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    Why i wont buy logitech anymore

    i am a hardcore gamer and i have all consoles and all systems , i pay around 1k in gaming each year , i ve been using logitech for a while without probs.
    two months ago i purchased an g903 gaming mouse from amazon in an offer which started to produce double click errors , a common problem as i searched the net.
    Mouse was purchased on amazon europe site and send to my country of residence, i ve contacted amazon and they can refund me if i send it back but this was bought in a promotion and therefore price now is significant more , i contacted logitech support requesting rma , after providing proof of purchase etc they send me this stupid msg
    For sure i wont do the same mistake again to choose logitech ,under european legislation they are forced to provide warranty in european union , i asked to escalate this to a supervisor but i dont see that they will oblige . In the end i will return this back but i wont buy logitech again....
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  • dragonmaster

    The why apple company fans are believing that a 2011 laptop can worth the same as a mid range 2016 laptop

    i ve listed my laptop of 2016 and i got a person asking to trade with a macbook 2011 plus 200e from me ,i laughed at the propositions and i believed it was just a person. now i ve got another one asking to trade his mac mini 2012 model with my laptop plus 150 from my behalf again
    why on earth they believe an i5 sandy worth more than an i5 skylake

    my laptop is a dell
    i5 6200u
    920m gpu
    4gb ram
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    One plus 2 invite time ,this year i will sell it

    Last year i was one of the early adopters of this company phone that was selling on invite only policy ,it costed me 320e delivered while people where selling the invite around 120-150usd cause it was high demand on ebay.this year i will probably sell the invite too , it is just that i need a new gpu and not a new phone :P .
    if the people are anxious for a phone i imagine they are ready to pay premium ,while i did consider the ethics the company too released 100 invites for the device for charity claiming purpose so i made my decision when i receive my invite it will be sold
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    A Forest ranger fed up

    i got a scholarship to become a forest ranger ,bur i am fed up my first bachelor was in history and literature i got the forester diploma now ,and as my country is pushed from e.u my feature is of low salary and high dangers what i can do i dont know.i came first in exams to do the diploma free but now i am tired and with small salary ,i wish things were different but i am cursed to life with low salaries and no profit. a mensa test got me an iq of 138 but no worth of it
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    The icloud locked ipad and why i wont ever buy apple again

    a while ago i traded with a shady guy my tablet with an iPad 3 ,it was working fine until i tried to restore it ,i got a nice screen asking for an i cloud id, i tried contacting the guy but poof vaporware, i contacted apple and they don't feel obliged to help ,i am stuck with a brick that cost me 300e in the end .what i learn t from this ,that apple has an icloud service which can be a pain in the ass and while you are cheated to try to unlock it via other ways will open a hole to pocket .nevertheless the lesson is never buy something you dont know of it well .
  • dragonmaster

    Is it a necessity to have a smartwatch ? does it worth the bang for the buck

    evolution in tech did bring to us some marvelous things, i remember the old days of cellphones of monochrome screen the prices sky high the consoles 8bit 16bit etc ,what now we have for one that comes from this era is simply great. who could imagine in the era of first playstation or sega saturn that nowdays graphics would look cooler in a handheld,to set it simply none.
    In tech there is always the need to evolve and present new things,one of those things is the smartwatch thingy, at first i looked at it with a wow factor ,but being skeptical the least i wanted to see this tech evolving ,to my disappointment a smart watch doesn't have even the decency to work for at least a week without charging ,most companies entering the competition present to us the consumer the need of a thing that is working entirely with a smartphone and need to be charged every couple of days 2-3 the best 1 day the worst case scenario.
    I am not a critic but seeing companies presenting to me watches in the same price range as smartphones does not make me to wish to buy them,they try to eat out hard earned money without giving to me at least a feature that i would use for a time, it is a joke to buy a smart watch only to pair it with your phone and to charge it every day. Marketing show off the cool features of these things but present to us a watch of cheap make and esthetically poor design.
    My father used to collect watches of various companies etc and guess what he was always buying not only what it could afford but something that in even these days does look like a jewel,with plastic smartwatches and no standby a traditional collector would not even glance at them for a second.
    for a tech enthusiastic they are a hype tech with no real usefulness ,to conclude my opinion to the companies is come around when you put price in normal tags and when you have them working as they should.
  • dragonmaster

    War of the phones or war on our wallets?

    well every 3 months companies are releasing newer models boasting more ram more cpu speed new os upgraded minor things
    i used to buy a new phone every 6 months untill i realised that all those new things didnt change anything in my real time usage.
    i see the war of companies and laugh ,also the prices apple ,samsung etc sky high prices for minor improvements.
    they dont respect the customer,they try to push you to buy newer phone cause they wont update the os or the dont honor the warranty
    also powerconsumption is huge in the good days a mobile phone was mobile you could use it for 4-5 days without charging ,now for my dissapointment every 1- 2 days the new powerfull mobiles need charge
    what ? they cannot put a greater battery on them
    also whats the fuzz with micro sim mini sim etc why we need smaller sim cards? they dont bother us a lot why to change the form of sim,or they are trying to push us to more expenses.
    i took a stance here my last expensive phone will be used for as long as it can work and i wont buy expensives smartphones
    untill they respect the clients and release really usufull things what i can do a quad core if the os doesnt utilise all cores ,or what i can use a mobile when all abilities on it are locked...

    well i end my thoughts about it
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    Finally i got a nice job as a forest ranger

    well i was unemployed for a while 9months and maybe more ,i ve been giving exams to various positions and now i finally i got accepted as a forest ranger as i passed first ,they will train me for 3 years and i will work untill i retire to the forest department.i ended my studies in a university as a philology proffessor but i was having no future as the studies of philology doesnt give access to any other job except in education.

    i am finally at peace as time pass i will be the director of forest department press as i will start a master using my first bsc in greek philology to attain higher levels of knowledge in my new job
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    sony killing the vita

    too dissapointed from sony i ve got both a psp go and a ps vita an i will not buy another device of sony due to the policy of the company,first it was the umds and now they lock memory cards to accounts ,even with the horsepower of vita i cant see a decent game ,they release only updates to patch firmware in order to ditch homebrew and no release to put something new,in the end they will claim that piracy killed the vita but what i see it is them that kill the vita ,they dont seem to cooperate with companies to release new games ,only ports and they are trying to absorb money from us all the time ,well quess again SoNY if you dont respect your buyers neither they will.
    that is what i believe and that is my conclusion,they need our money,let them work to get them...
  • dragonmaster

    galaxy s3 does it worth the money or not?

    well i was nokias beta tester for a while (nokia 5670) and also had a full experience with symbian ,nokia n8 proud ownerr ,but as time pass i got myself to another ship ,the ship of android i first tested android on an htc hd2 a legend for the ability to run multiple oses :),i got myself wondering if android will evolve so i bought the nexus s to test jelly bean ,as time pass i got a galaxy s3 for 450 euro and i tested it ,well as a mediocre user i must say that the screen is perfect i really love the screnn of galaxy s3 it has the best color in all the ecosystem and my eyes dont lie as i have an eye accyracy of 10/10 (doctors test prove that my eyes are in perfect accuracy) ,.what samsung should mprove is battery life i cannot see a reaso for the s3 to be charged in 1,5 days,an evolution is needed in batery life,also what i find unreasonable is the matter of not choosing the launcher ,the default launcher is a ram eater it does kill ram very fast ,while i am not a user that like rooting etc i was forced to root in order to kill ram eating apps .In the end i conclude s3 is worthinh the money but samsung should improve in updates if it wants a piece of the pie i am not satified with samsung updates a powefulll device must have an os support fast and easy...