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    DKB I wanted to fix my N3DSXL, because the top screen had a lot of damage.

    So, I look online if I can just pop off the screen like with the old 3DS. A lot of people claim you can't. Well, that's wrong, so I bought the stuff I needed, and it all got shipped today.

    When pulling out the shipped top screen, I noticed the plastic was scratched up to fuck. Luckily it was just the plastic.

    I then pulled out screen protectors. Then a hair dryer and then proceed to change the screen. I soon realized that the screen the person sent me was blue, YET, in the ebay add it said "For New Nintendo 3DS XL Black".

    SO, IT LOOKS FUCKING STUPID. So, already I'm angry. So then I try putting on the screen protector for the top screen. I put it on and what is wrong? I put it on fucking backwards because the instructions was like trying to read hieroglyphics. So out of anger I just throw them the fuck out, and put the bottom one away, because I need to get my body screen completely repaired.

    So then, I just say fuck it and sit down and turn the screen on. When looking at it, I instantly noticed something.

    The new screen protector actually had a fucking strach on it. So now I just wasted another 8 dollars, and just completely wasted my fucking time, because it was all for nothing. And I spent 5 dollars on suction cups. I am so fucking angry right now. I'm just about to buy another whole new 3DS XL because I really don't want to pour another 50 to 75 dollars on this cursed piece of fuck.

    Had to vent on here, sorry.
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