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    Hello, NES, N64 - Goodbye, Life for the next two weeks.

    Well guys, last week I ordered an NES and N64, and yesterday they came! But of course I needed something to play on them, so I also ordered my favorite Kirby game for N64, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, along with another game I love, Cruis'n World.

    Of course, pics or it didn't happen :P soo,


    However, the NES, I don't know much games for it (I was very young). Anyone have some suggestions? The N64 too! And anything you see below, I'm always looking for new games to play.

    I should have posted a pic of my collection along with it, but my Wii and it's wires are all messy.

    So, as of right now, my entire collection consists of:
    1x NES
    1x SNES
    1x N64
    1x GameCube
    1x Wii

    1x Genesis
    2x Saturn (1x Model 1, 1x Model 2)
    1x Dreamcast

    1x Xbox
    1x Xbox 360 (Old model, not working, RROD. If someone in Toronto can fix it, I'd be eternally grateful :D :P)
    1x PlayStation 2
    1x PlayStation 3

    I know, no Sega CD :( but, that's my next target. That's the fun about retro video game collecting; you can never have it all, and you have to keep searching ;)
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    My Great Luck

    Why am I posting this? So others can see and perhaps skip the frustration i went through.

    Also it's just generally entertaining :lol:
    So here's the story:

    Ever since we tried Rock Band 2 at my cousin's house, my sister and I have decided to get into the music game genre. Only one problem, getting INTO it is costly. Buying the instruments and game can run you an easy $120+. So, being me, I decided to get the most bang for my buck, and not have to buy duplicate instruments. After doing my research i found out that the Band Hero instruments work with Rock Band 2. I decided to buy the Band Hero package and then buy the Rock Band 2 game disc, so i can have a nice complete music gaming experience.

    It's been on hold for a while due to lack of sufficient funds. However, today, things all changed:
    As I was in Zeller's (a department store we have over here) getting some back to school items. I decide to browse the electronics section whilst my mom looks at plants XD. When I get there, I can't believe my eyes: Band Hero Super Bundle, X360, on sale, 79.99. Now, this is freakin' amazing considering it's usually 159.99. Problem, i don't have a 360, but the kind lady gives me the PS3 version FOR THE SAME PRICE. Booyah!

    I head home, unpack ever'thing, it's all going well. Until i spin the cymbals, and POP! There goes the wire. No sweat, i strip it and re-connect it back (electronic skills ftw!). So everything else connects, except for the drums. They're flashing to connect, but it doesn't? I tried every possible option, but it simply won't connect. I decide to call customer service.

    When I describe my problem to the lady, it sounds like i'm one of those idiots who are like "OMGz THE U-ASS-B AIN'T WORKEN WHEN I PLUG IT INTO THE SLOT" but of course, i know what i'm doing. After transferring here and there, it ends up being a defective receiver. It seems that the 'button' that i've been holding down is actually supposed to be a light! XD. The guitar one was a light, i was kinda curious why this one wasn't.

    See the button? It's literally a plastic click button.

    TL;DR version: I bought Band Hero cheap, it ended up being defective.

    We're going back to the store tomorrow to see if they'll exchange it, or if i can exchange it at another Zeller's. If not, I'll have to send it in. Yay.
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    We bought a boat!

    Hey all,

    So, last saturday, my dad went to the "Boat Graveyard" (a marine recycling plant) and bought a boat! Its a 1999 18' Larson, so we're pretty excited because its our first. We're using it up north:
    Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada, which is not to far from Midland, Ontario.
    It has a 120 HP Mercury Force outboard engine.

    So, i'm really excited for July 16th, as that is when we get the boat. It needs some wiring done, so the dealer is doing it for us, and we're picking it up on the 16th.

    Any tips from you boaters out there? :D
    We have to get out boat licence now ;)

    PS.The recycling plant is called "Sandy Cove Marine Recyclers" if anyone is near there.