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    The reason why I was inactive is because I been getting these baby's All I need now Is 50 DS and then I'll do a Summon!
    DRAGONBALLVINTAGE This is just sad.
    Video here: http://fox17online.com/2018/01/05/miracle-or-manipulation/

    WEST MICHIGAN -- Steve Lyles said he found letters written by his father to Peter Popoff Ministries. He described them as heartbreaking letters that detailed his father's desperation to beat stage IV cancer. Lyles said Popoff promised his father he'd live another hundred days with only one catch, and that was to send Popoff money.

    You may have seen Popoff's commercials. Peter Popoff Ministries promises 'miracle water' and other items that can heal your body or cause you to reap financial blessings.

    Lyles said, "He was claiming that if you send him enough money that he's got a miracle phone line to God, and he can just pick up this phone line, talk to God and you'll be cured as long as you send him enough money."

    Lyles said his father, Vernon, received a money pouch and a plastic glove from Popoff.

    "And that if you rub it over your body and send [Popoff] money, you'll be cured. I don't think God works that way," Steve Lyles recalled.

    He said his dad, who lived in Rothbury, was diagnosed with prostate cancer 6 years ago.

    "Earlier this year [2017], we discovered that it went to stage IV," he said.

    Lyles said desperation set in for his father as Vernon learned he had months to live. Vernon Lyles sent Popoff more money before passing away months ago.

    "We're still getting letters for this guy to have money sent to him for my father. So my father can be cured," Lyles said.

    Lyles said his brother made the initial discovery of their dad's communication with Popoff Ministries when checking his father's mail. The brothers learned their father had sent about $70.

    "I reached out to you just to let everybody know that this is going on and for those of us that have elderly and sick parents, we've got to watch out for this. My dad and I were best friends and he never told me," Lyles said.

    The FOX 17 Problem Solvers called and left a message for Popoff Ministries. An online search reveals numerous complaints and accusations of Popoff being a charlatan. In the mid 80s, Johnny Carson aired a segment exposing one of Popoff's alleged schemes. He then declared bankruptcy and listed nearly 800 creditors, but Popoff made a comeback in the 90s.

    "I don't know how he lives with himself," Lyles said.

    "All that he is is someone who's looking for people who are in their last hours, grasping at straws, looking for anything to stay alive a little bit and sucking money out of 'em," he added.

    John Masterson, with the Better Business Bureau said, "These guys know how to hit the pressure points and sell it hard, and they're hoping that you really don't look into it or think about it or consider what you're doing and just write a check."

    So before sending any money the BBB has a suggestion.

    "Always just take a second, research, think about it, and then make your decision," Masterson suggests.

    Again, Lyles said his brother checked his father's mail and made the discovery that he'd been writing Popoff. It's a warning to be aware of what your loved ones may be doing.
    DRAGONBALLVINTAGE The Alabama Crimson Tide just won the CFB National Championship beating The Georgia Bulldogs 26-23 in OT!
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    Regarding the inequality we Global players have to face

    Before you read this post/rant, I highly suggest you watch DFree's video about inequality in Dokkan Battle.

    So, I've been playing this game for quite some time now and I love it. I've also spend a good amount of cash on it. I have not been active on this subreddit at all, but I have to get this off my chest.

    The only reason you should play JP is because you live in Japan or your native language is japanese and NOT because the japanese playerbase gets treated better by Bamco.

    Now, hold off with the downvotes; I'm not saying you shouldn't play JP. After all, why shouldn't you? It's clearly the better version. It gets more free Dragon Stones (and free items in general), it gets all the new content earlier and it doesn't shaft its playerbase. And if you're P2P; why should you invest your hard earned money in inferior product? Why not invest in the version with better treatment?

    Bandai Namco has shafted us for the last time. This is were we should all draw the line.

    However, the only thing Bamco listens to is money. So, instead of letting our money speak, how about we keep it silent? That's what I'm gonna do.

    I'm not gonna spend a single penny on this game for a month. And if nothing changes, I'm leaving global forever. Now, I know a month of not getting money from one player doesn't hurt Bamco in the slightest, but it may if it were talking about 1.000 or maybe even 10.000 players. So I ask of all of you Global players: Don't spend cash on this game for atleast one month. Because at the of end the day, as sad as it may sound, that's the only way Bandai Namco will ever listen to us. If less and les people spend money on this game, Bamco will be forced to change its ways, I'm sure of it.

    Thank you for your time and I appreciate every help I can get. #WeWantEquality


    I'm glad the Internet was not working because I would had been pissed

    If you want more just type in reddit dokkan battle its hell
    DRAGONBALLVINTAGE google and these "non sense blogs"

    have a read!


    Celebrating and empowering women in mobile gaming with CHANGE THE GAME
    Celebrating and empowering women in mobile gaming with CHANGE THE GAME

    Mathilde Cohen Solal
    Google Play
    Published Dec 7, 2017

    Together, Android and Google Play bring millions of games to more than one billion people in 190 countries, making games accessible to almost everyone. As we continue to create entertainment experiences that cater to each individual person; and with more people gaming on mobile devices than ever before, there’s an opportunity to be even more inclusive—starting with women.

    There’s little existing research about women and mobile gaming—so we partnered with Newzoo to learn more about the experiences and perceptions of female mobile players in the U.S. Our study found that 65% of women play mobile games, making-up half of all mobile gamers. In fact, female mobile gamers play more frequently than men with 43% of of them playing more than five days a week compared to just 38% of men.

    Despite the fact that women are playing mobile games like never before, only 24.8% of people in the industry identify as women or transgender. This has an impact on women’s behaviors and perceptions of mobile games—for example, we found that the majority of female gamers think that only 30% of those games are actually made for them. Additionally, we found that women are less likely than men to explore multiple genres, talk with friends about mobile games, or identify as a “gamer.”

    To tackle this issue, we’re launching CHANGE THE GAME, a new Google Play initiative promoting diversity in games, celebrating all women who play games, and empowering the next generation of game-makers through ongoing research, development programs, and partnerships. The program includes:

    • An interactive experience shining light on the relationship between women and mobile games in the U.S.
    • A short film celebrating the diversity of women who play mobile games and inviting all women to be part of the game
    • A collection highlighting games with great female protagonists on Google Play’s Indie corner
    This builds on our work to inspire teen girls with the power of games through Wonder Woman, our support of Girls Make Games and the launch of a mobile game development program for emerging game designers. While moving the needle won’t be easy, we hope our commitments to change the game will influence long-term change for women as both players and creators.

    Ok while why is this a issue? I go on r/DokkanBattle what do you see post like this!




    And the list goes on! So why google thinks more mobile female gamers are a issue we have people spending 100$+ on Dragon Stones.

    Google I know you can see this


    shit http://www.bing.com is gonna be my new homepage soon!
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    DRAGONBALLVINTAGE Now I know we have a post by @Chary but for people who didn't see mine...

    Nintendo could pay to block websites like these to stop people from modding there consoles! That means No more Homebrew, Custom Firmware, Mods and hacks.

    We all know what site is going down first

    The Pirate Bay. This will be the first thing any ISP would its a no-brainer hell the FCC might make it a rule that all ISP's must block TPB.

    Kodi? Now Kodi could be gone do too the third party addons like WOD Sportsdevil, TVADDONS and Bennu. Groups like Netflix,Amazon (Don't sell the shit then),Premier League and Kodi team them selfs are trying to stop piracy.

    Now here comes the modding part!

    3DS/DSi/Wii U guide.me Like I said above Nintendo doesn't won't people modding there consoles
    that ISO site
    and a whole lot more

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    DRAGONBALLVINTAGE #include <stdio.h>

    int main() {

    printf("Thank you @drenal couldn't do it without ya!");
    return 0;
    DRAGONBALLVINTAGE DBVintage Presents...

    Supreme Kai of Reviews

    Easy Piano-NDS

    This is the only Piano DS game I know of besides Wario Ware Touched. The game does have a Piano accessory but I don't have it also I'm using my DSi so it woulden't work anyways the game has good graphics for its time giving you a asistant and a Piano room 1103170922.jpg
    You can compose up to three songs the songs I composed where The DRAGONBALL GT Theme and Evil Angle Righteous Devil (DBS Ending 7). Gameplay is kinda like Guitar Hero.
    1103170922.jpg 1103170941a.jpg
    Here are the Pros and Cons!


    You can compose your own songs

    A Virtual Assistant

    A Piano room

    Teachs you how to Play and read notes

    All round easiness

    Different instruments like guitar and violin?


    Stuck with one room

    When composing songs the keyboard is small so small you can't use all the notes so making a song like the DBGT intro was hard

    kinda hard to compose songs if you never played

    No Nintendo Wifi Connection could had been able to upload composed songs and save to cart just imagine all the songs

    You need the piano accessory to unlock more content

    Here are the list of songs


    Ave Maria

    Moonlight Sontra

    Gymnopaedia No.1

    Gnossienne No.1


    Nocturne No.20

    Paino Sontara No.11



    Pachelbel's Canon

    The Entertainer

    And Fur Elise


    Happy Birthday

    O Christmas Tree

    Slient Night

    When The Saints go marching in

    Jingle Bells

    The Wedding March

    Joy to the World

    Oh Happy Day


    The Star Spangled Banner

    O Canada

    Oh Susanna

    Take Me Out To The Ball Game

    Yankee Doodle

    Clashing of the Swords


    Our House

    Material Girl

    Chariots of Fire

    Over The Rainbow


    Come Away With Me


    Enjoy the Slience

    I give the game a 7/10

    Even though it has those great features It can't stop the fact that composing is hard your stuck with one room and a small keyboard I hope you can import Midi but I think its SSEEQ or SSQ So if you know how to play piano then Buy (download) the game If not try it then a real one!

    ©2017 @DRAGONBALLVINTAGE Production
    I love criticism please give me some tips so the next one can be better!


    Like if you get it
    DRAGONBALLVINTAGE On June 24 2007 I came out to the world as Chris Benoit on the Today Show Here Is a photo of me now [​IMG]
    Sexy right? If you don't remember I use to work at NJPW as pegasus kid WWE is trying to erase me from history but they made this movie about me [​IMG]

    TL,DR I'm Chris Benoit and I'm straight
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