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    dpad_5678 I was looking on eBay for a cheap 3DS system with power/charging issues since they can generally be fixed by simply replacing the battery and/or dropping a tiny bit of solder on the charging port connections on the motherboard.

    Well, I came across a Cosmo Black O3DS, which I've always found to be a great looking system.

    Ordered it, got it three days later.
    Immediately, it was having charging issues. I had to wrap the charger around the system in a way that the tension would keep the plug bent backwards, thus forcing the connector to make proper contact with the motherboard.

    30 minutes later, bam. Another issue. Despite the orange light being lit for a half an hour, which is indicative of the system actually charging, I couldn't get it to power on. Grabbed the battery out of my other O3DS which also isn't in great shape (this one's blue, and I'd rather have my new black one in working order until I find the willpower to order another battery) and thew it in my new system.
    It powers on! Awesome.

    Checked System Settings, and it was running 7.1.0-0U for those who are interested.
    Yep, 0U, meaning no brower, meaning this thing was updated from God knows what firmware with a gamecard.
    After snooping a bit more, I found that parental controls had been set up. Not much of a problem, and I was able to reset it using this tool.

    So, long story short, I opened up the system and added a tiny bit of solder to the charging port's contacts with the motherboard. Closed it up, screwed everything back together, and now it's charging flawlessly.

    The only issue now is that despite moving around the 3D slider, the 3D remains beefed all the way to the max, but I just set up parental controls and disabled the 3D altogether, since the 3D on O3DS/XL systems isn't great. Whatever.

    Took 5 minutes to install B9S with ntrboot, and viola. Fully usable hacked system.

    For $30, it's not a bad deal, though. Great as a "little brother" system to my N3DS XL if I want to carry around something a bit more pocket-friendly.

    dpad_5678 There are so fucking good and addicting....especially that little sax solo at the beginning of the DKCTF: Credits track.

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    dpad_5678 I just finished the final boss on Tropical Freeze on my Switch a few days ago(I played normal mode, is I'm experienced with the gameplay mechanics from playing DKCR: 3D until 200% progress, and Funky Mode looks a little too easy).

    God, that game was so fucking good. Much more difficult than Mario games (although my copy of Odyssey is still unopened, so not sure about that one (no spoilers please)). Boss battles are super entertaining and the game probably has the best motion controls out of almost any game I've ever played, aside from Wii Sports/Resort and DKCR Wii.
    The soundtrack is practically orgasmic and it's a ton of fun searching for the hidden easter eggs and puzzle pieces.

    With the 279450274 different control combinations (and single Joy-Con multiplayer), it's almost like this game as made for the Switch.

    This game and DKCR/3D are extremely under appreciated, similar to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games (Explorers of Sky especially. Don't even get me started.)

    I really hope we see a Tropical Freeze sequel on the Switch.
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    dpad_5678 Before you report this post and leave, hear me out!

    There are so many people that either: feel they're too good to search for information on their own, OR are too lazy to do so.
    It's extremely insulting to other users that take time to do a decent amount of research about a question they have (it only takes about 10-15 minutes, plus GBAtemp has a pretty decent search function now), and then creates a new thread/topic ONLY if they haven't found the information they desired, or required further clarification.
    And even at that, they may only bump a their thread once every two hours or so instead of once every 15 minutes with "HELLLOOO? WHY ISN'T ANYONE ANSWERING ME??".

    I know what you're thinking: "not everyone is like that!"....and you'd be right. But I do see a pattern with some new users.

    They'll ask a question such as "When will coldboot backup loading be available on NSwitch 5.0.2 for free?" or something of the sort. They'll get 7-8 answers, some more detailed than others, but all of them essentially explaining to them the same thing: What they desire is not possible, or at least with their conditions. I noticed this a lot with the 3DS scene as well(eg. "why can't I just get CFW for free on 11.6? they should make it already").
    As they didn't get the answer that they wanted, they won't even give a simply "thank you" after:

    • Cluttering up the "Recent Content" area of the homepage
    • Wasting other users' time
    • Potentially forcing any valid, constructive, or useful threads out of the "Recent Content" area
    • Acting as if they're entitled to what they're looking for (exploits, backup loaders, etc)

    ugghh....I don't know. The entitlement of some people really burns me up, and like I said, it's a big slap in the face to people who do their research before hand.

    The purpose of this post wasn't to flame anyone, but more to express my personal frustration (that I'm sure a pretty large amount of other users here share) so I hope we can all be mature when discussing this.
    (also figured it would be better to express myself in a blog post instead of blowing my top like I've been doing)
    dpad_5678 tl;dr: I got Super Mario Odyssey completely free.

    So, my mom does surveys to get me GameStop rewards points that I can redeem for their vouchers.
    She redeemed two vouchers on GameStop for one $50 certificate and one $10 certificate. She was going to buy me the SNES Classic online.

    As she was checking out, she realized she accidentally bought the store only vouchers instead of the online vouchers.
    She called up GameStop and waited on the phone for 80 fucking minutes, and they finally gave her the points back so she could redeem them for the correct vouchers.
    By the time we were able to check out, the SNES Classic was already out of stuck. Fuck. She called them AGAIN, waited ANOTHER 90 MINUTES, and then we got our points back.

    Now, we were at a GameStop store today buying Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for the Switch using our reward points. The cashier told us we actually has TWO SETS of vouchers (two $50 vouchers and two $10 vouchers, instead of one of each). Then we realized what had happened: when GameStop gave us our points back the first time, they DIDN'T invalidate the in-store only certificate that we redeemed them for.

    As we were walking out we realized what had just happened. We quickly rushed back in and picked up Super Mario Odyssey, before GameStop could catch up to their mistake.

    Their loss, my win! Fuck you GameStop! :D
    dpad_5678 So on the NHD, you can't post links to warez. Fine. That's a rule here on the temp as well.
    According to them though, you're ALSO not allowed to do it through DM (which I didn't even do). They think they own Discord or some shit lol. You're also not allowed to discuss names of piracy tools aka freeShop.

    They consider this linking ROM's, and that message was sent to another use over PM:

    Hm....I don't see any links. I see usernames and names of archives.

    And thanks to another user who would like to remain anonymous, here are some screenshots of mods discussing Windows cracking tools:

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    dpad_5678 So I have 6 warning points..... Now I'm only talking about his now because I haven't received one in quite a while, so I'm asking how I can get those points removed/nullified. I figured I've been pretty helpful lately, and I haven't shitposted (except in the EoF) in quite a while. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Also, if anyone that I've talked to here lately or helped out with anything could write in a good word for me here, that'd be great, thanks!
    dpad_5678 Not exactly sure where to post this.

    I was walking out form Publix and I see something on the ground?
    I pick it up and.... A SKY3DS?

    Found A 32GB Card in it.

    I rushed home and threw that thing into my 3DS and....


    HOLY SHIT! Did I just literally find a Sky3DS?

    I already have one ( A Blue button and a + )
    but still.

    EDIT: LED Works!


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