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    Elemi Everything these days seems to be based on a pendulum-esque opinion system, like for example with seeing the recent actions by Facebook against the anti vaccination movement and its surrounding (mis)information, while I am not going to talk about that, however, in the light of that a lot of other things have been taking on a very negative light as a result.

    One example that I have noticed is the memes that came of it, and using many different forms of alternative or traditional medicine as a bad example to state how you should not be treating ailments.

    Essential oils have been taking a lot of bad rep lately, sure, they're not going to cure cancer, stop you getting Measles, no, but the memes are using essential oils in this kind of argument for Vaccination, as a result people are now arguing that essential oils have no use whatsoever in attack style comments on social media wherever spotted, for example, on my Facebook I saw a post by a friend asking about headache treatments, and she was suggested by two people Lavander oil would provide relief, and below one poster said that the two who suggested are crudely misinformed and that people like them are bound to end up killing people by advising essential oils over surgery or drugs, and to the point of the thread he suggested Codeine, yes, don't try something that generations have employed for such a minor ailment, no, use an addictive drug that also leaves you impaired to work, drive or act with a right mind.

    Essential oils contain Alkaloids, just like Codeine is an Alkaloid, denying that natural and easily obtained Alkaloids are of any value compared to ones which certain people are profiting heavily off.

    So to clarify, modern logic as such is saying:
    Cannabis == useless.
    A vast array of essential oils from Alkaloid bearing plants comprised of over 500 different species == useless.

    It's just as dangerous to make uneducated statements these things as it is to for example say all vaccines are evil, the research is out there, if you're going to advise people, make sure you're not quoting memes, or sensationalist blog posts which weigh heavily on one side or the other.
    Elemi Living in a state of decay.

    We see many people and they're happy?

    People push others out of their lives over simple misunderstanding, the ego runs wild and prevents those in conflict from humbling themselves to make peace.

    People are killing other people in the name of safety, but behind the scenes nothing is what it seems.

    Much like simple arguments between people there is no way either party can know all the variables involved in the situation that they assume to have the gist of, and without having the ability to put ego aside and talk without it becoming heated and personal, progress cannot be made, variables will never be mutually understood.


    Imagine if people were to choose sides, sort out bad from good, remove toxic people from their lives without them making you feel you are the bad one, social engineering is running rife, and it is the ultimate tool of control, those who know social engineering are those who are constantly getting new friends, having rows with people and are the people media has made you wish to be like.

    Self esteem, morals and a sense what is right from wrong are all being progressively eroded.

    If you are still clinging on despite all odds telling you to 'fuck it' and stoop to their level just to have what they have in life, don't do it!

    There will come a time soon where the wool is pulled from their eyes, and there are many more who are considered nobodies in the eyes of society and peer groups who are silently surviving who will be recognised by the other good people as those to rebuild community with when the time comes.

    Love you all!! ♥
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