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    Eix Normally i just watch stuff like the mist and saw but i couldnt find anything good to watch so i let a rng choose the movie
    i ended up watching The Voices
    and i give it a solid 8/10
    didnt do a good job of keeping my attention but it was really good
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    Eix upload_2018-8-21_16-30-22.png
    really guys?
    oh well
    i guess i should write something

    soooo uhh
    the roleplay server i became the owner of got deleted because it was ruined and uhhhh
    thats about it
    Eix Welp
    i is back again
    alot of stuff happened so ill try to keep it as short as possible

    I moved! Im nolonger in florida!
    i moved to georgia and theres ants and other stinging insects everywhere! :D

    My sister is still having seizures but no more brain stuff

    Cat died
    she was really old anyways and getting ready to die
    but she was crushed to death
    nobody knew until 7 hours later when we found her semi flattened body on the ground

    Dog died
    my favorite dog died
    she had a very bad ear infection and her ear was rotting off
    she was put under for surgery and died as they finished
    i miss her :(

    I now own a roleplay server on discord
    i have a bad habit of not thinking before i do
    and this has led to me becoming the owner of a roleplay server because i didnt think before i typed

    I *found* a new phone!
    no more pink filter on pictures! And it has a sdcard slot unlike my old m7!

    Im nolonger in school

    I bricked my last vita
    forgot to disable heavy plugins before flashing the mbr
    but i have a plan to fix it if i can get ahold of another vita

    And thats the more exciting/interesting/important stuff that happened while i was gone
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    Eix so last week i randomly dissapeared
    thats cuz i was in the er for a day and they think i may have a brain tumor
    and i was pukeing my ass off for 3 days
    then i just never got around to checking gbatemp
    i was still pretty active on twitter and discord though
    im not gonna be online much for the next week cuz my sister has more brain surgery (i think this is her 8th time in) and i have to drive her to orlando for it since my stepdad has work my brother/sister is too much of a pansy and my mom hurt her foot
    also they place were going to be staying at has crap wifi and im down to 70mb of data left cuz of fucking ads killing my data

    but my week hasnt been all shit
    i finally got around to making a account on curious cat
    so check it out and ask me some shitty questions if you want
    Eix So i used to have 2 stalkers
    1 lost intrest in me which i good
    But the other still likes me

    I dont like her for alot of reasons

    1 shes stalking me
    it was cute at first is getting old

    2 ive identified her as a undere
    I dont like underes too much
    They can get pretty clingy

    3 she still thinks ugandan knuckles is funny
    I dont need to explain that

    4 she likes anime but doesnt know who any of my waifus are
    She doesnt even know who Megumin is…

    5 she doesnt like snuggles

    6 shes weird
    When she follows me around i get alot of weird looks and too much attention

    7 shes a naruto weeb
    naruto has become cancer to me because of the large amount of hentai "games"

    8 she is not a sadist

    9 she doesnt like to fucking snuggle

    10 she cant tell the difference between hentai and manga

    11 no fucking snuggles

    I wish i knew how i got the other to lose intrest in me
    Eix So my sister is a freshmen at my highschool
    Shes a hormonal bitch
    But shes been getting me involved in her drama

    Last night the school bitch (who hates me cuz im related to her) sent people to my house

    I heard something moving outside my window so i peeked over the curtains
    And a guy from my school was standing there trying to open it
    I grabbed my axe handle that the axe head fell off of and took the saw off it and put the rusty saw on
    I went to the otherside of the house and opened a window then snuck around the house
    I went and confronted him
    He freaked out because out of nowhere the guy he thought was a girl and everyone says is probably gonna be a school shooter comes running at him with a rusty saw on tge end of a axe handle
    He ran and dropped his phone
    And im sick of this shit so i put it in a plastic bag filled with water and brought it to school with me
    I walked into the cafeteria and dropped it on his lap and left
    Hopefully he wont be coming back

    Im now extremely glad im leaving florida
    Fuck my school
    Fuck my state
    Fuck the school bitch
    And fuck my sister
    Eix Want proof?
    Well flat earth fags believe australia doesnt exist
    and i can prove it does
    Just check the geotag on this picture of my shoe tmp_20783-IMAG02651284172642.jpg

    They also believe gravety is a illusion and our planet is moving up in a way that creates the illusion of gravety
    But if gravety didnt exist then there would be no up or down since those rely on gravety

    Need more proof?
    The believe that you cant fall off because it teliports you to the other side like in pacman
    But ive never seen a pacman machine with a flat screen
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    Eix 20-30 years is too much gay
    Eix One of my fellow weebs is in danger
    he's a naruto weeb so rip that
    But he's one of my fellow weebs regardless

    I was walking around school track looking for anything interesting
    And I look to me left and notice one of my fellow weebs collapse on the ground and start screaming

    idk what happened but I know it cant be a heat stroke
    It was hot out but it seemed far from a heat stroke
    I've had several severe heat strokes and I've never been able to scream during them
    The only things I can think of tgat could've happened are a panic attack, apendex issue, or a hit to the liver

    he's currently being taken to the hospital
    And nobody know what happened to him yet
    Eix I don't like the unskipable video that plays when you restore a vita
    So I decided to do something about it

    I made a homebrew
    That replaces guidemovie.mp4 with the emoji movie
    Then sets the welcome video to of not played yet
    Flashes the mbr with a non ensō file
    Then reboots

    I'm currently waiting for the emoji movie to finish
    You can't skip it
    can't lower brightness
    can't lower volume
    Only wait

    Does this count as malware?
    Eix I haven't posted any art here for awhile
    Mostly cuz most of it is nsfw
    And I'm lazy
    But I finally finished this!
    Iris Heart~
    It took me 2 days longer than I wanted because when I saved it I used .gif to preserve layers
    And that destroyed my already bad shading
    So I opened the half done .jpg that had shading intact an had to redraw alot of her
    But i finally finished!
    And now I'm gonna go back to randomly drawing hentai
    Eix so we all know people die
    and some of us know that the reason why is because we evolved upsidedown which causes our dna to destroy itself
    and even less of us know that life is just an illusion

    so if you have existential dread issues like me, click away now, this is your last warning
    so when we die we are not actually dead yet
    hospitals define death as when the heart stops beating
    but thats pretty stupid because the body is still alive and the brain is still working for a bit
    so you are actually able to see and hear when the doctor announces you died

    but life is not actually real
    we are all just super complex chemical reactions
    that means that out consciousness (bottom front of brain if your wondering) is all chemical reactions
    once those reactions stop you pretty much stop
    your no longer a living being
    you may be made of organic matter
    but there is now no proof that you were ever alive

    when you die
    the entire universe ceases to exist from your perspective
    and so do you
    the universe doesnt exist anymore
    no afterlife either
    just an empty void
    no color
    not even black
    you nolonger have a body because it doesnt exist anymore
    you have no memories or basic knowledge
    because it was all in your head
    and you dont have your head
    you are unable to think or observe anything
    you do not even know you exist
    there is no way for you to know anything
    you have no senses
    no feelings
    no sense of time

    there will be no reincarnations
    because nothing exists
    you have no second chance because the universe does not exist

    but there are some secrets about death that i know
    i will not share them though because they are worse than existantial dread

    but what you have read is why you should fear death
    there are no snuggles or waifus after you die
    there is no hentai either
    once you die there is no purpose in existing anymore
    but when you die
    you stop existing
    and if our language had a way to explain what i want to say
    i would release my other secrets

    we need to figure out how to obtain immortality
    we cannot allow the universe to cease to exist
    not while waifus and snuggles still exist

    we need to become one with the crab
    we must be the crab

    if i were not afraid of needles and were not even remotely sane i would be injecting crab blood and cells into my body
    but i know that wouldnt work
    and i know that i wouldnt be able to do it
    it is impossible to make me willingly or unwillingly stick a needle into my body
    even if you were to kill all my waifus and the only way to bring them back was to stick a needle into my body i could not do it
    Eix So back in the Vietnam war (I was obviously not alive) America was being stupid
    My grandpa was drafted and that has caused way more harm than good (ill make another entry about that later)
    But there was a black guy
    I have no idea how to spell his name
    But he got drafted too
    He was one of the soldiers who were on the ground
    He had to live off the land while in war
    And America decided to be an Eix
    And used agent orange which also caused way more harm than good (will talk about that later too)
    So we used alot of AO
    So soldiers on the ground were basically living in it
    It contaminated water food air and basically everything
    So the witch doctor was exposed to ALOT of AO during the war
    And on top of that he was exposed to mid-war Vietnam

    He was exposed to alot of traps that he managed to not be caught in
    He was also exposed to what i call huts
    Huts are basically poorly built houses that look like a poor farmers hut
    But inside is not a home
    there's 1 or more of 5 things inside
    1 pitfalls with sharpened and poisoned bamboo spikes at the bottom insuring a slow and painful death
    2 mutilated children hanging from the walls
    3 a soldier waiting inside with a weapon
    4 a pile of dead allies
    5 nothing

    AO has really fucked with him
    he's lost his legs to it and is currently fighting a losing battle against multiple cancers
    And the huts have given him ptsd

    he's the witch doctor because even though he's not a doctor he is great at being one
    He has all these alternative methods that actually work
    he's also prevented people from needing surgery by somehow fixing problems from the outside

    He will probably die in a few years but I felt like writing about him
    Eix I found a stick
    But its not just any stick

    Just look at it
    It looks like a spikey tentacle
    I don't know why but I have a strange urge to preserve the stick tmp_730-IMAG01881431758856.jpg
    Eix so after the dog broke my drawing tablet and i managed to somehow get it refunded and a new one sent to me without having to send the broken one in i wanted to draw
    and what better to spend your free time doing than drawing hentai of one of your favorite OCs?
    so i drew Wolf nude :3
    uncensored is on my twitter and discord
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