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    davidsl_128 So there's a girl at school that I kinda like, and every time I listen to "Hey Soul Sister" by Train I think of her :D Now, she's gonna leave to college in a few weeks and probably never come back, so I really don't want to ruin our friendship by going "hey I love you" just before she leaves, specially because the other day she said explicitly that she did not want any romantic relationships for now. But if I don't kinda show her how I feel, I may regret it forever :( So I was thinking of singing Hey Soul Sister to her, and going like "even if you leave you'll still be one of my best friends!!" but I'm scared that that song may be too much about "I love you and I never wanna lose you dammit!" rather than the "Thanks for everything, I'll never forget you :D Hope you do well abroad!" that I'm looking for.

    What am I supposed to dooo xD

    EDIT: this is the song I mean:
    Train - Hey Soul Sister
    davidsl_128 The scientific method in 10 seconds:

    That explains it all :yay: To think I studied the scientific method at school for an entire quarter... XKCD is so awesome xD I love it how it puts funny things in a mathematical and logical way. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I don't get a joke at first, but then I analyze it and get what it means... or maybe I'm just dumb and don't get stuff quickly :wacko:
    davidsl_128 Yeah singing games suck. Even Rock Band 2, praised in my last post for it's singing portion, sucks. A lot.

    In case you don't care to read my last blog entry (though if you don't want to read that one, you probably won't want to read this, either xD), I ranted about how karaoke games like SingStar and UltraStar needed to allow more people to sing songs they don't know, because they show the lyrics and the pitch, but there's no way to know which word goes with what pitch unless you actually know the song. I went to show a video of a Rock Band 2 vocalist, saying that this was the perfect "display", as it does show which words go where.

    Wonderwall by Oasis ~ Rock Band 2 DLC

    Well I got a microphone for Christmas yay! and after some playing I found the horrible truth: Rock Band 2 singing sucks as much as in any other game. Balls!

    But why? This display shows the pitch AND the timing of every single word! Anyone with a decent voice could get a 100% on songs they don't even know! Well that's wrong. Yeah the vocals scroll, but that's the very problem: you can barely get the words. Sure, theyre there, but it'd take some fast reading to actually read what they say. On most songs I didn't know, I found myself humming with the right pitch because I couldn't read a thing!

    You're such a crybaby, you might think. You don't like any singing game, so quit singing! Well, I was never into singing in the first place lol Anyway, going through the Vocals options of the game, I found that it can be played with the scrolling vocals above, or with a more SingStar-ish display.

    Not my favorite song, but it shows the "Static" display

    So after about a minute or two of deep thought, I got bored and started studying for my Social Studies test (yeah I go back to school on wednesday :cry:) and I read about the Great Compromise. Regardless of what it was (yeah I have lots of studying ahead lol) it made me remember that when two things have their pros and cons, but neither is good enough, the best solution is to blend their pros into something new!

    So imagine this: you have the usual scrolling vocals (video on top), but you also have the entire phrase properly written below, like in the static vocals.

    This is how Rock Band 2 is supposed to be :D It's El Scorcho by Weezer, half-assedly photoshoped by me :lol:

    So this way, you can see the entire phrase below and read from there, AND you can see the timing and pitch of every individual word! Ain't I awesome with my awesome ideas :)

    Well that's it for now, see you in my next post... or maybe not. I think I'm done with the vocals issue, so I'll just play for a while and see wiich display fits me best... though Harmonix would do well hearing my ideas! Expect in the near/far future my exclusive Fakin' Reviews, reviews covering great would-be games like The Legend of Zelda: The Hero of Time, a retelling of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask in a massive story-heavy game; Super Smash Bros. Crusade, a Smash game that's all about story and character development (and has a decent online mode!); and Rock Band: DLC Groove, a $15 Rock Band game that's all about the DLC (an idea by IGN). Stay tuned... or not.

    *note: by "suck" it is to be understood "something that isn't that good but should be", as opposed to "dude this is sh**". In that context everything Nintendo sucks except Zelda and Mario. Yeah that includes Wii :yay: even though I own one lol
    davidsl_128 Yay blogs. A place where you can rant as much as you want about anything. Even if nobody willl ever read it, unless I link it to my signature. Which I don't think I'll do in a long time, at least until signatures are fixed.

    Anyway, I just came up with an insightful topic, so I want to share my thoughts about it with the world: Wii is the crappiest console made by Nintendo. Ah wait I can't say bad stuff about Wii in a Wii forum. Moving on...

    Ever since I sang We Will Rock you at a Christmas festival when I was 8, I've been very fond of singing. My voice got all tough and badass a few years later B-) but as cool as that is it meant no singing; at least I can't sing the stuff I like, like Blink-182 or Mayday Parade. Because of this I've always had this "I love singing but I suck at it" complex, and when I heard that Guitar Hero (one of my favorite games) was going to have vocals, I went crazy! Still I never actually got the microphone...

    I've heard my neighbors sing this in their showers. Oh wait I sing that... but not in the shower... yeah.

    Which brought me to dowloading UltraStar, a free karaoke game for PCs, to see if videogame singing was my thing.

    This guy probably sings better than I do

    I was disappointed to see how the display worked: you get the phrase you have to sing, and a line with the pitch, but the game doesn't show which word/syllabe goes in which pitch. There's no way to know which part goes where, which can cause confusion if the song if the vocals suddenly speed up or slow down. "But that's ok if you know the song", you might say. Well sure, but a nice thing about music games is not only to play your favorite songs, but to hear new ones. Being able to sing songs without knowing them should be important in music games...

    Then I thought that UltraStar looked like that because it was free and stuff; but after some researching, I found out that most karaoke games work like that. Not trying to offend people that like it this way, but it feelt to me like every singing game developer out there was too lazy to make songs accesible to anyone, only letting people that know the song enjoy it. That is, until I saw this:


    This video is titled "Weezer "My Name is Jonas", Expert Vocals Sightread"; the Sightread part means he was singing it for the first time in the game. Sure, it's an easy song, and he probably heard it elsewhere before: but the game provides all the tools to sing it, even if he had never heard it. Yes I'm talking about the scrolling vocals, which, unlike most karaokes, show the speed and pitch of each individual segment as opposed to overall phrases. This system allows anyone to sing any song without knowing it. Sure, singing an unknown song for the first time would probably sound crappy, but the point of these games is to have a fun time and sing well along the way, not the other way around (unless you want to seriously sing and just use games to practice... in which case I guess UltraStar and similar games should do)

    So in few words, Guitar Hero/Rock Band rock, everything else sucks; I'm off to buy a mic and sing the s**t out of Green Day and Gorillaz in Easy. Have a nice day.