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    Finally bought me a Switch

    From Amazon, so it'll be a few days. I got the one that comes with $35 eShop credit, which will go towards Let's Go Pikachu. I don't want a bunch of Switch games (better for my wallet that way), but this'll let me get accustomed to the system before Pokemon Sword/Shield come out. Also going to completely ignore the Switch's VC offerings, because, NES games? I got a 3DS, what do you think that's for? XD

    Basically, my Switch is only gonna be for Switch games. And I won't put CFW on it until I know what I want from online play. That is, if I want it at all. If a second Switch purchase/gift ever happens, yeah it's getting CFW'd. But for now, my other hacked consoles and handhelds are satisfying enough.
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