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    Durelle So I finally got my hands on the piece my friend printed. Also I finished my cover, a artist on deviant said I was allowed to use it (the smashsbros back cover) I'm really happy how it turned out.

    So it's basically a sleeve that goes on a switch case.

    IMG_20190112_223207. IMG_20190112_223201. IMG_20190112_223037. IMG_20190112_222835. IMG_20190112_222829.
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    Durelle So a friend of mine is 3d Printing me this. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3276374
    I have a spare case so i figured id make a custom cover, but i Have no idea what to put on the back for art :/ i placed some smash brothers icons but i dont like it.... any critics or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    game cover switch Durelle small.
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    Durelle So I got a job and I start next week.

    Before and after

    IMG_20181229_140035. received_248143979420360. received_745600812491999.
    Durelle I got a 100$ gift card for Christmas and ebgames (GameStop) was having a great deal!

    In Canada these games are 79.99 each regular price.

    Fire emblem was 19.99
    And the other two 49.99 each.

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    Durelle As some of you already know ive been going trough hard time, my job was lost back in april due to it closing down, and ive had no luck finding a office job in this small town yet. I have back issues which is why it needs to be a office job. At the same time due to all this, i couldn't afford my car payments and it was repossessed and auctioned off by the bank. And its a catch 22 i need a car to get to a job but no job to pay for a car. So i did what i didnt want to do. Sold my VITA my WiiU, my PSPGo, my GCN, PS2, N64 and SNES and I bought a old used car that will hopefully last me a year or two.

    Now my unemployment is ending in January and if i don't have a job by then ill be homeless. Basically forcing me to move in with a family member... and causing my GF and her daughter to move in with one of her family members.

    Overall im taking all this in pretty good, with my small moments where i break down but im trying to keep positive.
    If i have to move back to my mothers ill need something to keep me occupied since theres no internet there and im hoping to get myself a switch from donations and things im selling here and there.

    I made a paypal donation box https://paypal.me/pools/c/89SdVOANdE and im selling some of my D&D stuff as well. but no luck so far.

    Anywho im gonna head off and try to get things straightened out for a job hopefully and any donations is appreciated.
    Durelle I present TempEH!


    i might make a body, but for whoever is familiar with Terrance and Phillipe form south park, here you go.
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    Durelle Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians out there today =D

    (Just so you Americans know Canadians have a different date for this holiday)
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    Durelle used Eevee as a reference, i think he came out sassy :/ its a fail in my books


    and pichu was my second attempt

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    Durelle So ive been wanting to get a new signature or avatar but not use any materials from the internet. Which is extremely hard for someone not artistic as me.
    I tried to draw on paper for over 4-5 hours and couldn't do anything at all. But in Illustrator I am able to slowly change and add things and I made this!. this took over an hour. (i know not much of a picture for an hour)

    Durelle So a few weeks ago I was so excited to get my vita 1000 OLED as to me it was something new and I thought I would play all these games I never played before.

    Turns out I'm wrong, I find myself literally just playing GBA and PSP/psx games on it. And the Vita Games that I did download I already own on my ps4. And the ones I don't have I don't have time for. I literally just play my n3dsXL or ps4. It's kinda sad really that I went to the trouble of getting a 128gb memory card and a sd2vita and a grip etc... Now it's just gonna collect dust with my WiiU. Maybe I should just get rid of em and get a switch. At least there's games I know I'll play.
    Durelle Dunno why I had the need to share this lol.

    Any easy recipes you guys use that's delicious? I'd like to share lol

    On the recipe cost the blueberries with a small amount of flour to prevent them from sinking while it's in the oven.

    IMG_20180908_161806. IMG_20180908_164002. IMG_20180908_154318.
    Durelle So I've been watching worry a few doorss on YouTube with people doing randomized nuzlock runs and I wanted to know you guys/gals opinion on it. Do you think it's interesting or boring or like the challenge?

    I'm just curious as I started one on firered (waiting to find a goddamn moonstone or sunstone) so far I've been having baaad luck.

    15355687280243973083602996268963. 15355687382235669943488157605782. 1535568762586346480842633381162.
    Durelle Well I've been trying to be active in this community and I've seen alot of these "all me anything" blogs so I'm willing to answer any serious questions about myself and hoping to actually make some new friends to chat with.

    Ask away
    Durelle I've beaten this game at least once a year for the last 22 years. I think I'm gonna stop after this playthrough tough. Kinda sad how as I get older the nostalgia feeling is doing the opposite effect and now I'm bored of my favorite video game :/... Maybe I can keep the tradition alive in a way and play ROM hacks maybe?

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