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    Devin I know it's gonna be tough but I believe in you all.

    I'll be leaving on the 11th of this month, and will be gone for four weeks. I expect to come back to this forum the same way I left it. No wild parties, and no girls. (Girls, who am I kidding. Bahaha..) Now some of you may be thinking. "But Devin how will you be reviewing the Gateway 3DS if you're gone?" I have the review being sent to the place I'm going, so I'll be able to review it just fine. Now that that's settled.

    Make sure the feed, and give water to the trolls. But not too much.
    Make sure the noobs are attended to.
    Trim the EoF as needed.

    Stay classy, GBAtemp.

    EDIT: And for god's sake don't let p1ng become ruler. No matter what he promises you.
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    Devin Crazy Dream v1:

    I was some heavy built guy in a college, and it must've been spring break or something. He had shorts on, and a shirt with a condom glued to it with a arrow pointing to it on the shirt. Everyone went to a pier, except he went to a old pier his father went to. Although before he did, a person he bumped into in the hallway mentioned he'd only find old people there(Noticed the condom, asked him the brand. He said it was a old one from 9th grade.) He went to the pier, and put a fishing line with a hook into the water. And people appeared, and one bit the line. It was pulled up as fish, and when he took the hook out she transformed back to a person. He did it once, but the fish moved too much for him to remove the hook so it took a long time. When he finally did it, it was a oldish pissed off french lady who yelled at him. Kicked him in the balls, and left. I woke up.

    My interpretation;

    Somewhere in the world there's a place where you can fish, and have sex with old lady fish. Unless you piss them off by not taking the hook out of their mouths in an timely fashion.
    Devin So I was inside a sweets shop, because I wanted a brownie. I was in front, but for some reason I was never able to go to the cashier. So I waited, and waited. Eventually, I talked to guy a which was a friend. (The white haired guy from this photo. ;A;) I said "Hm. I wonder if they have any brownies left", and he then asked the cashier for one. (Must've been a friend of his" The cashier said "As long as you don't get shorter than the brownie, if you do it'll be $1.65". So he handed the guy the browine, and he handed it to me. I said thanks, looked down at the "brownie", and it was a cookie. :/
    Sometime during this, my vision flashed to my Paypal balance, and it had $120.65 in it. With a notification that some of it couldn't be deposited due to being from Africa.

    Devin Aw yeah. Merry Christmas to the futures Tempers. (Posted this on 11/25/11.) So, how's it going? What'd you get?

    (I'm going to assume that this is the sixth blog/Off topic thread about it.)
    Devin Yes.
    Devin *puts on shades* 1337 hax0r
    Devin I AM SOULX
    Devin Quicky question: Have you not slept much or are you this stupid?

    Not exactly hard to get through, yeah it looks like shit, its an unnecessary change but we'll get used to it. Its a free service so can't moan.

    Source: I HATE THE NEW GBATEMP! :|

    (What is the purpose of this feature? I guess if someone wanted to rant about something, this would be useful.)
    Devin Love all you guys. Just saying. (In a non-homosexual way.)


    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Devin So, I finished watching Angel Beats about a week ago. Loved it. A part that really got to me, was the below. (Spoiler ALERT BELOW.)

    Not much of a spoiler, but hey.

    Anywho, I want to become a organ donor. So that when I die, my organs can be used to save the lives of others. Anyone know where to sign up to do such? Like a hospital, or somewhere? Thanks.

    (Side Questions: Are any of you register organ donors? Any specific requirements? Thoughts on such things?)
    Devin So I was standing outside the classroom door, at my first period class (Art, if you're curious.), and the Art class is located next to a classroom for children with special needs. A group of girls were right next to me, chatting and when a girl walked (Well, she was in a electric wheelchair.) through the hallway. (She's in the special needs class.) They snickered, and started to say extremely crude things about her, as she left the group proceeded to practically yell out at her, laughing, and talking about her even more. Cruel behavior, for absolutely no reason.
    Devin Okay, I've watched/enjoyed the following anime;

    Soul Eater
    Elfen Lied
    Angel Beats
    Devil May Cry Series
    The Wallflower

    And a few other I can't remember. Is there something similar between the plots/story line between all of them? Is it a certain publisher? I'm just curious to know if there's a similarity between them all that will help me find more anime that I'd enjoy. Anyone have any insight? Or recommendations? Thanks.

    Weaboos united!
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Y R U SO MEAN?

    (Suck camera is suck.)
    Devin Bleh, back from surgery. I'm so sleepy. ;A; They had to remove a cyst from my head. I learned a few things.

    IV's hurt a TON.
    Hospital gowns were horribly made/designed.
    My reputation proceeded me, and I wasn't allowed 10 feet near a hospital computer. XL

    That will be all.
    Devin Haven't blogged in a while, so here I go. Recently, I've been watching more anime then usually, (I guess you could say I just started watching it.) and I must say some of them are pretty good. Let's see, first I started off by seeing Netflix had a anime section. So I scrolled to see what they had, and while searching I saw "Soul Eater", which piqued my curiosity. Instantly, I got hooked. Finished it in a few days, pretty good anime. Next up, I saw Elfen Lied when me and my friend were searching for something to watch. I saw the first episode, I was like "Meh." and overlooked it. Then I found out Netflix screwed up, and forgot to put episode one in the list. So I watched it via my laptop, and I got hooked as well. Really good anime. Next up, a friend of mine recommended "The Wallflower", and don't let the intro fool you it's a very good anime, and I'm at episode 9. Lets see, I'll separate this into chapters, so it doesn't look like a huge block of text.

    In a few days, I'm going to go get my XBOX 360's disc drive flashed so it'll play burned games. I'm a little sick of using the non-jtag method to get games like COD: Black Ops and the like to boot up. Shouldn't be too bad, I'll have to go out and get some discs pretty soon.

    The GBAtemp Night was a hit or miss depending on your view. A few Tempers had to leave early, but majority stayed or got on earlier. When we had 7ish people we did a Wager Match. Extreme chaos. Luke_C bankrupted me every two minutes, and in those two minutes I was either killed by Fudge, or Livin in boxes. -_- Yet I won, at least the Sticks, and Stones game. In Sharpshooter, I was beaten badly, and well as One In The Chamber. Overall pretty fun, though I wasn't able to partake in the second day, as I had to leave for a party that showed up unannounced.

    I've been trying out some old GBA/GB/GBC games out, as well as some SNES/NES games on my Dingoo A320 and I'm impressed. In Punch Out, when you finish a tourney and your player is jogging, while your coach is riding a bike looked amazing. Such vivid colors, perfection.

    Well, that's all I can think of. Back to The Wallflower I go. Have a nice night GBAtemp.