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    GBAtemp has some really hardcore haters ehh..

    Title says it all =)
    Heck i even find this song awesome:
    And this

    Of course this one beats them all
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    So yeah beta testing is avaible on LoL for the new dominion mode. Guess what? I played against Fnatic Mellisan on my 9th match...
    Yeah, you heard right.. Fnatic... Oh well its Mellisan, known for his support. He did the worst out of all the team though.

    Well for my long awaited next kpop song!(bet u missed this one)
    The song is in Japanese btw!
    2PM - I'm Your Man

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    C3DKIES Hack! 5 Years old! I know you want me :)

    Okey the C3DKIES was a attempt at writing 3D with the word cookies combined and hack just to get in random people.

    So yeah today is my birthday. Im finally 5 years old now. Now i just hope everyone could reply to this read and aim for a 5 page long topic of gratz and random talk


    AlanJohn is stupid.

    But yeah my birthdate is really the fifth septemeber. I have the same birthdate as my sister. And no we are not twins lol.

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    Season 1 almost over.

    Season 1 is almost over now on LoL :O But i cant believe how many people in LoL that sucks more than me and is higher ranked than me and even have more soloQ wins. LoL is quite frustrating sometimes. I usually prefer lobby style as i can decide who i play against if i make the game and that way i can keep retards out of my team and keep them on the other team. And heck i prefer games that makes u pay atleast once becasue that way it keeps like 80% of the kids away. Yes i hate kids online that thinks their good, but sucks ball and only brag about that very one game they owned all becasue they simply ksed everyone and got fed to the extent that nobody could kill him.

    Ah right. 4 Youtube videos incoming!
    For the next Kpop Song
    Right Super Junior has also been mentioned on Freddiew's video and KevJumba's video :P Awesome!

    Super Junior - Mr.Simple

    Background music removed(You hear their voice completely and you will be able to hear parts they lipsynch... too bad they dont)

    Live Version(Still same performance)

    KevJumba :O Rmember to forward until 1:10
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    New 3d.... i mean avatar picture!

    You guys like it? Anyone that can guess where it is from?
    I bet everyone is going to drool over my awesome new avatar!

    Naw next Kpop song!

    Se7en - I'm Going Crazy
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    No, seriously not. It's about Deja Vu so come!

    Was wondering if you guys ever felt that you were a person that could see the future? Im always having a Deja Vu every once a month or 2. Its like this happend before, but why can't i remember it until it happend? Whats your thoughts on this and have it ever happend to you?

    Now for the next Kpop song i choose

    2NE1 - Ugly


    I really love their songs that doesnt use autotune. I also believe their one of the Kpop groups that will do really well in America. Just my thoughts though! Really catchy song afterall. For those that have watched the newest video of Nigahiga should know who they are or almost should know.
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    So now school starts again for me

    So schools back! Yeah... school... Damn i miss you vacation!
    Im not a really good blogger... So i was wondering what you guys did for the vacation?

    Well for me i went to Sweden, Stockholm. Got myself a new cap and then went to Goteborg and was at Liseberg just to end up getting sick because of the sun. After that i went camping! Sitting in my camp enjoying playing PSP xD Not exactly what you do at camping, but oh well. I love playing games xD

    Now for the next Kpop music!

    Teen Top - No More Perfume On You

    Live Show

    I didn't really like their song before this one. The first and second one was too much focused on one person. Though the third still is, but not as much as it used to.
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    My 500th post finally.. Guess i start using this blog

    Finally my 500th post.
    I want you guys to kneel down and say gratz to me!

    Hmm, i wonder if i should use this blog to post kpop songs :unsure:

    Oh well might aswell start with this one

    BIGBANG - Stupid Liar