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    What happened to DoggaDude (this year)

    Wow. I can't believe how much can happen to you in a year.

    So, let me check off whats happened to me this year, apart from the virus:

    -Was Blackmailed by a GBAtemp user who must not be named
    -Insulted to the point of suicidal thoughts and depression
    -Family members and friends threatened

    Thats just three things. Three things. This year has been a roller coaster ride for everyone.

    I have had a bumpy last 2 years, obviously. No, the last 7 years has been a roller coaster. But this ends now.
    I am getting personal help from this lad I met on Steam, very kind, and helped not only me but a few others with suicidal thoughts and among other things.

    Am i returning? I will come back every once In awhile.
    Whats going on with the blackmail? Police and FBI have been involved, no more worries.

    I also have upped my security of my home to keep myself safe from anymore attacks from evil people on the internet. This is now I place I will be leaving personal life updates on for now, and where i'll dump memes.

    And to everyone else having a bumpy year, i feel you. This has been one of the worst years period.

    Also, as of recent, I have been In contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus, so I have been stuck here all day, it is shame.

    I don't know, I just think you should know whats been going on with me recently.
    Also, apparently, my cat isnt dead!

    Yeah, apparently that person who broke into my house didn't kill my cat and I found here lying in the bushes by my house.
    Good shit.

    Im not as retarded as you think I am. If you are just gonna shit on me, gtfo. No one gives a shit.

    But you all matter.

    Unless you're a pedophile, you can fucking die.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for caring.

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