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    dsbomb After some grueling hours, I have come up with an initial version of a Gamecube DAT file for OfflineList. You can download it from here. It has data for some US releases to start things off. I'll try working some more data into it over the next week or so.

    Screenshots will wait a while as that's going to require some more effort. The USB Gecko has a screenshot capability, so that could be one route to take. Also, I would need someplace to host the images. OfflineList requires a particular directory structure, and GooglePages/Blogspot (where I host them for now) doesn't support directories apparently. So, it'll be a priority to first get the data filled in where it's needed, then I'll work on the other areas.
    dsbomb So, I've been using OfflineList for a good while for managing various system images. One thing that I have never been able to find anyone else doing is a DAT for Gamecube images. Is there much interest among you folks for such a thing? How many of you are still playing with the Gamecube? I missed out on that era, and I have been having a lot of fun catching up since I got my Wii. I have probably logged more time in GC games than I have in Wii games. :shy:

    So, with a little scraping from Ludibria.com, I have compiled a big list of games (1200some). Then I massaged them with my Python skillz, coming up with a CSV file. I am now working to compile that into a prettier Google Spreadsheet, verifying all my parsing was done properly. I hope to have that up for public viewing tomorrow. Nintendo's US site also has a list of all GC games. I need to browse around other parts of the wolrd to see if they also have something similar, and incorporate that data into this.

    The final step will be to convert all this to OfflineList's DAT XML format. I need to search around and see if I can find all the details OL uses in their file (things like a list of location numbers, languages, etc). I will also be looking for anyone that can help in testing, verifying, etc. of the data. My GCM tool can spit out most of the needed information from the ISO. Drop me a line if you are interesting in either using or helping me with this little project.