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    Elalexyzoner A few days, i wrote about me dating 3 woman, but today it came to an end, i'm dating the girl i met in my job, i've been talking to her for a while now, and it is interesting how a woman can learn about you. now she is playing with me Smash Ultimate (and she plays very well after a training we did) she plays with Lucas and i play with Ken, she has a lot to learn but she is trying, and i like that. We tried a lot of games, she told me she like Mario World for SNES, so we tried to play the latest port of Wiiu Mario Game (don't remember the name right now) and we had a great time, it is important to say when i play that kind of games alone i got bored easily, but this time were different.

    And as she learned about him, i'm learning about her too, she likes to read A LOT (Like a otaku, but with books) and she reccomended me a book named ''Tokio Blues'' (I told her i liked to read Romantic manga like Domestic Na Kanojo, Golden Time etc.) and i am trying it right now.

    Could she be? the girl that i will like...? i don't know, but i'm having a wonderful time right now, and we really get along well.
    Elalexyzoner So, lately i've been dating a few girls. one from my job, one i knew from facebook and a mature lady (it's not cheating or something bc i don't have a girlfriend) and, it is an interesting experience to know about woman, as i pass time with them, you can understand (not at all btw) how the girls think, although, i don't think that one of them would be my girlfriend...because they are so different to me... i like to play videogames, to see anime, series, Manga (and that other geek stuff) and they only like to go get drunk, dance and go to parties. And, honestly i don't dislike doing that stuff, is more like i'm learning new things so when the right girl comes up, i'm going to have the experience i need, i'm 23 years old right now, and i'm about to be 24 this 23 september, so... i think my time is almost up to get a partner :rolleyes:

    -But, i solemnly think that, before you get a stable partner, you must have experience... most of the couples that i know (with years of respect and success) told me that they had 3 or more partners before... so if you're planning to get a partner, go and get some experience first (Just like an JRPG game just after before facing a dungeon boss).:whip:
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    Elalexyzoner Yeah, you believe? or is it only attraction...? i personally belive that the only love that is real, is the love of a mom for his son, nothing more.
    Elalexyzoner Hi, i'm playing SSBU so much, and i noticed i'm the best Ken of Smash (I played a lot of Kens), so, if someone calls himself to be better than me, i dare you to challenge me, you'll get a reward if u win ;)