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    The Wheel of Time

    So apparently I started reading Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, almost finished the first book and initially my impressions are very positive. I have been a fan of J.R.R Tolkien's Middle Earth fantasy for a long time and was inclined to start this series after finding out that one of my favourite new novelists, Brandon Sanderson, took over the series at the request of his family in order to finish the story in the wake of Robert Jordan's passing in 2007. I read Sanderson's books a couple of years ago, his debut Elantris was an astounding book worthy of a read by any fantasy lover and his trilogy Mistborne was on an epic scale that rivals Tolkien's Lord of the Rings in both story telling and character building, you can become quite attached to his characters. Reflecting now I am quite surprised with how much influence Robert Jordan had on Brandon Sanderson's writing, which can clearly be seen in his own work, what with being a big fan of The Wheel of Time books.

    So as I delve into this series, I am looking forward to seeing what great adventures Robert Jordan has moulded, it's a shame there are so few truly epic writers out there these days, at least not many that compare to what writers like Tolkien and Jordan have left us, though I'd say Brandon Sanderson is the next big thing.
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    The sun is up...

    It's almost 6 AM EST, I went to bed at midnight and slept till 2:30 before waking up to a wicked nightmare. Played Pokemon Black for a couple of hours and did some trading on GTS, thanks to whoever the chump was that traded me a Zekrom for the Volcarona that I raised from the egg :D

    Point of this post is, night shift work really messes up your sleeping. My shifts were from 11 pm till 7 am this week and when I got home Friday morning I only slept till 12:30 in the afternoon. Looks like I will be tired and cranky in about 5 hours after I hit the gym.

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    Canada Votes 2011

    Thanks for wasting our tax dollars to give a right wing fascist pro war health care killing douche bag another chance at getting a majority guys, us tax payers really appreciate it.
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    Bye bye Blizzard

    As my signature suggests, I play World of WarCraft, though not any longer. After 4 years at it, the constant grinding of doing the same things day after day and the consistent bitching coming from players in general about class development, I decided recently that Blizzard and Activision no longer deserve my money. Their development teams have no concept of creating any kind of balance, and then you have people playing a variety of different classes complaining about one another being overpowered or so and so being able to spam too much of one thing or another. I don't really understand it though, and part of Blizzard's failings as a developer has been balancing both the raiding content as well as the player versus player aspects of the game, something they have failed at over the last few years. Twice they have killed damage specs for the characters I play, originally a Paladin up until Cataclysm and then I decided it's damage spec was absolute shit (which it was until a patch later on), then they killed my Death Knight's damage specs as well. I can't really do anything in PvP and my DK who has high level raid gear, can't even compete as a damage class in raids anymore.

    So, Blizzard doesn't deserve my money because they have screwed people like me over. They can't balance anything, they continue to ignore the fact that in a PvP environment certain classes, mainly Frost Mages, are stupidly overpowered because they have so much control over every other class in the game.
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    30 days later

    Well, almost, tommorow it will be exactly 30 days since my M3i Zero shipped from Gamezway, 8th of July and it still isn't here. I contacted Gamezway on the 14th and apparently the postal company in China lost it, how in the hell do you lose a box :rolleyes:

    Common sense and customer satisfaction would have dictated that they ship the second shipment via express post and foot the bill for it so that customers return to them for making purchases, however too bad for Gamezway that won't be happening with me.