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    OoT 3D

    I just finished this game. All items. 73 Skulltulas >.>. Fuck em'. Haha I'll gettem later.
    But oh god the emotional, nostalgia filled ride was amazing. I don't know. It felt great, yet so sad.
    So many memories... and still so many questions I have eben after beating this game for about the 13th time if not more.

    Well, Master Quest time. :D
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    Pokemon Black/White

    I keep hearing Pokemon Black/White arent great.
    I have to go ahead and say that they're not the best.
    But that's to be expected. I mean series loose alot over time.
    So anyways I found the story and everything in general pretty cool.
    I liked the games. Alot, Except for one little yet massively important detail.
    The Music. It was really bad :/
    For those intense moments in the game the music was to cheery rather than suspenseful,
    during the championship match I felt like I was on a merry go round.
    I mean compared to other championship themes it was horrible.
    Other music was okay but ugh. It was bad.
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    Skyward Sword: Bundle Controller

    I must have it.
    Has anyone else seen the bundle golden Zelda controller that comes with skyward sword?
    It's godly. Only at gamestop as far as I've read.

    I kinda wanna get something answered out of this blog thread too:
    If I resell the game the next if not the same day... how much should I expect to get for it?
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    Chao Garden DS

    I came up with this idea yesterday.
    I was playing with my frustrating chao on the GBA version and thought that game would be awesome on the DS.
    Improved with more games, more chao, larger map.
    It seems like a cool, fun idea.

    Well just really wanted to throw that out there.
    If anyone ever chooses to make this than I'd be glad to help in any way possible.
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    So I stumbled upon this awesome show today.
    I don't watch TV apart from some shows I do keep in touch with.

    How I Met Your Mother
    Adventure Time
    Life as Liz

    And well Community has been added to the list.

    It's amazing. The plot is original, the characters are dynamic and so full.
    The humor is awesome but not vulgar (completely).

    I'm on Season 1 Episode 7.
    I love Annie. She's so pretty. :)
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    Awesome Homebrew Ideas I'll Never Get to Make.

    I am going to fill this blog post with all the awesome homebrew ideas that fill my head. If you choose to take one on, go for it!

    Edit: August 1, 2011
    Monster Hunter 2DS: A Monster Hunter game for the DS, preferably in 2D as in games like Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time or Various LoZ Handhelds where 360 movement is supported.(Sounds cool.) I actually have cheesy menus made up for this one. :D

    Goron Racing : A rolling, rapid race to the finish as seen in Majora's Mask. Packed with powerups, obstacles, and various courses. I could see this in either Wii or DS.

    Roller Coaster Tycoon Wii/DS Now I'm not sure if this exists yet or not. But a port of this game, or similar would be great on the Wii. I really don't see the DS running something like this very well.

    Digimon World 2 I loved this game when it was for the PS1. I could see it on the DS. The Wii has a PS1 Emulator. Not sure if it can run this though. A remake on DS (even with different graphics) would be awesome.