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    Radiant Historia

    I beat it today and I've got the say it was very very good game. I had an absolute blast playing it. In fact I've enjoyed quite a few games on the DS this year, Monster Tales, Inazuma Eleven, Ghost Trick, Plants vs Zombies and than i get round to playing Prof, Layton. Not a plentiful number but they were high on quality.

    I also picked ordered a Collector's edition of LoH: Trails in the sky last week. It's finally getting dispatched. I'm looking forward to looking at it.

    My mum's wrist is still broken. I picked up my Niece and Nephew's birthday presents. I also have a box of out of date brownies.
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    I went to buy a Wii motion plus...

    I decided to pick one up to play Red Steel 2 after I bought my niece and nephew's birthday presents..

    I go to the counter and say 2Can I have Wii motion plus plse so I can play Red Steel 2 because I'm a hardcore mature gamer who only plays hardcore mature games." He said " I only has a pick one." I instinctively replied "No thnks, I shall give it a miss." I presumed there out of WMP becasue of Skyward Sword so I cursed Skyward Sword. I than picked spent the WMP money on Child of Eden and Shadows of the Damned. I fear Eden is going to give me a seizure.
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    Four days in the life of emigre

    Boom! Shake the room,

    This week has reinforced how much I enjoy my usual uneventful life.

    On Monday was usual Uni, I'm there from 10 to 4. I'm bit worse for wear in my first module but my second class of the day, I' more alert and I put in some good points. I did that and got on the tube to get back home. On the way back, I got a phone call from my Dad and he told me Mum had a fall and is in hospital having hurt herself around the arm area. He than notifies me, there are several distant family members at our house and I have to deal with them and not to tell my older Sister. After Dad reassures me Mum is relatively 'ok,' I am fairly calm and I go home to deal with distant family members. They have kids, two boys around twelve and seven, so I suggest they play on my PS3 and Wii which seems to go down well. The eldest came across rather well, his brother I suspected had some sort of behaviour problems. The elder brother did a good job in taking care of him. After I sort those two out, I get on my phone and let my Sister know what's happening. I call my Dad several times across several hours and he eventually tells me Mum has sprained her wrist. They come home from hospital and Dad informs me, she's actually broken her wrist and she's s in a cast for the next six weeks. Soon Dad goes to work and the distant relatives leave. I than take care of my Mum till midnight when I got to bed as my Dad will come home from work at around that time.

    On Tuesday I go to Uni usually from 10 to 12 but today I'm there till 1.30 to do some work for a seminar. Usual Uni stuff, I say shit, shit tends to be semi-good.I than go home and get there at around 3. My sister had come to visit Mum and take care of her as Dad had gone to Birmingham for a family meeting. I than proceed to take care of Mum and do Uni work. I also spend time on calling my Dad to find out what time he's coming back, he left at 5 but he's been stuck in traffic for five hours so he doesn't come back home until 11.

    On Wednesday I go to Uni usually from 10-12 but I go in an hour early to see my dissertation supervisor. Last week she told me plan wasn't goo enough so I spent time on it and found a new direction. She said is really good and I was on the right track so it looks like I'm not going to competently flunk. I go my classes and do my shit. I come home, eat some lunch and than go to the supermarket to do the weekly shop. I come home, have shower as the family (Dad, Sister, Brother in law, Niece and Nephew) bar my Mother are going to a Wedding that evening. We go the Wedding and stay there longer than we wanted to. We said we'd go after the main course was served which was meant to be at 8. The starters were served at 9 and the main course at 10. I just wanted to be home doing my work. Dad and I get home at 11. I spend time on reading the news and sorting my stuff out for the next day.

    On Thursday, I'm meant to be at Uni from 10-12 for utterly pointless dissertation lectures. Instead I go to the library and do some reading. On the way home I picked up Castlevanis: LoS and look at a farmer's market to see if there's anything good to eat. There isn't and I go home. I go home and get lunch ready for Mum. Than I go and hide in my Mum only going out to check on her every twenty minutes. I have no issue with looking after her but the problem is Mum is such a difficult person to know, she constantly in a state of self pity ever since I was a boy. I don't think there words to really articulate how difficult she is. She has negative narrow minded viewpoint which her a frustrating person, she is always continually telling me to pray to God to make her better. And now she's ill, it just makes things a little more difficult. I'm not remotely close to her at all though I've lived with her my entire life, she's never taken an interest in me in how I feel or the things I do. She didn't even know what subject my degree was in until after I finished my first year. I'm hoping she gets better an tolerable over the next several weeks though or else I'll go mad.

    Sorry for his being somewhat long and troll-free but I feel the need to get this out of my system or else I will go bonkers and burn the house down or something..
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    I bought the Ico and SotC collection. And went to Uni where I displayed how geeky I am. I also told someone I modded my Wii and he thought I had the ability to make my own games, he didn't seem to understand that I would need some coding proficiency to that.

    I'm going to the supermarket to do the Weekly shop than I'm going to do some reading and make some notes for my dissertation. And watch some Faulty Towers and go to bed.

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    Boom boom shake the room,

    If you were one of the eight people or so who read my previous blog and found out I had to do a bastard speech. Well I've done it. The speech is shit but I've done it. If you care about my flawed plan to solve the Eurozone, go ahead and read it. I shouldn't get into any trouble for it as this counts for nothing.

    The radical economic and political reforms required to solve the Eurozone crisis inevitably means the break-up of the EU.

    In Europe in 2009, fears among Conservative investors arose over a possibility of European sovereign debt crisis. The situation intensified in 2010 when Greece suffered from a debt crisis, where the Greek economy had reached a breaking point after years of fiscal irresponsibility. Most notably the revelation the Government of Greece had pain banks such Goldman Sachs had been pain hundreds of millions of dollars to aid the misreporting of economic statistics so consecutive Greek government were able to hide their actual deficit from the EU. Hence resulting in the EU providing a rescue plan for Greece. Than Ireland. Than Portugal. And now Greece again. All of these events has pushed the Eruozone to its limit with the value of the Euro decreasing and credit ratings declining. Now we argue to solve the Eurozone crisis, the radical reforms needed to solve the crisis will inevitably break up the EU..

    When we say the EU will break up, we do not meant the definite end of European integration and cooperation. We meant the end of the European Union in its present form as a supranational economic political body. We believe the radical economic and political reforms required to solve the Eurozone crisis will change the dynamics, structure and relationship between states in Europe from the Monett-Schuman desire on integrated united European economy to Europe which is places an emphasis on confederalism. We believe the reform needed to solve the Eurozone crisis would a split in the EU which would create two blocs. This would lead to the creation a new currency union, an uber Euro, led by Germany and other European countries that have a positive current account balance, such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria and Finland. The withdrawal of the German led bloc gives a French led euro greater flexibility to keep interest rates low, to engage in qualitative easing and job creation programmes to develop growth. The French-led Euro bloc can improve its status as a reserve currency by combining current account deficits to increase overseas usage. Ultimately this split bloc plan goes a relatively long way in tackling the main criticism of the Euro where presently seventeen states use the same currency but have varying domestic fiscal policies. Hans-Olaf Henkel, the former president of the Federation of German Industries, has advocated the split bloc initiative , believing it reflects well on the differing cultural mentalities of the two blocs, the German-led “whose adherence to monetary stability and budgetary stability would be represented by the hard northern euro,” whilst for the second bloc centred around France, “whose soft variant of the euro would reflect their free-spending mentality and talent for monetary improvisation.”

    The bloc system would mean the leadership of the EU would change from the German-French almost duel leadership would transform to Germany and France leading their own bloc. Thus giving greater flexibility to dynamic political leadership. The leadership shown in the Eurozone crisis has been rather standstill for example the varying opinions of Chancellor Merkal and President Sarkozy to let Greece default. And leadership from present EU institutions has been somewhat weak, rather than Commission President Barroso leading a supranational rescue, the reality shows intergovernmentalism being preferred by Germany and France.

    Presentably to solve the Euro crisis, a significant rethink is needed in how to manage European integration. And we believe the rethink needed will mean the EU as know it now will demise. In the short, it looks the European project will still continue with the quadrupling of the EU rescue package in The European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF). However it feels like the EFSF is merely an immediate response to the here and now rather than a plan which is future-proof which is completely needed yet neglected. The present Eurozone situation is not too dissimilar to that of an ailing relationship. You’ve been together for while, you’ve had great time but now its come to a point of stagnation where its breeding disagreement and resentment. You should end it now but instead you convince yourself to carry on believing it will get better however it the relationship continues to disintegrate to the point where the relationship has reached breaking point. For the Eurozone, breaking point would be a greater financial crisis than of the late 2000s. It is imperative, Europe takes the radical action needed and avoid convincing themselves things will get better.

    At least I've learnt I'm not going to end up a speech writer. Oh never again I want do this.

    In other news, Persona 2 Innocent Sin is rather good. And I've rediscovered Billy Bragg who is a storming singer-songwriter.

    Hugs and kissess


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    I should warn you this blog is going to be boring if you're one of the six people that will actually read this.

    I went back to University yesterday for the start of my final year. It was satisfactory. I'm doing modules in the EU, Ethnic Conflict, Voter behaviour, French Politics, Gender and Politics and a bastard research project. Oh yeah, baby! Yesterday I went to my seminar for the EU module and my lecturer for no discernible reason told me I would be leading a group presentation for next Monday with several; people I do not know. Though in fairness to the others, they've responded to my e-mail about meeting up, so they're I think they're a decent bunch. If you care about the presentation, I'm arguing about recent political and economic turmoil will lead up to the break up of the EU. I'm basically going to argue the EU as we know it to cease and we may see a split/bloc/tier system of European integration by Germany leaving the Eurozone along with several other countries with France leading the others to safety as they're will be flexabilty keep to interest rates low regarding quantitative easing. In addition I will also look into the present weakness in the EU such as the feeling of Euro fatigue and whether the EU institutions are strong enough to keep the EU together. Wishy washy I know so I'll have to deal with it.



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    I dreamt I bought a Gamecube controller dgo

    Martin Luther King dreamt about racial equality I dreamt about buying a Gamecube controller. The dream goes like this, I went into a shop and bought what was a rather nasty looking plastic Gamecube controller for £9.50. I went home and tried using it. And I found it was felt very cheap and terribly nasty. I've been looking at picking up a GC controller and memory card for my Wii so maybe my subconscious is telling me something.

    In more awwww news, my little niece started her first day of school last week. I saw a picture of her in her school uniform and she looks awwwwww. I immediately called my Dad to see it and he got all teary saing "she looks beautiful." Which isn't out of character for the man as he is phenomenally paternal. Dad than calls my Mum too see the picture and than spends several minutes convincing her to see it. She sees the picture and leaves soon after. Mum isn't particularly maternal. I just got of the phone to my nephew and he was telling about his cereal. He also wants me to come visit his house so we can play. In two years he'll be staring school. Where has all the time gone?

    Lastly, Fuck you Popcap. I've been playing Peggle on my phone like a drug whore to drugs!
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    A Picture of a Smiling Dog


    I laughed.
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    Valkyria Chronicles II

    I've bought it and now I'm playing it. Like VC it's a really good game. The story isn't as strong as VC but it is more than decent when you get past the generic high school-lite setting. It doesn't butcher or create holes in the first game's plot which is nice. Instead it fits really well.The main characters are ok, I like Avan and Zeri. They have generic character types but their done well. I'm pretty meh about Cosette. I found irritating at first but he grew on me. The villains area laugh, Baldren looks like he abuses drugs which makes it a little hard ot take him seriously with his dad having a great "bad guy," mustache. The changes in the gameplay mechanics are fantastic, it adds a good layer of strategy in deciding type of soldiers you want available to you though getting the credits needed can ever so slightly irritating.

    I've nearly finished the game and I can tell what's going to happen. I've noticed the game is pretty easy. I'm playing on normal which is the highest difficulty on a first play through and I've just breezed though the game. In the story missions I've gotten an A rank in every one with the exception of one where I got a B ranking. I remember VC being more difficult than this. I guess this is due to me already having a shit load of tactical ideas from VC. BTW are the Armoured Techs meant to be used? I haven 't used one yet.
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    Setting information is corrupted. Press the O button to repair

    I picked up my PSP and I saw "that." I pressed circle but instead of restarting I saw that bastard screen again and again. I than remembered I have a Pandora battery and thought I was safe and to my shock, I forgot to make a magic memory stick. oi searched through the internet to look for an answer, a fix you may say. Yet I was unable to find what I was looking for. That feeling when a console is fucked is horrible mainly due to the money I spent on it and the future possible expenditure on a replacement. Even my Mother questioned my negative feelings i.e. my moping and she's a usually a rather inconsiderate women. I sighed and waved my money away.

    Than I remembered I was on Pro-B custom firmware and made the assertion I could access the recovery menu. My assertion proved correct and toggled USB to make my magic memory stick. I than sorted the PSP out and it's now OFW 5.00. I just need to update it again and all is good.
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    I'm a bad pirate

    I've just ordered Xenoblade and Valkyria Chronicles II. I usually pirate my Wii and PSP. There's something wrong with me. I'm so scared.
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    Valkyria Chronicles

    I bought the game in December but put it on hold because of Uni. I started the game again recently and I've beaten the game today. Really, really, really good game. Welkin is an excellent protagonist and the story was actually good. The ending was wonderful, it gave closure and made me feel rather warm inside,

    Top, top game. IF you've played it, well done. If you haven't, play this game. It is the shit.
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    Tiring of console JRPGs


    I think I've come to a point where I'm just going to give up playing JRPGs on home consoles now. I decided to pop in Final Fantasy 13 to try and finish the game up and I just didn't care. I started the game in January but I've had University essays and exams to do, I've had to leave the game on hold for over two months. And that's the problem, I've lost the enthusiasm and momentum built up from the game and considering contemporary JRPGs tend to be 40+ hours, I just don't have the time especially as I've got myself a job now. I can play RPGs on my portable consoles perfectly well mainly because I can play when I'm commuting and they tend to be shorter in length.

    Also I got Wii. I hate using batteries for the controller, my batteries are nearly dead after one week of Wii usage. I'm going to buy some rechargeable batteries. Overall the Wii is ok, I've just been playing Another Code R and NSMB Wii. They're fun.

    Now if you excuse me, I'm going to barrage Nintendo with e-mails demanding flash on the 3DS
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    I'm getting a surprise tomorrow


    I was the phone to my old man just and he told me, I going to get a surprise tomorrow. I'm guessing it'll be a new phone. That or he's got a bit on the side.

    Recently I've had Second year exams for University, so far they've gone ok and I've only got one left which feels rather good. This time next week, I'll be completely liberated.

    I'm also pretty tempted to spend some cash on a new PS3 game. Portal 2 ,L.A Noire or pre-ordering Catherine. I'm sorta split on what I want. Not the worst problem in the world.

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    German philosophy is a bitch. I'm doing an essay comparing Marx and Nietzche and actually I have an idea on what to do. I'm going to broadly compare the two and hopefully that will work. It should work becasue I've only had two hours of teching on Nietzche which isn't good for me. To explain I should be having six hours of teaching on the fucker, I've had two hours this week and that's going to be it. The second two hour lump was going to be this week but that's off becasue my lectuers are going out striking. Which is fair enough, their pissed about the changes and cuts to Higher education and I actually support them on that issue. And the final two hours are on the day the essay is due. The really funny thing is this essay dealine was extended from this week to antoher two weeks because they realised we would have to do an essay on Nietzche despite receiving no taeaching on him. One of my professors supports the £9K hike in University fees, he is not worth the £3K I pay now. This political theory unit's organisation is not very good. Thank fuck my other Units areso much better. I certainly don't want to be babied but I want a fair chance in doing my damn essay.

    PSP Impressions​

    I've had it for three weeks and I 'm very glad about my purchase. The screen is fantastic, it makes playing games a really wonderous experience and for watching videos it beats my Creative Zen. But God it should've had a second nub/stub. I found playing Liberty City Stories an absolute bitch to play. The camera can be a pain to control and the shooting is broken, it doesn't work. Does VC stories have the same problems? or at least a remotely competent shooting system.

    Anyhows cheers for this barrel of shit.