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    drenal So in school I am taking a high school English 1 class even though I am in eighth grade. Normally this would mean that I would get a high school credit for English 1 and not have to take it next year in ninth grade. However, Louisiana government recently passed the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA. Due to regulations set in place by the act, nobody in the state of Louisiana can receive high school credit for English 1 classes, which is bad because the kids that are taking English 1 in eighth grade in Louisiana will have to take the class again in ninth grade. Kinda defeats the purpose of having a high school class in middle school doesn't it?
    drenal as the title says, I don't really like winter. it's usually viewed as a snowy delightful time, but down in Louisiana, it's just a damp, cold season. ugh
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    drenal why did i make this blog
    drenal this blog post is related to my last one, read it first to understand

    so i got in trouble too because i was the one that showed my brother the reallywackytictacs site. im not able to access the internet for who knows how long, which means i wont be able to get on gbatemp at all.

    however, since i will still have my tablet, i might be able to get on late at night...

    i know that most of you probably dont care. i know that almost no one will miss me. but i decided to tell you all anyways.

    goodbye, i guess.
    drenal first the knife, now this...

    my brother decided it was a good idea to tell my dad to look at /r/reallywackytictacs (don't go there, and if you've already seen it, bless your soul.). now this was a bad idea as that subreddit contains tons of really bad stuff (fucked up jokes, gore... i don't wanna talk about it). as soon as he texted my dad about it, i immediately texted my dad not to go to it, but he did anyways... a few minutes after, he texted me back "That was bad. We are really angry right now".

    late last night, my dad took our cellphones. this morning, he woke me up and told me to go see Michelle (my stepmom) because she wanted to talk to me. it turns out she wanted to talk about Peyton and that subreddit... she asked all sorts of things, like how he reacted to the subreddit when he first went to it, if he still looks at it, etc... she now believes that there is something wrong with my brother. she also said that she's going to take our phones to some diagnostics place to see the browsing history, even the deleted history.

    i don't think that there's anything wrong with my brother, i know he hasn't looked at that subreddit again. i don't know anything i can do to help him about this. i truly hope that nothing bad happens to him because of this. i don't know anything i can do to help him about this.

    oh, he also said that he was gonna try to get me in trouble too.

    TL;DR: My brother decided to tell my dad about a really messed up subreddit and now my stepmom believes he has a mental problem.

    update: now my stepmom is yelling at my brother outside. oh god.
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    drenal my brother just got expelled from our school. what for, you might ask? he got expelled because he had his butterfly knife trainer with him. when my mom went to the office to prove that it wouldnt cut others, it actually cut her wrist when she showed them. turns out my brother had sharpened the trainer.

    god, what an idiot.
    drenal i'm not good at writing so let's get this over with
    So today marks the one year anniversary of me being on the Temp. Hooray. :toot:
    drenal One day at my old school, our P.E. teacher took us out onto the football field for free day or whatever. He sat us down onto the bench and gave us a talk about what not to do, etc. Then he said "Go," and we all started running off the bench, when a kid that was much bigger than me slammed into me and knocked me onto the ground. My vision swirled around, and it kept getting darker, until I stayed still long enough for it to go away. I had to sit out for 3/4 of P.E. class that day.

    I don't know how I didn't get a concussion, even though this was the second time that something like this happened.

    Now I understand the importance of football helmets.
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    drenal for being the only one who thinks my shitposts are good although i highly doubt that so

    @JellyPerson thanks
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    drenal i need a new pfp. suggestions in comments go

    if i have to make it myself then dont make it a hard one cause i have absolutely no skill in image editing
    drenal After I'm done with eighth grade, im going to try to get into caddo magnet high school for the first year of high school, then I'm going to try to get into the Louisiana school for math, science, and the arts. I want to go to LA tech for college, but if I can go to a better one, I will.
    drenal So far the only experience I've had with it is dicking around with paint 3d at my school but still
    drenal It's gonna be an over priced piece of shit with features that android has had for years now. Also it finally has stronger glass that wont break when you drop it on your face.
    drenal I have to get up at 5:50 or so and I go to sleep at 12-1. It results in me being very drowsy in school and barely able to keep my head up for the first few hours. I wish there was an easier way to fix it.
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