the title would be longer but i dont want to break the blogs again
if i do then i get another warning and possibly a suspension...
but the first time was an accident! i swear!
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    Eix connect with your friends online!
    what friends?

    join facebook no
    so you dont want me to join?

    facebook - connect woth the world
    no thanks im happy with /bant/ on 4chan

    create a profile now
    I don't wanna use face book! ;-;
    Eix so crossing guards in my area currently hate their job
    because is 4°C
    and they are used to 303°K (yes im being a dick with temperature now)

    they are freezing their asses off in heavy winter coats and can barely do their job

    im not sure about anyone else but I would pay to work is this weather
    40°F is nice
    its just at the boundary between hell and bearable
    I would prefer colder weather like 268°K
    but I think that's just because I used to live in kansas and it was cooler year round
    but here in florida the coldest my area has been this week was 36°F :/
    and people here think 519°R is freezing
    my sister can't even stand 70°F
    and over in the motherland lucky kids get 401°R weather
    why can't the whole earth be like that small town?
    I would love -48°C weather in Florida
    Eix so today the weather here is less than 32°C! (its 3°C)
    so lets take a look at how this effects the behavior of wild humans and compare it to other temperatures (31°C and 33°C) and the standard 32°C
    today, at 3°C, you may find workers of the colony that direct traffic huddling together along roads, you may also find workers that enforce control freezing to death outside the main education centers.
    colony movement hits an all time low as this species is unable to navigate with the temperature messing with there navigational organs, you may find a worker whom'st've gotten lost and will soon starve ro death without its colony.
    as the queen (daddy trump) is not at the nest at this time, the weather will severely decrease the population
    it will be hard for this nest to bounce back but the queen visits often enough that it can recover.

    in the 31°C weather the humans have the same behavior as above, just less bad

    in the 33°C weather the humans will start to die off from heat exhaustion as they are not used to the weather

    and in the 32°C weather the humans do not die and are capable of reproduction, this may be ideal for them but they are still fucking idiots genetically
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    Eix ok
    so since a 3.65 hack was released for the vita there's more stuff to do
    so im leaving the 3ds scene
    even though I haven't done shit with my godmode9 mod for awhile
    3ds is also at the eol
    nothing else to do with it except wireless communication in arm9
    but the vita has more

    with the new hack you can use henkaku on 3.65
    but if you brick your fucked
    so daddy gleba has a fork of the updater that allows the boot config to be loaded from ux0
    im not on 3.65 yet because barely anything supports it yet
    so im going to start working on some stuff
    I want to be able to be able to reinstall ensō if I brick
    so im going to work on a soft update
    I don't have a 3.63 3.65 or 3.55 dump but I do have a 3.61 and 3.67 dump
    with a soft update you can update your vita without writing to f00d
    so you can downgrade back to the base firmware (3.60) from safemode
    which would allow you to reinstall ensō and re soft update
    I am pretty sure it will work the way I want it to but if it does work I wont be releasing it publicly for awhile (like 3-6 days after testing it)
    if it does work though I may make a soft downgrader that would allow 3.60 function in 3.65
    but im worried that would be too risky so Im not sure if I should do it
    I know for a fact that I can soft downgrade to really low versions (2.6 range but that was awhile ago and lost to the accidental format of hurricane irma)
    so a soft update shouldn't be hard
    if anyone has a 3.55 3.63 or 3.65 (or any version that's not 3.60 3.61 or 3.67) dump let me know or send me a link to it on discord
    im not sure if firmware dumps count as warez so I don't want any here
    long live 3.600.011!
    also on another note
    I talked to yiffy in discord awhile back (idk probably around september or December last year) about henkaku and was told that when the henkaku source was released nobody used it even though they wanted the source
    there was even issues with the code nobody noticed
    so I went and tried doing some stuff with it and managed to break the Bluetooth settings menu
    so im also going to try that again sometime
    mainly because ensō and taihen (the true hentai cfw now that we have fAPP) are both missing something I find pretty important
    and once I do it im sure atleast someone else will like it too
    easiest approach for my taihen mod would be modding ensō first then taihen
    and a 3rd thing im going to work on
    fully custom firmware for the soft updater
    I did this for my 3ds and it glitched out alot but im going to try rewriting the firmware aswell

    if we get f00d hax then only the taihen and ensō mod will be useful though :/
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    Eix last night was kinda uneventful
    but somewhat weird

    I dreamed that I was at a party
    the party was at my old house in kansas
    its been 12 years but I still remember that house
    but while at the party I got bored
    so I went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and salt shaker
    and I snuck upstairs were it was quiet
    I went and found the room I was in when I lived there and layed down on the floor
    I went and cut off my right foot and poured salt on it
    and I continued up my leg 1 inch at a time
    once I reached my waist I looked up and I was back in florida
    and apparently im a human lego in my dreams because I just took the peices of my leg and stuck them back on then walked outside
    but outside was a void
    and the front door dissapeared
    so I was just sitting in a void for a little bit before waking up
    woke up around 4:5something (my watch was on my face for somereason)
    and I just sat there for awhile like every morning
    when I was able to move it was 5:22 so I had to get ready for school
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    Eix so the school slut has decided my sister is a threat to her existence
    now she is finding abunch of people to help her beat down my sister
    and she found out im related to my sister (she also thinks im my sisters sister)
    so yesterday she sent 3 girls to attack my sister on the track
    1 walked away with 2 dislocated shoulders
    1 walked away with 1 dislocated shoulder
    1 ran away in fear
    and my sister walked away with broken earbuds
    and because of that she's targeting me too
    she sent 2 people after me and they caught me halfway to school
    they started following me and I didn't give a shit until one walked in front of me and punched me in my stomach
    so I was lazy and just hit them over the head with my bag
    I had alot of hard wood in my bag because I was bringing it to the woodshop teacher (the wood tasted like strawberrys)
    im kinda worried I injured them because they took a normally 7 pound bag that had some extra solid stuff in it to the face
    the other girl ran over and helped her up then they both left
    and I got into school and the school bitch gave me a dissapointed looking look
    and if my sister gets in anotherfight my mom says were moving
    I want to move cuz I hate florida so im not sure if I should help my sister or just watch it play out
    my sister has a hole in her skull rn so of course ill step in if stuff starts getting too violent
    I don't feel like dealing with someone dieing
    I love my phone battery
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    Eix today we were doing SAT testing
    i have no idea what it stands for so my mind goes straight to Special Anal Tube
    but that has nothing to do with anything
    i noticed on the writing portion it had a little warning on the packet
    "Unauthorized copying or reuse of any part of this page is illegal."
    i quietly ripped that warning off and put it in my pocket
    now im about to do the most illegal crime known to mankind!

    i will tape the warning to a piece of paper

    nothing is more illegal that reusing the warning about reusing the paper

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    Eix so my school has 4 cops now
    used to only be 2 but there's all these new regulations after that shooting
    I actually feel less safe with the regulations because it takes 20mins to get in or out of the school now
    but now that we have 4 cops I went and hunted them down to find out where they are paid to stand
    1 the cop stands at the entrance and is the same one who doesn't like me
    2 walks around the second floor and thinks im a stoner
    3 sits outside my normal exit to make sure nobody uses it and doesn't like me
    4 sits outside my normal entrance so people have to go in the front and will actually play my games (guess what's in Eix's mystery box and guess how many moustraps are inside to protect the item)
    5 not a cop but would probably do better as a cop than the other cops
    rides around school on a golf cart to catch people who are skipping
    and he will also play my game

    cop 1 also stops me and searches my bag for drugs every few days now even though I don't carry drugs around in my bag
    cop 2 tells me not to hang out with my stoner friends (even though I have 4 classes with them)
    cop 3 told me that I could get arrested for my mystery box
    cop 4 has won the mystery box game 2 times now and earned a rock that looked like a dick and $7.50
    not a cop 5 has not won my game

    whenever something happens like a fight cop 2 and not a cop 5 always go to the problem
    amd the problem is usually a fight
    and the fights are usually in my 4th class

    and the last thing I feel like putting here:
    cop 1 is armed with a taser
    cop 2 is unarmed
    cop 3 has a rifle in the back of his car and a handgun on him
    cop 4 has a rifle in the back of his car and a handgun on him that im pretty sure is not loaded
    not a cop 5 is armed with a golf cart

    I don't know why I typed all this
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    Eix one of the stoners died yesterday
    he was hit by a truck on the highway
    he used to goto my school and once he helped with a senior prank and ended up almost getting arrested while dry humping a sex doll in a boat that he helped drag into school
    he was the kind of person who was stoned out of his mind even when he wasn't high
    but yesterday something fell out of the back of his truck
    so he parked in the middle of the highway
    and got out of his truck to go pick it up
    then as he was reaching down to grab it a truck hit him at full speed and killed him

    rip my stoner friend
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    Eix its a little dark but here is my 25mins of work
    Screenshot at 2018-03-05 01-10-23.png
    Eix I was just siting in class bored as hell so I decided to draw
    and I decided to open the "HEY DUMBASS DONT OPEN ME" folder on my phone for inspiration
    after scrollong through ~50 pictures of loli hentai I found a picture of Clorox-chan
    so I decided to draw GBAtemp-chan!
    Eix so I was just sitting in class and decided to take out a pen and continue some pictures
    and I decided to experiment with art styles and got this as a result
    it makes me think about persona games for some reason even though she's from steins gate -.-
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    Eix back in 2012 i noticed little pad like things under my nipples
    i didnt think much about it and i was told it was normal and they would go away (its been almost 6 years and they are still here even though they were supppsed to go away in just a few months)
    then in 2014 i noticed that when i stand straight it looks like i have small breasts
    revardless of wether i had a shirt on or not
    so i started not standing perfectly straight but as straight as i could without them visible
    but i now have a problem
    about 5 hours ago i noticed they have gotten a little bigger
    they are still small but now they are visible no matter what i do
    its not really an annoying problem but im worried about what will happen if they are going to keep growing
    i dont want to find some weird medical thing to make them shrink (mostly because i hate anything medical, especially hospitals and doctors) but i dont want them to keep growing
    im fine with the current size since its small but if they keep growing there might be problems
    also it took me 2 hours to type this because i feel asleep while typing :/
    these are not actually graphic
    unless your afraid of ants and cats
    I just felt like grabbing random images from my camera roll
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    Eix I got an email with one of those randonly generated addresses
    it had no subject and no text
    all it had was a attachment named ""
    inside the archive was a file named "0.obj"
    so I loded it on my 3ds
    and I am confused on alot of levels now
    (if its not loading here's a link im at school rn so drive is my only option)
    why am I getting spam mail like this?
    and why is there a crappy glaceon? obj file in it?