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    Derek Stiles
    Age: 26 (UTK1) (29 in UTK2, 36 in NB)

    Height: 178cm

    Weight: 63kg

    Derek grew up in Northridge, a suburb just outside Angeles Bay. He decided to become a doctor after losing his father to an incurable illness. He just completed his residency, and he's eager to start operating as a full time surgeon. Dr. Stiles is about to learn that there's more to saving lives than good intentions.
    In Under The Knife 2, since ending the threat posed by a virus called GUILT three years ago, Derek has become a world renowned doctor. He is dedicated to his employer, Caduceus, and his job: saving patients. During surgery he is intense and collected, not one to crack under pressure, or to ever give up.
    Derek's Healing Touch slows down time. During times where this isn't enough, his Healing Touch progresses to the point where it seems like time itself has completely stopped. He has only done this when fighting Savato, when his regular Healing Touch isn't enough to inject it the final time.

    In my opinion:
    Personally, I think Dr. Stiles is an awesome character, who never fails to surprise me. He is hands down, the best character in Trauma Center

    Angie Thompson
    Age: 21 (UTK1) (24 in UTK2, 31 in NB)
    Angie Thompson is a nurse from Hope Hospital who (along with Dr. Stiles) transferred to Caduceus USA. She is Derek's assistant. She may seem a bit critical at times, but only to help Derek work at his full potential. Angie is very knowledgeable and can usually take control of the situation, but occasionally gets rather childish and emotional. At the end of Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2, a relationship between Angie and Derek is implied, even though she seemed to be not so keen of him at times during the first game.

    In my opinion:
    Angie is an awesome sidekick, what would Trauma Center be without Angie? Too bad she cut her hair short...

    Markus Vaughn

    Age: 34

    Markus was born in California. Originally a doctor at Concordia Medical Institute, his research with Lloyd Wilkens forced him to be transferred to the Montgomery Memorial Hospital at Alaska with his colleague Valerie Blaylock. When they were kidnapped by Kidman's group along with Elena Salazar, he revealed to be responsible for the birth of Stigma as part of an experiment with a mystery pathogen and synthetic blood, which he wished to destroy and forget but was further researched by professor Lloyd Wilkens. He has the same Healing Touch as Dr. Stiles; the ability to block out all distractions and work at fast speeds, due to a high level of concentration, giving the impression to the gamer as temporarily slowing down time. However, Markus has not yet shown the ability to completely stop time, as Derek has while fighting Savato. Along the storyline, he aptly expresses his desire to eradicate Stigma.

    In my opinion:
    Dr. Vaughn Is a very funny character who never fails to make me laugh!

    Valerie Blaylock

    Age: 28

    An intelligent, caring professional, Dr. Blaylock is eager to learn the Healing Touch from her colleague Dr, Vaughn, whom she followed to Montgomery Hospital. She's passionate about her work and her career, and will speak her mind when necessary. Her Healing Touch differs from Dr. Vaughn's as it is able to stop vitals from falling while it's active. However, this prevents vitals from rising too. Also, as soon as Dr. Blaylock's Healing Touch ends, vitals will automatically rise.

    In my opinion: Valerie is a sarcastic and weird character. She stalked Dr. Vaughn to Montgomery Hospital? And she saved Sister Catherine who got stuck under a church... Who get's stuck under a church... Reminds me of the Wicked Witch of the East.

    Elena Salazar

    Age: 20

    Elena Salazar is a young woman suffering from intractable pancreatic necrosis, and Valerie and Markus' Assistant. As the nurse, Elena helps contribute to the elimination of the biological weapon Stigma.

    Sometime in the year 2021 (which was also when Trauma Center Under the Knife: 2 occurred) a immunity suppressant pump unit was implanted in her by Markus Vaughn while she was 13 years old. She later got an International Nursing License and got a job at the Concordia Medical Institute.

    7 years later, she arrived at Montgomery Memorial Hospital caring for a gunshot victim in Episode 1-3. After the operation is complete, she reveals herself as a nurse and also reveals that the implant inside her pancreas is malfunctioning, and needs to be replaced. Markus performs the operation on her, saving her through the incredible use of the Healing Touch. She then stays as the permanent nurse of Markus and Valerie once they return to Concordia Medical Institute in Los Angeles.

    In my opinion: Elena is much like Angie, Kind, Caring, supporting. She just doesn't trump Angie though :/

    Naomi Kimishima

    (also known under the false name Nozomi Weaver during her time in Delphi) is one of the doctors that can use the Healing Touch.

    Dr. Kimishima is introduced during the 'Z' episodes of Second Opinion. Originally a doctor in Japan, her ability to use the Healing Touch made her known as the Devil Doctor because of its supernatural effect. She lost her license in Japan before Delphi gave her a new name and had her operate on those they infected with GUILT that they wanted to use for further tests. She is playable in the 5 'Z' episodes, 4 operations during Chapter 6 and the X episodes.

    Her healing touch differs from Derek's in that it allows her to raise a patients' vitals by receiving "Cool", "Good", or "OK" ranks in her actions. After Delphi is found and eliminated, she offers samples of immature Savato bodies to work for Caduceus Europe in exchange for her freedom.

    In X-7 of Second Opinion, she breakes the standard of the X missions and talks while Savato goes berserk, saying that she would "have to try it the way Derek does it." Then, after she succeeds and kills Savato, "Well, I must have done it good enough, because it worked", leaving her the only one to have used a Healing Touch that wasn't originally theirs.

    In my opinion:I believe Dr. Kimishima is weird and a bit premature aged with her whitish hair. I'd like a reappearance though, It was nice using her.

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    Nurse Angie Top 10 tips to staying Healthy!

    Nurse Angie Top 10 tips to staying Healthy!​


    1. Be on a healthy diet
      Eating is a way to nourish your body. If you feed it with junk it would not only result in lowered performance, but might harm it in the long run. So, it makes all the more sense to choose your diet wisely. A balanced diet is a must as is the quantity of what you eat. Some healthy eating options include eating about 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day while minimizing the consumption of saturated fats has a beneficial effect. They not only enhance your health but may also decrease the risk of cancer and several other diseases.
    2. Staying active is the way to be
      All animals seem to be active in some way or the other, ants, monkeys, flies, butterflies all of them seem to be on the move, except for a portion of humans. Our bodies are perhaps accustomed to activity, I presume that the early men & women, or our ancestors much like the animals were busy gathering food... No more yada, yada... but doctors suggest that adults need about 30 minutes of moderate physical activity preferably on all days of the week. You need to begin slowly, and try to make it enjoyable at the same time, so that you persist to reap the real benefits of physical exercise. Some good activities to get moving are cycling, jogging, gardening, walking, dancing, gardening and swimming.
    3. Be wary of Obesity and Anorexia
      Being heavier than what's healthy for you increases the magnitude of risk of several debilitating diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. If you already have a healthy weight, maintain it, but if you're overweight or obese begin right now to set your weight right. Each excess pound that you lose will allow you to stay healthy throughout your life.
    4. Vaccinations are important
      Vaccination isn't child's play only. There are many professions and lifestyles that might put you at an increased risk of infections. In consultation with a physician, determine which ones you need and get them. Disease are many, and so are the pharmaceutical drugs used to treat them, but vaccines seem to be the first among equals, because they prevent disease and hence a save us from swallowing bad pills.
    5. Control Stress
      5. Control Stress

      Stress, be it physical or mental can wreck havoc with our health. A balanced lifestyle need to accommodate your professional, personal and social lives. You neglect the need to balance your life at your own risk, it isn't often easy to strike a work-life balance but you need to find a way.
    6. Get yourself health screened regularly
      Because the need for routine health exams and assessments is different based on your health history, age, lifestyle, etc, you need to consult a physician to decide upon what all screenings you need and how frequently. The reason is simple, for diseases to be diagnosed early results in better outcomes, they can be treated and cure early. Common exams include those for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sexually transmitted diseases, cancers and diabetes. For instance, cancer drugs can effectively treat cancer if it's detected early on.
    7. No Smoking Please!
      If you don't smoke you're privileged because so many people I know who do, find it quite tough to give it up. But tough doesn't mean that it can't be done.
    8. Is your health at risk?
      You need to find an answer to this one based on your work & home environments, heredity, lifestyle, etc. Once you're forewarned of the health risks you harbor, you can minimize that risk by taking the right action. Your health care provider can help you with this exercise.
    9. Protection is the key
      If you wear seat belts, but don't practice safe sex, you're using different yardsticks. Protection isn't limited to sex and driving but everything from applying sunscreen to brushing your teeth and having fire smoke detectors installed. Whatever you do, wherever you live a proactive approach to protection can save you from a lot of diseases, injuries, hardships, etc.
    10. Treat yourself well
      This simply means that you pay attention to your health, if you're all about caring for the family for instance and neglecting yourself. Then this isn't treating yourself well. Rest and relax, enjoy and have fun, forgive yourself and let go can go a long way to ensure that you're happier and healthier.
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    How is everyone doing today? I am feeling happy today!

    I am a nice 14 year old boy who likes many things, like animals (especially foxes), the country Japan, anime, pocky stix (the best treat ever!), the colour blue, surgery and music. I like to listen to classical music. I like to swim, draw, hang out, play piano, study surgical practises and drink tea, it is very relaxing. I also LOVE School! It is very fun! Unless you get low marks... This blog is all about me and everything I wish to tell you! Including Health Tips too! So keep coming back for more and Leave a comment!!!
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    Nurse Angie's Top 10 tips to staying Healthy!