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    Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Game Launch Exhibition

    Thank you (all 5 of you) for checking out my blog! :P

    So I attended this event with mtpeaceful to try and score a signed copy of the Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster collector's edition three days before the release date. Producer Yoshinori Kitase and art director Yusuke Naora were in attendance and agreed to sign one piece of merchandise purchased on-site for each of the first 200 attendees.

    (I'm the one recording.)

    Camping Out

    We actually arrived the night before and camped out to ensure that we would be one of the first 200 to get in. It was 2:30am when we took the video, and there were already 80+ people lined up ahead of us. The line in the picture wraps around the corner to the left. It was the first time either of us had ever done anything this fanboyish.

    Getting Our Stuff

    After about 9.5 hours of waiting and a few cups of Starbucks espresso, the Squeenix staff showed up in blue Squeenix T-shirts. We were directed to another line behind the gallery where the staff had set up shop. It was another 2-hour wait in this line before we finally got our collector's editions.



    When we received our copies of the game, the Squeenix staff snapped wristbands on our arms. They only had 200 of these wristbands, so if you didn't have one on, you couldn't enter the art gallery to get your loot signed by Kitase and Naora (hereafter referred to as K&N).
    It was 1:00pm by the time we got the wristbands, and the gallery where the signing was going to take place wasn't going to open until 2:00, so we went to grab lunch at Hot Red Bus just down the street from the Nucleus gallery. Best fish and chips I've had in a long time.

    Into the Nucleus

    After lunch we headed back to the venue and got into yet another line to wait to enter the gallery. Inside the gallery were original pieces of art that went up for auction (you can see every piece of art that was hanging on the walls in that link). The proceeds were to go to victims of the Typhoon Haiyan, a cause I definitely support.



    Besides bidding on these pieces, the only other way to get one was to win them by raffle. The attendees were given raffle tickets and selected pieces of art (and a few Play-Arts Kai figures) were raffled off throughout the day. My ticket was 345765 and mtpeaceful had 345766. One of the numbers that was called was 345767. Dammit, almost won! The lucky holder of that ticket received one of the art pieces off the gallery wall, signed by K&N.

    Getting Our Stuff Signed

    Upstairs was the actual signing event. Between mtpeaceful and myself, we were able to take video and pictures of both of us getting our copies signed and shaking hands with the VIPs.



    My Uniquely Signed Collector's Edition

    There aren't very many pictures online of the signed CE, but the few that I found all look like this.

    Here's mine. See the difference?

    I had K&N each sign my copy TWICE (once in English, and once in Japanese). As far as I know, my copy is the only one that was signed this way.

    When I asked if they would do it, the entire panel at the table looked at each other and were like, "uh...so would it be OK?" K&N then shrugged and happily obliged, signing a second time in kanji. Judging by their reaction to my request, it seemed as if I was the first person to make such a request that day.

    There was a staff member cutting off everyone's wristbands with scissors as they exited. When she saw my double-signed copy, she said "Wait, can I see that? Oh wow, that's really cool!" Her reaction upon seeing it further confirmed to me that I was the only one who thought to ask K&N for their Japanese signatures (at least, up to that point). I'm not sure if anyone else followed suit, but I doubt it. For one thing, when I asked them to sign in kanji, I said it with discretion so that no one could hear me except for the people to whom I was directly speaking. I knew that if anyone else heard me, others might have wanted double-autographs as well, and I didn't want to be known as "that guy who irritated K&N by making them work double-time." Furthermore, I made the request in Japanese, so even if the guy behind me had heard me, he wouldn't have known what I was asking for unless he understood Japanese. Even if anyone else after me had made the same request, I'm sure K&N would have only granted a few of those requests before they decided it would be too tedious and stop doing it.

    I had discussed getting our copies signed in kanji with mtpeaceful during lunch, and he was planning to get his signed the same way. Unfortunately for mtpeaceful, he was in front of me in line, so he had his copy signed first and he forgot to ask to have it signed in kanji. By the time I requested their Japanese signatures, it was too late for mtpeaceful to jump back in line and request the same thing.

    The Aftermath

    We went back downstairs to look around at the art for a little bit, but then we decided we'd had enough of the legions of weeaboos, so we headed out. But not before writing a message to the creative team behind the game on the message board that was set up for that express purpose.


    Here is mtpeaceful writing his message below mine.

    I wrote:
    (Thank you, Mr. Naora and Mr. Kitase!)

    All that messy crap under the messages was just my half-assed attempt to blur out our real names :ninja:
    Here it is, three full days before the release date. Quite possibly the only copy to be double-signed by K&N in both English AND Japanese (please let me know if any of you spot double-signed photos of other copies floating around--I'm very curious to know).[​IMG]
    In addition to getting signed stuff, the first 300 attendees received an FFX|X-2 poster (The Last of Us steelbook case included for scale).


    My copy of the game is on the left. It was signed directly on the slipcase. I managed to make a slit in the shrink wrap just small enough to pull it off and keep it intact, so I could slip the shrink wrap back on after my game was signed.

    The one on the right belongs to mtpeaceful. He pulled off the slipcase and had K&N sign the cover of the artbook/game case.

    It's difficult to say how many collector's editions were signed, for the following reasons:

    [1] The event page and flyers said that K&N would sign the first 200 copies of the game purchased onsite. This is incorrect. In actuality, for the first 200 attendees, they would sign any one item purchased at the venue. Items for sale included three wall scrolls, the new Play Arts 改 (Kai) Tidus figure and Yuna figure, and the game itself (PS Vita standard edition, PS3 limited edition, and PS3 collector's edition). Of the first 200 attendees, not everyone necessarily purchased the game, let alone the CE of it. In fact, not everyone purchased an item, and just got the free poster they were handing out. A good portion of the 200 signatures ended up on wall scrolls, figures, and even the free poster.

    [2] Anyone who purchased multiple items could only choose one of their items to be signed. So if anyone purchased the CE along with other items, they may have chosen to have a wall scroll or figure signed instead.

    All I can say for certain is that far fewer than 200 copies of the game were signed.

    In the video at the very top of this blog post, my friend says that we're going to stand in line for 10 hours. It was more like 14 hours by the time we got our signed collector's editions. We endured 14 hours of listening to weeaboos screaming their heads off and arguing over various JRPGs, anime and manga, and speaking to each other in weeabooese language (English with the occasional Japanese word thrown in, usually "kawaii," "baka," "sugoi," "kakkoii," "senpai," or "desu") :glare:

    Was it worth it?

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    Today is a good day.

    I just came home from school today to find something waiting for me in the mail. :D

    Ni no Kuni: Shiroki Seihai no Jouou "All-In-One Edition"

    Now I can unite it with its DS counterpart on my shelf.

    The "All-In-One Edition" includes all the DLC released for the game on-disc. BTW, the graphics in this game are friggin' amazing!

    Dammit, why did it have to come in the middle of my studying for microbiology? D:

    I also ordered the collector's edition of Wrath. If enough people order it, they'll include more bonuses apparently.
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    Densetsu's 'Temp Translation Blog #01

    I'm trying something new with my Nihongo FAQ, based on a suggestion by Cyan (thanks Cyan :)), but I have to see how this goes before I decide whether it will be a (semi-)regular thing.

    This is my first translation blog, where I will attempt to share some of my tips on translating through discussion.

    Here's a bit of news I found the other day. It's short, interesting, very recent (at the time of this blog post), and it's real Japanese, at natural speed.

    My recommendation is to watch and listen to the original Japanese video (or just download the audio for it if you want), and read along with the transcript if you can.
    (link to MP3 of this video)

    Hmm, apparently you can't embed videos into Blogs.
    Here's the transcript I wrote for the video. I'm pretty sure I got it all right, but if anyone has really good listening comprehension, corrections are more than welcome. If you can read kana, use Rikaichan (only works with Firefox) to see the readings of the kanji that you don't know below.




    I absolutely hate Rōmaji, but what the hell...I'll do this so the beginners don't feel left out--just this once.
    Kesa, Yamaguchi-ken Shimonoseki-shi no Chūgoku jidōsha dō de, kōkyū supōtsukā nado, oyoso nijū-dai ga karamu tajū jiko ga arimashita.

    Ichi-dai issen man en ijō suru kōkyū supōtsukā ga tsugitsugi to jiko o okoshi, miru mo muzan na jōtai ni natte imasu. Chikaku ni hashitte ita hito ni yoru to, kono supōtsukā wa, hyaku yonjukkiro kara hyaku gojukkiro no mō supīdo de hashitte ita to iu koto desu.

    Jiko ga atta no wa, Yamaguchi-ken Shimonoseki-shi no Chūgoku jidōsha dō nobori sen desu. Kyō gozen jū ji sugi, Kyūshū kara hashitte kita kōkyū supōtsukā "Ferrari" no aikō kara no gurūpu no uchi no ichi-dai ga tandoku jiko o okoshimashita. Sono go, issho ni hashitte ita Ferrari nado ga, tsugitsugi to shōtotsu shi, oyoso nijū-dai ga karamu jiko to narimashita.

    Kono jiko de jū-nin ga byōin ni hakobaremashita ga, izuremo keishō da to iu koto desu.

    Jiko no eikyō de, Chūgoku jidōsha dō nobori sen wa Ozuki intāchenji to Shimonoseki jankushon no aida de, genzai mo tsūkō-dome to natte imasu.
    And finally, my translation of the video:
    This morning on the Chugoku Expressway in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, approximately 20 high-end sports cars were involved in a multiple collision.

    These high-end vehicles, each costing over ¥10 million, crashed one after another in what has become a truly horrible situation. According to eyewitness reports, these sports cars were traveling at reckless speeds from 140kph to 150kph.

    The accident occurred on the eastbound Chugoku Expressway near Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Just past 10 o'clock this morning, a Ferrari enthusiast group was traveling from Kyushu when one of the cars crashed on its own. Afterwards, the Ferraris that were traveling with it, along with other vehicles, collided one after another in a roughly 20-vehicle pileup.

    Ten people from the collision were brought to a hospital. It is reported that they all suffered minor injuries.

    As a result of this accident, the Chugoku Expressway eastbound lane is currently closed between the Ozuki interchange and the Shimonoseki junction.
    Your translation will undoubtedly differ from mine. Feel free to post in this blog to discuss translations of specific words or sentences from this news article. Although I'm pretty sure my translation is accurate, don't take mine as the absolute correct one. Even if you asked 10 professional translators to translate this, you'd get 10 different translations, and they would all be correct.

    If this gets enough interest among 'Tempers who are disciples of ninjaspeek, I'll probably do more of these. In the future I'll see if I can tailor some blogs to the beginner/intermediate crowd, and even gear it towards video gaming (perhaps using Japanese articles from Kotaku.jp or something).
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    I Got Dragon Quest VI

    Only the first 50 people in line got their copy signed by Horii-san. Some people flew in from LA and had been camping out since 10pm last night, even though GameStop said that no one was allowed to camp out. Nevertheless, my friend and I each got a signed copy, as well as a signed DQVI poster and T-shirt. Pics at the bottom. Awesome.

    I wasn't so excited to play the game so much as I was to get it signed by Mr. Horii. I already own a Japanese copy of the game as well (unfortunately not signed), which I finished last year. I want to play the English version just to see how the translation was handled.

    Fans of the DRAGON QUEST® series will be treated to a special gathering to celebrate the North American Feb. 14 launch of DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms of Revelation for the portable Nintendo DS™ family of systems at GameStop’s Flagship store in Palo Alto, Calif. All guests will have the opportunity to buy the game before it launches. Yuji Horii, creator of the DRAGON QUEST series, will be in attendance to sign autographs for the first 50 fans in line. Visitors can also receive special DRAGON QUEST-themed prizes (while supplies last).

    Previously unavailable outside of Japan, DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms of Revelation makes its North American debut on Feb. 14. Originally launched in 1995 for Japan’s Super Famicom system (known in the U.S. as Super NES™), the game has been enhanced for this Nintendo DS release with updated graphics and new features. The game offers rich role-playing adventure in a multitude of captivating worlds as players gather allies and battle fierce monsters on a quest to defeat evil forces. For more information, visit http://dragonquest6.nintendo.com.

    Teens, kids, video game fans and consumers of all kinds, including, but not limited to, Densetsu

    Saturday, Feb. 12, 2011, 1-3 p.m.

    GameStop Flagship store
    370 University Ave.
    Palo Alto, CA 94301
    (Between Waverley and Florence streets)


    [title:Don't be jelly...just wait 2 days!][​IMG]

    Well, I guess you can be jelly of this...
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    The Hero

    Have you lost hope in humanity? Need some courage and inspiration in your life?

    Then you absolutely MUST watch this.

    Wait for the timer to count down to "00" and the video will start. It takes some time to load, but I guarantee this will be the most powerful message you receive all year. Maybe in your entire life, even.

    Oh, and yay, my first GBAtemp blog.