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    The return.

    Hey everyone. My month long suspension from gbatemp is now over, so I am back. For however long that lasts before they ban me.
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    No more cracked hinge.

    Problem solved!

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    Can't we just all get along?


    I'm tired of all the whining over petty crap. While I enjoy drama, I hate to see a moderator raked over the coals needlessly. I also hate to see threads made with no purpose yet to troll. Even I refuse to do that.

    Which brings me to the reason I made this thread. I believe that the JPH thread embodies exactly what I hate about Gbatemp: The hatred a few share for other members. It is time to keep it to yourself. If you have a genuine problem with someone, pm them your concerns; fight in private. Keep it off the forum, it serves no purpose.

    It just causes problems.

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    Entry #1: Dual Strike and other stuff

    So I downloaded Days of Ruin and slapped it on my G6 Real. Haven't played it yet.

    Spent most of the day fucking around with my PC. Installed Photoshop, got Flip4Mac working, etc, etc. Played GT5: P a bit, that game alone makes the PS3 worth it. Didn't do much of anything important. Got my BNC working again, Will be on IRC when I feel like signing in.

    I'd like to note that the DS has the worst online play ever. I want voice chat! The fucking thing HAS a mic. I want a fucking server browser, etc, etc. The PSP does it right, the DS fails. As usual.

    Coversutra is a really neat program. Check it out if you got a Mac. It makes Itunes not suck.

    So this is Entry #1. Boring so far. meh.
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    <blog goes here>

    This is a blog? Ok. I will post here.