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    DrkBeam When I was asleep I dreamed with my grandmother, she raised an iron bar and wanted to defend myself against her, I did it and she felt good because of my actions, she wasn't blind like she used to be, I knew it it could not be real because she passed away a few years ago, she wanted to give me some advices but I told her she should do it after I wake up, so I could understand it wasn't my mind doing the tricks, the thing is I started hearing a song, it was Lisa theme of silent hill.
    If someone doesn't know this ost plays when Lisa discovered she was one of them, the sad true about herself.
    One part of me probably wanted this were true, she wanted to communicate with me, but other part knew it was only made in my mind.
    one moment I thought "am I dead?", but didn't give much thought about that part. I felt the urge of leave the place, and I woke up.
    I still have the song I my head, and it's been a long time I was self aware it was just a dream when I was dreaming. At the end I know dreams are just random thought that the brain tries to give sense, but I wish it was real.

    This is the song