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    Busy, busy

    Been playing Half-Life 2 these past few days. LOL. I didn't think it'd be so addicting, to be honest. ^^;; Plus, it's the first time I actually liked a first-person shooter game. Surprise, surprise. :3 When I'm not playing though, I'm either reading books or watching stuff online and on TV. Nyaha. (Which explains why I don't stay and chat when I go to gbatemp. Oops?)

    In other news, I got my pre-ordered P3P today. : D *flails* My first pre-ordered item too. x3 I know, I'm easily excitable. Hehehe. I don't think I'll be able to play it just yet because we're going to be even more busy soon. We're going to the Philippines next week, and everyone's either packing like crazy, or trying to clean up the house. :rolleyes: Plus, I want to try and finish Half-Life 2 before I play any other game seriously. ^^;;

    I kind of dread going back to the Philippines though. >_> From the sounds of it, we'll be meeting various relatives half the time we're there, or going to places I'd rather not go. O_O Oh well. That's what handheld games are for. ;P
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    Happy Smiley Face :)

    OMG OMG OMG. So I got my laptop yesterday. And it's the shiniest thing ever. 83 (Well, not literally, because then I'd be blind by now.) I'm still getting used to the keyboard and Windows 7, but other than that, it's so cool. Gush. More typing time for me! x3 Plus, although it's not a gaming laptop, I think I can play Team Fortress 2 in it. : D Never played it before--even though I have a copy--so I hope to try it out sometime with you guys. x3

    And I'm not supposed to be in here because our final exam in Physics is tomorrow. As well as Math. >: And there's that mini-essay I have to write for Film... Oh well. x3 I'm still so happy. The fact that school is almost over kind of helps. And we're going bowling tomorrow as a club activity (I'm part of the school GSA. ;D). Here's to me hoping not to sprain my wrist again! Hahaha. =] Funny story that.
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    I don't know whether to be frustrated or deeply humbled.

    Our Film Studies teacher showed us a video today about a twelve-year old girl who talked to several students and teachers on the topic of learning, and how education should be reciprocal, because adults should learn to listen to children too. I really liked the video and I think it speaks of the capacity of a child's knowledge of the world and the fact that they're more mature than we give them credit for. We were all amazed at how smart she was, and half my class didn't even know the meaning of some of the words she used. (No, I wasn't part of that half, but it was a near thing.)

    Anyhow, after school, I saw my teacher along the hallway. He and I talked briefly, and he said that when he watched the video, the girl reminded him of me. >:

    That's...not something I would expect to hear from a teacher. :mellow: Okay, so maybe I've had experienced before with those kinds of remarks, but I'm sure he should know better. I'm not a model student when it comes to working hard, because let's face it: I don't work hard enough at times. I still owe him several essays that were due a couple of days ago, and I... I don't know. Some people expect so much out of me, and I don't really understand why they would.

    Of course, knowing the way that man thinks, he probably said that to push me to work harder. >_> But still. I don't know if I deserve that comment, and I just feel bad when he said that to me. Maybe I'm just confused?
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    There and Back Again

    I haven't really been an active member of this site in the past year, and I'm not really sure how I should explain myself. Well, I suppose a part of it does have something to do with the fact that my laptop crashed a couple of years ago, and I was without a laptop for almost a month. After that, I kinda got busy with school--still am--and by the time I felt like going back, I wasn't really sure if people even remember me or not.

    And then came the summer of '09 when a net friend of mine and I fought. I'll not talk about it, because it's a rather childish and immature topic, but it still hurt me pretty badly. So badly enough, that I was content to leaving my interaction with other people to a downright minimal. We're still not talking, and I don't know if we ever will again. But anyhow, that's pretty much another reason why I didn't come back. I just wasn't that eager to talk to people, you know?

    This past year is somewhat therapeutic to me, to be honest. I went to Ottawa during October thanks to Encounters with Canada, and I met some great people there. <3 They showed to me just how friendly people can be, even strangers. I made friends when I thought it would be impossible, and I formed even greater bonds with those whom I came with. Plus, Ottawa was pretty cool in itself. : D I love, love the old gothic buildings.

    And I'm going off topic here, but during my stay there, I found out that I was attracted to one of my friends. Bad, bad, bad, considering she'd never like me back. ;P

    November was my first try at a Nanowrimo, a contest wherein I had to write 50k words in a month. It was pretty tiring in itself and kept me busy for the most part. I did win, though sad to say, the novel wasn't completed because it had waaay too many things happening at the same time. ;P

    The last few months were just extremely busy for me. Flew by without me even thinking about it much. I do enjoy one of the classes we have in particular, coz a lot of it is just making us think about things, and why things are the way they are. (I think our current topic is moral ambiguity, but I'm not sure.) We also get to watch a lot of films. <3

    Truthfully, I think what really drew me back here was the fact that we bought a Wii couple of months ago. I was often here to find out which games were good and whatnot (and learning how to mod things, though noob, I still am) and I think the more I was exposed to this site, the more nostalgic I felt, until I just couldn't help but post again. It kind of helps that I had an excuse. xD (My sisters promised me a laptop for my birthday, and since none of us are that tech savvy, I thought I might ask around here.)

    That's basically that, I guess. I'm not really sure what is relevant and what's not--besides writing, my primary obsession. If you want to ask on anything in general, ask away. Or even tell me what's been going on that I missed. : 3
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    Will de-lurk once all the crap`s been shoved under the rug.

    So...the laptop died at some point last week. I dunno what happened to it coz I wasn't there when they tried opening it. :P So yeah. I won't be around for while. Sadly, I missed a lot of things (like Narin's KYT. D:). And I'll probably be missing more. >_>

    School's...annoying. Mostly due to the fact that I have idiot classmates every where. -_- I blame them for the headaches that seem to plague me all week long. Seriously. There are these two girls in my computer class who act like they need me to hold their hands for them just so they can do some really basic stuff on MSWORD. And that's just the tip of the iceburg.

    Oh, and umm...a general hooray to all of the cool DS titles that have recently just appeared. :3 They keep me occupied 'til the laptop gets fixed.

    Have fun without me. ;)
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    A temporary good bye of sorts.

    First of all, this has nothing to do with the drama that's been going on of late. -_- In all honesty, I think I missed out on most of 'em anyway. Wahahaha.

    Anyways, I told myself I'd get serious about my writing and so I took up the challenge of doing a NaNoWriMo (On August? But NaNoWriMo's supposed to happen on November!). I basically have to do a fifty thousand word novel in one month. >_> Yikes.

    This means I won't be going to Gbatemp as often. :'( I'll still be on in the morning, checking in and stuff but for the rest of the day, I'll be hiding in my bedroom, trying to get something done. I don't even know what my plot is going to be about. *looks sheepish* And yes, I'm in the panic mode right now. ^^ My eyes are already hurting.

    Granted, I haven't really been on much,(Was watching anime, got sidetracked by some manga, strangled by some game...the usual. :3) but I just wanted to make it official.

    I know my KYT is coming up but I'm not going to ask that it be put on hold. I can still do the KYT. Someone just make sure to PM me coz I will most likely forget about it. Harharhar.

    I'm gonna miss you guys. Gbatemp was fun. ^^ Gbatemp was the first big community that I really liked. (Why do I feel like waving a bloody handkerchief now? :3 Wahahahaha.) This ain't goodbye, baby. This was just so you guys don't have to slap some imaginary Missing! posters around. (Riiiiiiiight.)

    Wish me luck!

    Did I mention that panicking makes me insane? D: Well it does.
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    Friday Madness

    It's...done! So, I'm a bit late in doing this but I'm still pretty happy over the fact that there are only two more days left of school (for the time being) and the projects I had to do for Science(nope, not you, science) is done. XD It was so haaaard to do because...I did all twelve of them on the same day. D: Yes, I'm a procrastinator by heart...There was also the fact that I've been slipping in and out of depression this past month which made it increasingly hard for me to focus on my classwork.

    Only thing left to do on my to do list? Finish the watercolor painting for my Art class (I might provide pics if you guys ask hard enough :P), do a two-page comic strip and write that speech for English! XD A lot easier to do than twelve projects, in my opinion. Haha.

    Hmm...well, that's pretty much it for now. I have no life, remember? :lol:

    Oh yeah...and I did this because there was an uproar about Friday being Friday the 13th or something. XD

    Weeeeell, I haven't finished painting it still but I figured I'd at least show you guys the progress I've made. X3

    It sucks really badly so I'mma going to put a spoiler here. :P


    A closer look on it...


    This last one, on the other hand, is one of the first things I've done for our Art class.


    I'm a noob when it comes to watercolor painting so don't flame me too badly. >_> And we have poor lighting in my house so...yeah.
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    Friendship Bracelet

    "What's this?" The coldness of her voice made my spine tingle with momentary fear. I quickly shoved the emotion away and put on a fake smile on my face.

    "It's a friendship bracelet," I explained, carefully avoiding those questioning eyes.

    "It's written on your skin." Blunt as ever, huh? My heart squeezed in pain.

    "Well...I like to think it is," I pouted, looking slightly hurt by her observation. My hand was shoved in front of my face, reminding me of the...stupidity I had done. I shook my hand and forced her to let go. Without her hand to cover it, my..."bracelet" had become quite obvious.

    Manipulative...white lies...fake sincerity...

    Friendship bracelet indeed. The words were marred against my skin, snaking along my wrist like a taunting sign that laughed at my suffering. What was friendship? It took me a while to figure that out. Now that I know of its meaning, I don't wish to ever forget...and writing it down on my wrist seemed like a perfectly good idea at that time. I slid my jacket sleeve over the words, my eyes flickering at the wound on my left knuckle for a moment. It looked brownish which meant that it was already healing. I'll have to make new ones soon. I clenched my fist and sighed. "I should go."

    The whole event played through my mind like a bittersweet record, the scene a blurry vision in my mind's eye. Hah. It's not like she'd actually care. Not in the real world anyway. I folded my arms on top of my desk and leaned forward, making sure that my eyes did not stare right at her figure. Were we ever even friends or was I being delusional all this time? I wish I knew the answer to that.


    >_> It happened. Sort of...I'd show the "bracelet" but it's already fading and I don't have a camera nearby.

    I like my friends. I have them here...and I have them at school, although I have to admit that my ties with them are not as strong. I am not really that much cynical about friendship because hey, it's the one good thing that keeps me sane sometimes.

    Oh, and because I do so hate sounding so emo-ish...I'm going to talk about something else as well!

    So we had little kids go to our Art room this morning and we're supposed to tour them around the place. I had seven of them and I started babbling on and on about whatever. This kid looks at me and asks, "You're not alien are you?" Haha. (I think I said something like, "How did you know?!") XD Later on, we were staring at this three headed dog made out of clay and I told them not to touch it because it'll bite their hands off. They actually believed me! That was just so funny. :D It's too bad the bell had rung before we had finished with the tour...
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    So...*sighs* I've actually been in a bit of a mess lately and well...I'd just like to say something.

    I'm a paranoid person. I was usually afraid of posting in the internet because I'm afraid that someone might recognize me or I might get hurt emotionally. I've grown up with the belief that the best bet to survive in the internet is not to trust other people which was why I actually found it hard to post here the first few times.

    These past few days for me were a struggle. I was having...problems relationship-wise (not in the way you think...O_O) and I couldn't turn to my friends for advice. Instead, I found comfort in talking to someone whom I knew in the net for a couple of years. She's a fanfic writer just like I am and she really helped me a lot.

    After some recent posts...(which concerns a certain cheat.dat) I've realized that there really are people out there who are willing to support you even if you're just a faceless person with a name in the internet. Heck, they're even willing to support you even if they only know you for a couple of months. Of course, I might be wrong and should just go back to being a complete cynic...but I'd still like to say thanks. Thank you for letting me open up. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to think otherwise.
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    A mouthful of blah.

    Dear diary

    I changed my gender because...everyone keeps mistaking me for being male. Now, I know I've already been mistaken as a guy once (when I was still young and didn't have boobs. *looks downward*) but I dunno...This site needs more females! And less pink! Because I really do hate pink.


    I changed my avatar too coz it was taunting me by quite a lot. Plus...Avatar the Last Airbender :wub:. There's also the fact that the third DVD will be out soon and I'm extremely hyper because of it. :D What can I say? I'm a complete Avatar fan.

    Hmmm...What else?

    Well...I have nine projects due by Friday and I haven't started yet.

    Oh shi--

    *slams head against the table*

    I wanted to write an epic blog entry but my headaches. Besides, I don't do epic. I'd have to do experience phail first just as the great ScuberSteve did before I can fully see the light. Or something like that.