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    I think GBAtemp should have a proper government

    I know GBAtemp is not a democracy, but don't you think it's time we moved away from the monarchy in place?

    I think GBAtemp should have a proper government with a proper system in place.The executive, legislative and judiciary will all be the staff, and by implication there will be no separation of powers. We will have to draft a Constitution of GBAtemp listing the proper procedure for the staff and qualifications, and what to do in emergencies where a vacuum of power is left behind if any of our admins are met with unfortunate circumstances. And we will also have to list out of the fundamental liberties of tempers. Plus, we will have to list the purposes and functions of the government and how much power it should have.

    GBAtemp should also develop a proper judicial system based on the Constitution of GBAtemp, a Penal Code, and various statutes for civil disputes between members that will be pushed and voted on by staff members like in a proper legislative system. And then we apply the doctrine of stare decisis follow the ratio decidendi of previous judgement by moderators, with the proper observation of a coherent judicial hierarchy, where the admins in this case would be the GBAtemp equivalent to a Court of Appeal, the Supervisors a High Court, the Moderators will be equivalent to Subordinate Courts and Magazine Staff will be equivalent to a Specialist Court for the matters of news, where they have the same amount of power as the High Court. And we should also form an effective archive of statutes and previous judgments for easy research.

    And then, members can can be hired to defend their clients or bring cases against other tempers, they will have to research the various statutory provisions and previous cases and present the cases before moderators, and they should be allowed to appeal to higher positioned staff members if they are unsatisfied with the decisions.

    And in the case where tempers demand more say in governance, I propose that our legislature be based on a bicameral system, as seen in the US, the staff will form the upper house and tempers will vote for a select few tempers to represent them in the lower house for a specific term where the duration shall be specified in the Constitution, there will be a very small amount of representatives of course, to not trample upon the sovereign rights of the admins and their cronies.

    Oh and I propose we make it compulsory to state all units of measurement according to international standards (i.e. Metric System)
    This is a referendum. All in favour, say "aye".

    I was bored so I spent 15 minutes typing this, at least I recapped some of the basic concepts for my exams.

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    Merry Xmas All You Bastards

    So I saw mucus' thread, and thought why not make a nice little blog post while I'm at it?


    Yeah so I got an effects pedal as well, a Zoom G3, and it's pretty fun. It's got a variety of nice effects: Delay, chorus, reverb, and all sorts of tones. I'm presently having a lot of fun somewhat playing bass using the octave pedal.

    Oh and in the picture (and currently) I'm listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Wizards of Winter

    I love those Metal Christmas light videos, they are just awesome.

    Oh and this is pretty cool as well, for Dr Who fans:

    Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/or whatever festival you are celebrating. And hope you guys got some nice presents!
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    I got an electric guitar!

    My first electric guitar! It's a Craftsman EG90 (Craftsman is an in-house brand for the music retailer I bought from, I believe): http://www.citymusic.com.sg/webshaper/store/viewProd.asp?pkProductItem=351

    I bought it for like 300SGD with a Line 6 Spider IV 15 amp (It's a package).





    I apologies for the lousy photography.

    I'm still an amateur so I don't know if I got a good guitar or anything, but it's pretty affordable and it's not bad, and I don't have any problems with it. The amp though, leaves a little to be desired, it doesn't sound very nice, but I guess it's good for its price and good for a beginner like me.
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    Bloggy Woggy Loggy

    Hi sup dudes, been a long time since I last posted a blog or stayed on gbatemp for more than 20 minutes.

    So I'm studying for my mid-semester tests now, and I've got to say, lawyers are damn elitists, I mean, why the fuck do you still use Latin nowadays? To look intllectual and professional so you can milk more money out of your clients? Why use "ignorantia juris non excusat" when you can just say "ignorance of the law is not an excuse"? Or "mens rea" instead of "intention", "mentality" or something else? Ok, it might be longer in some cases, but hey at least people don't sound like elitist hipsters.

    And why the fuck is assault a gesture or preparation that makes someone apprehend danger? I mean, the normal dictionary definition that normal people use is the act of attacking someone. Both battery and assault are the act of hitting people, in "commoner's" usage of the word, correct me if I'm wrong.

    Now, the legal principles and provisions aren't stupid per se, but the names and terms they use are stupid/elitist. This is actually a very meaningless, spontaneous and stupid rant, just so I can blog something. But the assault thing has bugging me for some time already. WHY?! D:


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    Small Political Change In Singapore

    Yeah, so basically my thoughts on the General Elections 2011.

    Saturday 7th May 2011 was balloting day for Singapore. For anyone who has followed the political scene in Singapore, you'd be quite familiar with the term "PAP". The PAP, People's Action Party, has been the incumbent party since independence. The other parties had seen small numbers MPs in Parliament since independence, and with only a select few popular opposition members going in parliament, with only 2 out of the 80 odd seats going to opposition in the last election in 2006.


    In a nutshell, this year's election was a very special one, it history in the making. State media seemed to have much more coverage of the opposition parties, the internet was a stronghold of sorts for the opposition, and for the first time in history, opposition parties were in the spotlight. And with smear campaigns and sensationalism peaked by the passionate campaigning of both the opposition and PAP, Singaporeans entered the ballot booths. One of the opposition parties, the Worker's Party sent a 5 man team, which includes their Secretary-General, to Aljunied GRC( check this link if you don't know what a GRC is) and generated more buzz than ever. And now, for the first time in history, there are 6 MPs in Parliament. This is the first time an opposition has won a GRC since its inception, and our foreign minister, George Yeo, was unfortunately voted out. Of course, PAP still retains its 2/3 majority.

    Personally, I'm a minor advocate of the PAP because I see little substance in a lot of the opposition's candidates compared to PAP's candidates(of course, the Aljunied team was amazing substance wise), but its good to see a fight for change. I mean the political climate has been stale for quite a long time and this is a big improvement for our nation. And there's a huge decline in support for PAP in this election, from a support of 66.6% to 60.2%, a enormous swing. Which is well and good, since I believe the PAP has grown a little complacent during their 50 years of reign. This means the PAP has to bring their absolute "A Game" to the next election if they don't want a larger decline. Unfortunately, one of our most capable ministers has been voted out, quite a loss to Singapore IMO.

    I believe Singapore can grow stronger.

    tl;dr Singapore held an election on 7th May. This election has seen the most number of non-PAP Member of Parliaments in Singapore with 6 entering parliament all at once. And it is the first time in history that a GRC is won by a non-PAP party. It is a political milestone. PAP has lost a huge amount of support from the people.
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    Freedom! For now.

    Okay so I sat for my GCE 'O' Levels last October and had been having a nice holiday. But then the results were released yesterday. I was very nervous for the past few days. I was like, "Oh fuck my math sucks what if I fail? I'm screwed! SCREWEEEED!!!!!" Then I was like "What if I have to repeat the year?! WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT THAT WOULD BE!" So yeah, I had a lot of pessimistic thoughts. And all of my friends weren't that comforting either, they were also like me, and the anxiety virus is extremely contagious.

    But oh well, when I went back to school our principal addressed us about our results. And he said: "You have done our school well!" Then my heart started slowing down and my perspiration started to dry. So basically, I did fairly well, but I think I'm at the bottom of my school, which was kind of disappointing. But oh well, what's done is done. I can only blame myself for slacking throughout my secondary school life and not working harder. If only I had started earlier and been more hardworking, I basically only started seriously studying a few weeks or a month before exams. But it's still comforting to have graduated from my school of 4 years, even though it's kinda sad. :(

    Yeah so basically my grades are: English A2, Chinese A2, Science (Physics/Chemistry) A2, Math B3, Humanities(Social Studies/ Geography) B3, Additional Math C6, Design and Technology C6. Yeah nothing too spectacular, but still pretty good (I think). I thought my English and Science could do better though, I mean A1 and A2 is only a 5 marks difference! Humanities and Math I'm quite happy, since I've almost virtually never passed in School exams. Additional Math, eh, always got an F so a just pass grade is still good.

    Now we have 3/4 days to consider our tertiary education. If you didn't know, we use a system called L1R5/L1R4, where the grades are compiled to a grand total figure, the lower the better. L1 is basically a language(English in most cases) and R4/5 are the relevant subjects for your choice. L1R5 is used for Junior College admission, where the lousiest JCs are like 20 and the best are like 3(you basically have to score A1s for every subject and do well for your Co-Curricular Activities and some other stuff).

    Basically Junior Colleges are institutions that prepare students for University(though its a very hard process), with more theory stuff. And Polytechnics which have more hands-on and project stuff, and are more inclined to preparing their students for work, though their best students could still go to University(I'll probably not get the chance though). But basically, with my grades I could only get into the lousiest JCs in Singapore(coincidentally, one of them is just a 5 minutes' walk from my home), and I could get into some of the better Poly courses. Most of my friends scored very well and are going to JCs, with a few going to Poly, but well I'm probably going to Poly. And if I get into their courses, I have break till March or April I think. JC starts much earlier.

    Sooooooo.... Some of the courses I'm interested in include Business, Banking and Finance(oh my this is probably gonna be hard to get in), Journalism(I love writing essays, so I thought of trying my hand at journalism) and maybe some Biomolecular/Chemical Engineering(ooh I have some interest in this, but probably low on my list) or IT stuff. Or I could just go to a lousier JC and maybe study Economics and get into Uni.

    tl;dr I did fairly well for my O Levels and am a little disappointed. And I'm going to tertiary education, and I'm supposed to submit my choices this Friday and I'm using a lot of brain juice thinking it over.

    On a totally unrelated note:

    DT!!! \m/
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    Exams Bloody Exams

    [long rant]
    So... I haven't been on the temp for non-existent god knows how long(Though it's actually around a month, but hey it's just a figure of speech).

    Well, I'm supposed to be studying, and I haven't been on here much, though I was still on facebook. So... I have GCSE 'O' Levels this year, and if my memory does not fail me, it starts on 25 of this month, and I'm quite stressed because I haven't been a good boy and I have miles of catching up to do. What's worse is, my maths is so absolutely horrendous and disgraceful. I'm planning on dropping Additional Math and just focusing on Elementary Math, I'll see how my progress on the latter goes first though. And humanities, ugh the damn subject. My Geography is pathetic, though I do see a lot of improvement in my Social Studies, but in the end, my humanities still fails as a whole.

    I could probably do well in Science and do moderately well in English though, Science is easy to memorise (though I can't seem to find the mood to squeeze all the chemical reactions and physics formulas into my sophisticated brain presently, may just very well be the case of little usage and it's gotten pretty lazy) and well, I don't think too lowly of my English either(well, my free writing is pretty ok, but comprehension asks the most incomprehensible questions).

    And well, my parents put a lot of hope into me since I scored pretty well for my major exams 4 years ago(though that exam for that year was actually extremely easy and me and my friends just breezed through it), but I feel I might disappoint them somehow. And my friends have been pushing me to study, and helping me study, I feel I might disappoint them too.

    It might just be an exam, but considering how competitive the Singapore markets are, I got to at least get some good papers. And I'll be moving on to a tertiary education next year, and I need to get into a good course so it all depends on this half month of studies.

    So yeah my mood and life is now just: Anxiety, panic, regret, fear, stress, etc. etc.

    tl;dr I'm fucking stressed.

    But on a lighter note: My sister borrowed a guitar from her friend and I take it out occasionally to learn one or two riffs, and it's pretty fun but I can't spend my time playing it now, but I plan on buying my own guitar after 'O' Levels. So that may be something that compels me to actually study. Also, I've been listening to a lot of Progressive Rock and Prog Metal lately and I find that it's pretty cool to listen to some epic instrumentals while I study(sometimes that is, it drastically decreases productivity)

    Oh and I'm planning on finding a cheap PSP after O Levels too. I'll see how it goes.

    I'll end with this:

    P.S. Oh yeah, A few weeks back I won an umbrella with a Sesame Street design on it in a lucky draw. Like, how the hell did the happen? My other two friends only won fridge magnets ffs. A fucking umbrella?!
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    Happy Birthday Singapore!

    Just wanted to show how proud I am of Singapore. So basically, today is 9th of August and it's Singapore's birthday!

    So, I'm watching the National Day Parade now. The venue is really grand and filled with people wearing red and white. It's times like these that make me feel Singapore is actually connected, despite people that seemed happy-go-lucky and couldn't care less about national events normally.

    We've really come a long way since independence. Almost half a century ago, we were basically a tiny island with hardly any natural resources and any money, but now we are one of the richest and most developed countries in Asia and in the world, we have one of the busiest sea ports and one of the busiest airports, and also an incredible transport network. We also have a great education standard, a high tech military arsenal and a well trained and efficient army.

    This wouldn't have been possible if not for our pioneers and our first Prime Minister, Lee Kwan Yew, who is still in power as Minister Mentor today. As much as I whine about his "dictatorship", I can't deny he has done a lot for Singapore. I am grateful to him for giving me this comfortable life, I am grateful I was born in Singapore. I am proud to be Singaporean.


    On another note: The TV station is gonna broadcast Ip Man after the parade. Awesome.
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    So.... no one has noticed, but I've been gone for the past 4 days... I went to a class chalet. It was a colonial-style bungalow, with 4 rooms, 3 toilets, 2 storeys, 2 BBQ pits, 1 living room, 1 kitchen and 1 TV. Map of the place, we got Chalet K. It was great, but I only had less than 10 hours of sleep over the past few days cos I couldn't sleep in the place...

    Partly because our chalet is in a secluded place, surrounded by some forest and has an old and run down old hospital beside it which people say is haunted... Well, after sleeping there for a few days, I think I finally got rid of my fear of ghosts.

    Had a great time with my (ex)classmates, though we spent more time playing our DSes, my PS2, poker cards and majhong :D

    Some random stuffs:

    There was a very friendly cat, seems to be a resident cat, very smart. It got into our chalet several times, through the window and through the back door and also the front door when we went in. We befriended it, fed it and played with it etc. It ran into the living room of the chalet and slept on my friend's crumpler bag. Didn't take pics of any of my classmates but took a lot of pics of it sleeping on the bag ^^

    The rest of them wanted to watch go watch New Moon on the last day, luckily for me, it was pretty late after we finished our dinner and went to the cinema and we would miss the last bus back, so we didn't watch.

    After playing around a bit, I pulled down my friend's pants, and we started stripping him and put his clothes into the freezer :lol:

    We played a lot of WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2008 on my PS2 and I owned all of my friends with teh Undertaker. YEAH!!!

    They played truth or dare, i didn't join, but I got to hear a lot of interesting things! :creep:

    BBQed sting rays, yuck, didn't like it. The BBQs were fun because they way my friends fanned and started the fire was hilarious!

    Arranged with my firends to train for Phatnasy Star 0 and play there, and I realised I was the only one who (spam)fed the mag

    Thats all... i think.

    Also, first blog.