers for reading and all that
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    My Mum doesn't know how put on a seatbeat.

    She's fifty and she doesn't know how to put on a seatbelt. She can't comprehend on how to do it so she gets me or my dad to do it. Your probably think "what the fuck?" I don't blame you. A few months back my family (parents, sister and her husband and kids) were driving back from a wedding and a bus hit them. Thankfully no one was hurt but since than my Mum has started to become to more concerned with safety so now she wears a seatbelt where previously she didn't.

    I went back to Uni this two weeks ago and I'm now looking to start doing some work on my essays. Hopefully I can do ok on them and than do bloody well in the exam like I did last year.

    I bought some games as well. Uncharted which was fun and Vanquish which I haven't played yet. I'm downloading Crash Commando off PSN which is meant to be good. I've also started playing Final Fantasy XIII. It's not bad in fact I really like it but Christ there's some problems. I'm eleven hours in and I'm one Chapter 7 and I still don't have a clur what's happening. I dislike the majority of the main characters. Snow is a useless idiot, I fucking hate Hope whilst Lighting isn't bad per se. She looks fairly cool and she really is Cloud with a vagina. It just took me a while to like Cloud whereas previously I was tolerating him. I do like Vanille though, I can understand why some people find her annoying but at least isn't whining and whilst she is an idiot, she's a harmless idiot, the best kind of idiot. I do like Sazh though. He's easily the best character in this game of angst but than again this is Final fantasy. On the whole, it's a more than decent game. I wouldn't regard myself a FF fan but I'm impressed, I like the battle system, I can't say I'm fussed over how linear the game is though, JRPGs are usually linear, there just create the illusion of freedom. I would prefer getting money from monsters though, it feels like I'm sorting out the debt of Ireland.

    Peace out
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    Mum has just blown the roof

    My sister came to visit with her husband and kids and my dad bought them a fairly considerable amount of fruit. My sister has left about 15 minutes ago and after she left, my mum went batshit crazy and was shouting at me. All becasue a bag of oranges was left behind. For five straight minutes, she was shouting at me. I tried phoning my sister but she didn't pick up mobile phone. So mum shouted a bit more at me. Thankfully she's calmed down now.

    On a random note, My sister and brother in law have been told by several people over the last two weeks, that thier two year old son is a pretty girl. It's probably becasue he hasn't had his hair cut in a while.

    Peace out.
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    I'm getting Modern Warefare 2

    I know BLOPS is out for I'm getting it for free so that's good. My Brother in Law is giving me his copy becasue he's bought himself the Hardened edition og the game. Basically the Prestige edition without the night goggles. And now I have to play with him. I may as well, we PSN stalk each other.

    If anyone wants to add me my PSN is mahfuzuddin. That was to help those with sigs off.

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    I think I have too many games to play part 2

    I'm close to finishing Assassin's Creed II now, I've only got Sequences 13 and 14 to do. It really is a good game, I'll buy Brotherhood if I see for a reasonable price or just buy the GOTY eiditon. I've replayed 999 and got the true ending and the story is batshit yet brilliant at the same time. A fantastic stand alone game. In SMT: Noctune, I've finished off that Prison and saved the Manikins from the snake thing and I'm on Chapter six of Valkryie Chronicles. I've also just bought Beyong Good and Evil off Steam.

    Thank fuck, I don't just play mediocre JRPGs or else I'd be fucked.
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    PSN Night: Which Game

    We haven't had one in a while so with the Holiday season, I'll host a game or two. I've only put three up i a hope to make it conclusive. Saying that I'm open to hosting games for all three if there's a decent demand particularly as we're in the Holiday season so I was thinking Sunday and next week Wednesday. I'll make a proper PSN night thread when I get feedback later tonight hopefully.
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    I think I have too many games to play


    I bought Red Dead Redemption on Tuesday and finished it today in about 15 hours. Very good game, I must say. But I've got a bloody backlog to go through. On the triple I've got Valkyria Chronicles, Assasin's Creed II, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry 4. On the PS2, I've got SMT: Noctune, Digital devil Saga 1 and 2, BUlly and DMC3. And on the DS, I've got Tales of Innocence. I also want to replay 999 to get teh true ending, Pokemon Platinum, Eternal Sonata and Uncharted 2 whilst messing about more with RDR. Good thing my family don't celebrate Christmas.

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    Academia and Game I've bought recently

    University has started to unleash its workload on me. Yesterday, I handed in a 2500 for my politics media course. And I've just finished an essay about devolution for next monday. Now I've got to write an essay about Argentina's 2001 economic collapse for next Friday. Then after that I've got three essays for Modern Politcal Thought for the week after. Oddly enough, this year for the majority of my modules, My seminers are being taught by a senoir professor. and I think I've impressed them tis year somehow. I actually should be reading John Locke for MPT but I've got a cold and feel like death so I may be a bit selective in what I read.

    And here are the games I've bought recently
    GTA: Liberty City Stories (PS3)
    3D Dot Game Heroes (PS3)
    Assassin's Creed II GOTY (PS3)
    Bully (PS2)

    I'm looking to get Beatles Rock band and Valkyria Chronicles for a combined £25 sometime soon.

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    I've just killed a mouse.

    Recently, we've been getting the litte dirty fucking rodents which has been pissing my parents and I recently. Though I reckon it would have been avoided if the old man and I actually got around to blocking any potential entries for the little fuckers. But as idiotic as it sounds, we forgot to do so. In our defence, he has work and I have Uni.

    But to the point of the story. I went to the toilet to do my business and left my door room open. I come back, and in the corner of my eye was a little mouse. I concluded the mouse had come in whilst I was on the bog from an earlier sighting of the rodent. I didn't want to touch the rodent for understandable reasons of personal hygene. SO I stood there for several moments wondering what to do. I notice the mouse was trying to leave via the now closed door (which I think proves my earlier assumption correct). Hence I devise a plan to trap it. I make sure my door is open but using some bits and bobs, I create a trap which means it can only be trapped. However the plan worked even better than I planned. The trap was near the stairs and little mousey jumped towards it's death. ANd now I sit here, feeling rather pleased with myself.

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    Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga


    I bought DDS 1 and 2 from amazon for £20. That pretty much sorts out my RPGs for a while. I've been playing Persona 3 FES as well. I'm on the final block, I reckon another ten hours should see me sorted than I can go on to playing The Answer. ALso finished Last Window last night. It was very good, I'm going to buy it sometime soon.

    I've also went back started my second year at Uni now. It does sadden how I haven't made any friends at Un, I was always told I would find people who are on the same wavelength as me but that hasn't really happened. I do wonder why I seem unable to make relationships with others, I'm presuming I don't give particulary good first impressions such I'm arrogant or patronising. Yeeah, it's probably that. I remember being told how a number of people didn't like at first when I was doing my A-levels. Ah well, I'll keep on trying but I do wish I could meet someone who I canjust click with.

    On another front regarding Uni, my old man has giving me his full backing if I want to do my postgraduate which is nice. My old man hasn't got any formal qualifications and has made his living as a chef in the British Indian curry industry, so I think he's pretty chuffed to see his kids having academic ambitions. My sister was planning to do a an MA herself but she met her now husband and now she's got two young children. She eventually plans to return to her profession of teaching but I think she want to get back to work after spending a few years out.

    Anyhows cheers for reading

    And here's some good music. Mainly becasue some of you like some bad stuff :P

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    The World Is My Oyster

    How's it hanging?

    I had my induction for Uni today, I also did some work acting as guide for the new First Year students. i spent a good 45 minutes guiding them around the campus. When I took them back to the department building, I found out the other guides only spent about 20-25 minutes on theirs. Is I don't wheter to think I was just making the process longer or was actually being good. I did spend a good few minutes criticising the Uni libary. Some of the Frist Year lot thought I was being harsh and cynical, which I was admittidly but than I took them to see the bloody place and the look on their faces was that of agreement with me. Genrally I was blunt and honest about what I thought of the place, I admitted I barely went to any of the Uni's clubs and societies whilst lambasting it cost £5 to join a C&S or how the Uni cafe's coffee was rubbish. After I finished the guide itself, some people did ask me for help whilst a a girl told me, my style allowed her to relax.

    And as I spent so long on my guide, I ended up missing my 'welcome back' lectue. I'm pretty glad aobut that, I'm sure it would've been bollocks. I also found out I have a new personal advisdor. Bascially your PA, is a lecturer whose assigned to you whom you see on a semi-regular basis. My new PA seems like s nice guy. I can't say I like Uni tbh. I haven't made any proper friends (though that is a problem stemmng form childhood). I'm not shy, I can speak with confidence in a room full of people but I just struggle getting close to people. It jsut makes me feel lonley and somewhat low.

    On the video game front, I've beaten Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Persona 4 and Uncharted 2. B:TBaB, was fun but like everyone else has said it was short but still I do prefer quality over quantity, Persona 4 was excellent, I had been getting bored with RPGs recently but this hit me for six. I enjoyed it so much, I ended up ordering Persona 3:FES. And finally Uncharted 2. All I can say it was a top, top, top games. The train levels were just brilliant and the characters were enjoyable. I wish I had bought this game earlier now. I've started palying Arkham Asylum now and I'm having fun with it, which all I can really ask for. I also bought Devil May Cry 4 today. I'm looing forward to that.

    A todaynd that's all really. Cheers for reading and all that.

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    Awkardness with my dad!

    So.. Today.

    My dad walked up and asked me if I thought he was gay....
    Just straight up.
    Of course I don't think he's gay. He's done nothing to suggest he is!

    Now I'll stop with the shit clone thread. Here's life stuff in points.

    I got my money from Uni. £100.
    I've enrolled for my second year of Uni.
    I've bought Arkham Asylum and Uncharted 2.
    I've been playing a lot of Persona4. Excellent game. I need to save Kanji.

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    I bought Fallout 3

    I was looking what stuff they had in game. And what caught my eye was a used copy of Fallout 3 but not your standard vanilla copy, but the GOTY edition. I snapped it up for £10 (about US $17). I've only played upto my escape and I've got to say I've enjoyed it.

    I also bought some two metal stylus. Nice.

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    I'll be buying a DSTWO

    With SNES emulation on the way, I may as well. Its looks great and after seeing Spinal Cord's alternative UI for it, I'm quite excited for it. I've also decided to buy some more games for my PS3 despite the fact it has no games. I'm looking at getting four games for it for around £50, so cheap and cheerful will be the way forward. I'm looking at getting DMC 4 as its preety cheap used and new. I also want to get Uncharted 2 and either NIER of Final Fantasy becasue I'm a sucker for JRPGs. I also bought Ratchet and CLank: A Crank in Time. I was in HMV and saw it for £15 than I remembered I had a £10 HMV voucher which the Department of Work and Pensions gave me so in reality I only spent £5 on it.

    ANd if you've read any of my earlier blogs, you would know I won a prize becasue I had done some work of considerable academic merit from my Uni. Well I got it on Tuesday and as it turns out it seems they mainly give these prizes to students in either their penultimate or final years. And I've finished my first year which makes beleive my department were pretty impressed with me.

    That's all. Cheers for reading.

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    I bought some gaems


    This is going to be me stating I bought some stuff to help encourage growth in our plagued economy. Basically I spent £16.96 on stuff on PSN today. I bought Crash Team Racing for £4. Good game from what little I've played so far than I spent £2.49 on the Tetris mini becasue I like Tetris. I than spent another £2 on some Saint's Row 2 DLC which was decent. I than considered spedning the rest of the cash on one of three games. The new Scott Pilgrim game, Monkey Island: Special Edition and Braid. I got Braid in the end. I always wanted to try it out and now I can. On another note I also bought Gunstar Heroes last week for £4 and I've got to say that was really good game. I had a lot of fun with that.

    I also spent £10 on a 8 GB Kingston MSD for my Zen. I wanted some more space so that's going to come in handy.

    And if anyone who read my last blog, they would know my university are giving me £100. I've decided to spend it on a headset and a HDMI cable. I also want to spend some cash to get my folks a present. They're modest people so I thought something like a vase would be thier cup of tea.

    I've also put The Jam's Snap collection ony my Zen. All I can say is that they released some fantastic stuff.

    Anyhows see yo all and thanks for reading.