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    DjoeN i don't know if people read blogs of other people:

    This one is about my health that's not so good.
    Early decelber i was getting tired of going up a few stairs, i was like al mana was suxed out of me
    so that evening i whent to a doctor, nothing wrong but lets test som blood, blood tells more then anything else
    the same event, the doc. calls to com urgent to his office for the results of the lab, it wasn't good, no not good at all
    my hemoglobine red blood cells where down (5) same for my white cells end neutro's platelets, anyhting
    the labo was wondering if i was still standing., same night hospital emergency , 2 bags of blood and 1 bag plateletes
    bone marrow sample taken and weekly threatment with new platelets
    Long story Short
    I moved to a better hospital, second best on hematologie and cell transplant
    I'm diagnosed with a anemia
    This also means my defence system is equal to 0 now and if my body manage to produce a few neutrofiels, there getting attacked and
    taken down by my own T-Lymfocyts.

    Making the best of my days with 1/2 weekly hospital stays and 2x in the week getting a bag ofplatelets and every 14 days 2
    bags of bloodplasma

    This in wait for a good 10/1O match donor (had 4 donors, 2 turned away for personal reasons, the other 2 didn' let hear anyhting
    So the search continues :)

    So i shout out and HUGE Thanks to all those who give Blood and Platelets, all over the world, Also
    to all those whe are willing to donate there cells, even if it doesn't match mine, you know you help somebody save his life!!!

    You all are real Hero's, HERO's for us

    With tears in my eyes i close this blog
    Thank You, all of You unknown to us, but deep inside yourself you know giving blood makes a difference
    somewhere in the world! Be proud of that!

    PS: sorry for all spelling errors, written on a tablet in the hospital while half drugged :)
    DjoeN Tomorrow Saturday 20/11/2010 at 16:00 my status gets updated from "living togheter" to "married" after living for 11+ years togheter and 3 kids with my girlfriend.
    No party, just a closed sister and brothers only dinner, only getting married for the Law, no church involved.

    Life continues and will go on, just like any other day, except the signing of papers and wearing the ring at 16:00, no wedding trip, no wedding dress, no wedding party
    no wedding gifts (but i did told, that any huge money donation, always is welcome ;) ) (Getting 41 in december and feeling settled, no need for partys anymore :P, so did my girlfriend say and feels (she's 35))
    Besides, the money we save this way, will be well spend on some new tech stuff we all love (like 3ds, kinect, (already have move) and other things that are out and will come in 2011 :D héhé)

    (But i think my wife then will use it more for the kids and a well needed holiday with the kids) and damned right she is :D
    DjoeN Just write it in this blog:

    When i got my WODE and later another Wii (yeah stupid D2-3 drive, so no dvd backups) i was happy and eager to install it.
    A few days later at work i installed the WODE and it was a peace of cake, but a bit later when connecting the last flatcable in the Wode stand, the little thing to keep the flat cable well connected in it's place broke off :/ (damned cheap stuff), anyway i got irritated by little things not being what i expected.

    1. The Wii stands not firmly in the Wode stand (comes from the velcro stuff) so when spinning a disc (original game) the Wii goes a little from left to right
    2. When you push a little to the Wii or bumb the table where the wii is on, you must be carefull or the Wii falls down out of the wode stand.
    3. The little button to controll the menu on the LCD, suxs, cheap half working stuff (biggest problem is going right and down not always working)
    4. No way to lay down your Wii, must stan dup to use Wode.
    5. USB connector on the side is a bad place, on the back or in front would be better
    6. No support for clean New Mario Bros Wii game (needs to place bca file on your hdd)
    7. When choosing HDD, you get an annoying internal config iso listed to (it's annoying)
    8. The LCD is to bright, no way to dimm it
    9. You have to go to the Wii to choose your iso, or eject the iso
    10. The way to load the menu on tv screen is, so old and ugly

    Anyway these or just a few things i got annoyed to, for an overhyped/overpriced drivechip (there where more things)

    Any good thing?, not really (if you don't count the GC iso loading from usb hdd), Why?

    All the things you can do With WODE you can do with a softmod and even more with a softmod
    You still need to softmod your Wii if you wanna run Homebrew/WiiWare/Wii VC, So you can aswell place usbloader gx/configurable usb loader/wii flow/neogamma/or whatever loader on your Wii

    Advantages softmod over Wode:
    - Better and nicer GUI
    - No worries about New Super Maorio Bros Wii and bca files
    - Covers, Covers and Covers (did i mention better looking GUI)
    - More options to configure
    - Nice control of all from your lazy chair with your wiimote
    - Very often updated and improved
    - Your wii can stand/lay down/hang, whatever you do with it
    - Anyway, you guys prolly know alot more reasons :)

    So why did i bought a Wode?
    Just to check it out :), my launch Wii is modded with Yaosm and softmodded
    This Wii (for my kids prolly, or keep it as spare incase my other wii breaks down) (Feb 2010) doesn't run backup dvd's and has now Wode and softmod, i removed the stand (thus making the Wode inactive) cause i see no use for it.

    Am i screwed, yeah, it feels a bit like that (and i buy lotsa junk) more like, this is the biggest dissappointment i had since the bad support for the Undiluted Platinum in my PSP 1000!

    Conclusion (most of you prolly already knew it) Stay away from Wode, Softmod is free and offers so much more and what it offers is so much better.
    (If you wode guys read it (yeah you can kick my ass) it's just my opinion in a blog, not on the frontpage or in a review, i was going to make a review, but i dissed that, it's not even worth a review)
    DjoeN Looking into buying a docking station for my wife's iPod, i also was looking for something descent but cheap for my iPod.
    Looking around my room first to see if i had something myself, my eye stumbled across my old never used Logitech set
    and amazingly it's made for my iPod :D

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    DjoeN Got myself this today (The collectors edition was the same price as the normal edition if you pre-ordered it (at least here in Belgium by "GameMania"))
    I did pre-order it, but couldn't get it earlier then today.

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    DjoeN After a long look out for a new phone, i decided to go with the HTC Hero [Android OS] (Simlock free),
    replacing my old SE K750i (Flashed to W800i), the SE often didn't work anymore or lost power sudennly without any warning or with a full loaded batt.

    As in Belgium the HTC Hero isn't available (yet) due to some legal issues with YouTube
    (The Belgium version will not have any option for youtube available)
    i decided to buy my phone in The Netherlands (even with shipping around 50 euro's cheaper) online.
    (only a few would send to Belgium, most refused)

    A few days back i got my new mobile phone:

    So messing around with it, i'm amazed at wath it can, so if any other android user is around with any good tips for android apps i can test out on it, leave a reply here ;)
    Already tested out "Gensoid, Gameboid, Droidgear, Nesoid and Snesoid, getting ready to try ScummVM on it now :)
    But usefull apps and fine games would be nice to :D
    (I decided to take white, cause somebody told me it had a teflon coat and the other brown one not)


    DjoeN Last week i got a lettre from DSV (Customs Belgium) about a package from Hong kong (DX), containing "Digital Multimedia Player" according to the letter (in French, i can't read french to well), so i pick up my phone and ask the person on the letter as contact.

    First complain, Why do i recieve my letter in French when i clearly live in the Dutch part of belgium (Flanders), guy on the phone appologise for that and asks if i want a dutch one, so i say, no, but do explain what's in the letter.

    - The reason why, The don't belive the price given on the package.
    So i have to prove what the price is with a document, so i fax them my order from DX + paypal print-out of the payment (+/- €60)
    I ask the guy, what i need to pay extra, he can't tell for sure, but it will be administration cost, 21% tax and a ticket.

    Anyway, a week later (today) i call back, wondering what the status is:

    From the guy on the other end of the line:
    I recieved your papers, gave them to the right service, If you are lucky you will recieve your package within 4 weeks, if the guys who have to clear your package are willing to take up there pencil and sign the papers, that is, if you are unlucky and those guys are to lazy to lift up there butt, it can take 6 to 7 weeks or longer.

    (me ranting about it)... Asking what i need to pay...

    From the guy on the other end of the line:
    Can't tell now, if there in a good mood, you only have to pay €25 administration cost + 21% tax (around €12), If the have a bad day, it can be €25 + 21%tax + a ticket for importing something and giving up a false price (after some argument, telling i didn't put the value on it, he telling me doesn't matter you are the reciever, you are importing something)

    (me ranting more)... asking what the price can be of the ticket

    From the guy on the other end of the line:
    Ow that can be up to 50% of the value you actually paid.
    And, you see, i send the paper after recieving, after that it has to go to buereau x, then bureau y and bureua z needs to sign, then it goes back to y and from y to x and back to me, then i can clear your package, then it will be delivered by post to you. (Getting a driving license is easier)

    Belgiam Customs Suxs ass, the are lazy and i wonder what the do whole day except from taking parcels and sending papers.
    30% of parcels disappear in customs (known fact around here) IF cutoms take out your parcel you're screwed, and when i say screwed, i mean screwed in every way you can think of.

    On a €60 A320 dingoo i'll need to pay (if i'm unlucky) €67 import taxes
    If i'm lucky i only need to pay €37 (if my calculations are right)
    Everything else will be a total between €37 and €67

    Am i mad, who wouldn't be.

    I have no problem with the €37 euro, but i will have a problem with anything else between €40 and €67
    (Sorry for the bad english, i just got off the hook with "DSV Air and Sea SA - Customs Department")
    DjoeN Ok, My pc is old (Athlon XP 1800+)

    I decided it was time for a new pc, so i asked the store i know (not the store in town, that one suxs, but one i come often for work)
    to make me an offer, here is what i get:

    (I got original cd and licenses for VISTA Home Premium and XP Professional)

    My question is, does the Hardware / Price fits?
    I don't game on my PC, but i want a descent PC that can run HDef rips (720p/1080p) without a problem and the pc must
    be a few years future proof
    DjoeN Today i got the Newsletter from "Bart Smit" (Game Store in Belgium/Netherlands) in my mail about a ps3 40Gb offer for €250.
    Didn't give it much more attention then, nice, maybe, but there's other things in life (like my wife and kids)

    When i got home from work i was a bit sleeping in front of TV, when my wife woke me and told Bart Smit had a nice offer on a BR player
    and if i wanted one i had to say so cause the offer was limmited, half asleep i said i saw the PS3 offer, not really full aware of my mind, sleeping abit more.

    about an hour later when i'm fully awake i told her about the PS3 offer from BS and she goes like:
    What do you think i'm trying to tell you the last few hours! (i went like, dunno did you said anything?) Anyway, she said, the offer was gone and there was a replacement offer -> PS3 40Gb + 2 free games (Ratchet & Clank - tools of destruction and Uncharted - Drake's fortune) for €300. and if i wanted i could buy it.

    So my face goes like (WTF is she saying, I CAN BUY A PS3) So i jumped from my chair, telling: I really can buy a PS3, that's ok with you? she goes like, yeah, you can, but it will be mostly used for movies and it will stand in the livingroom, not your gaming room, so i went ASAP to my PC, ordered the damned PS3 online (I did i mention, it was an online offer only) payed the whole thing (€302.99 with shipping included).

    All this before she would change her mind! héhé

    All i want to say:
    When you're wife tells you, you can buy something you like, Just do it ASAP, do NOT delay it, cause the change is high she will change her mind :D
    I can buy alot of stuff without telling her beforehand, but stuff over €150 euro i ussually discuss before i purchase with my wife.
    She is not the kind of woman to tell me i can't buy the stuff, cause she herself likes pc/electronics stuff, but the PS3 was a no go and i really didn't care
    cause i'm not really a PS3 fan, but i do like Blue Ray movies, so the PS3 gaming is just a nice add-on to me.

    (Ow, and i know my wife, she can sometimes say so, but when you delay it, she can say the opposite or have her doubs about the purchase and delays it or doesn't want it.)

    Help my wife win a safety carseat for kids

    Just click the link above (31 august is the last day you can help me)

    There is no pop-up's or spam or ads, just click, let the page load and you can close, no clicking in the page needed.

    I thank all ppl already who clicked and thus have helped my wife (and keep my wife silent this way, for bugging me about it ;) (héhé))


    (Ow and don't go clicking on the other names, cause then the also get a vote :P )
    DjoeN Just to let the world known!

    Since yesterday (24-07-2008) i'm a proud dad again of a cute little 3th daughter!

    Time: 13:46
    Weight: 3,580Kg
    Size: 52cm

    Name: Lore

    Now i have to live my life between 4 women as the only man
    (I got a twin from 7 years)