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    I have turned to the Dark Side

    I got a job at GAME...

    I had the interview at 1.30 today. Got a phone call a few hours later, telling me I got the job. The work is only seasonal though but I really can do with the money. The guys there seemed like good chaps so it looks like a decent work environment.

    Now feel free to berate me/wish death upon me/disown me and all that shit.
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    Degree result.

    I got a 2:1. I'm now a BA in poliitcs.
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    Nintendo DS

    I have decided my DS has been a great gaming purchase. It has decent number of puzzle, adventure and RPGs which have kept me entertained on many daily commutes over the last four years. It has proven itself to be well worth the
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    Guess whose joining the Xbox 360 family?

    Well I'm not. My Niece is. She's five years old. She's gonna play CoD, Halo and make racist remarks on Xbox Live.

    My sister and brother-in-law are getting her a 360 with Kinect. I may or may not have gotten her interested in video games. She comes round to my house and she wants to play with my consoles. The problem is, she struggles using controllers, she struggles to comprehend on what to do with it especially if she's using something like the NGC controller with different buttons.

    So they're getting her Kinect as she can just play around with her games without intimidation of using buttons because she's the controller and she has no buttons. Apart from her noise I guess.

    Well done to Microsoft for making gaming more accessible.
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    Rayman Origins (PS3)

    I bought the game about two months ago. I didn't have a chance to play until recently as I was busy with my dissertation.

    I've just beaten the fucker and I have come to several conclusions.

    1) the visuals are gorgeous
    2) this is the best platformer of this generation
    3) I really want to replay the original Rayman
    4) Platformers are still cool

    I also want to talk a bit about the difficulty. The game really isn't that hard apart from the last level. Or to be more precise the segment where your platforming. I've spent at least over two hours trying to get though that part. Two hours on a segment which should have taken several minutes. But I never quit because I'm fucking emigre. Other than that I found the game more than manageable. The level of difficultly subtly increased which never made me feel I've hit some sort of rock regarding the difficulty.

    Now I'm going to make some popcorn and watch MGS4 on my triple.
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    The Final Countdown

    I've gone through my dissertation and I've edited it all now. The dissertation is due for Thursday which leaves me some more time to do more proof reading. The aim is to print it off and bind it up on Wednesday afternoon. Than on Thursday, I'll go to Uni early and hand it in. My dissertation is around 12700 words longs. Fun stuff.
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    I have "The Fear."

    My Dissertation is due in next Thursday. I have "The Fear." I'm think I won't be able to sleep properly for a week or so.
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    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (NGC)

    This really isn't good. Honestly the controls are horrible. At least the first level was City Escape. I fucking love the City Escape song.

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    I had a long day and decided to do some work on my dissertation. I only thought I would do a little bit asI was a bit tired. But I'm really on fire now, I've just typed out 1000 and I'm typing like fire.

    Take that academia!
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    Catherine and Snake

    I bought Catherine and MGS HD collection.I've finished Catherine and MGS3 in the last few days. The games are really really good. They were an absolute blast and joy to play through.

    Secondly if anyone wants to play Peace Walker online on PSN than drop me a PM plse.

    That is all
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    I also picked up


    Now I want to pick up

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    Catherine is so pretty...


    Bye £37.99 :(
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    I'm an idiot.

    Work called and asked me if I could open up the warehouse at 8am tomorrow. I said I would do it. I've just realized I'm going to be in a cold warehouse by myself for a at least an hour. I'm a fucking idiot.
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    Nier is fucking fantastic. That is all.