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    On a boat muthafucka, in accounting class

    lmao it was jokes. i'm in uni rite now, accountin class. we had a 15 min break, so i put on my headphones, and started playing some fear. the teacher was like: "Would you like to share the music you're listening to?" and i was like, "music? uhh sure? any song?"
    and she was like "sure anything."
    so she walks up to me, and puts her mic near the speakers. and what song do i play? On a boat LOL
    we went thru about half the song before she walked away saying, ok that's enough. xD too jokes
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    11 week york strike finally ends....and now i'm fucked

    jeez finally it's over. but being the douche bag that i am, i STILL haven't finished my projects. so here comes crunch time the next few days. o, and exams are in two weeks, but don't worry, i clearly remember everything from 11+ weeks ago. :(

    pray for me.
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    GBATEMP meeting in Toronto!

    so here's the thread i said i would make. yeah we were hijackin the london one for too long lol. k first of all, we need to determine how many ppl can/are willing to come. then we can determine specifics from there. um also, 18+ preferred cuz they're probably is gonna be drinking involved, but if you're younger and wanna come, i'm not responsible!

    List of People Interested in coming:
    me (no shit)
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    Sup bishes! i'm bak :D

    yoo guys. so yeah my midterms r finally over!! :grog:
    goin drinkin this weekend hehe.

    so...did u miss me? u did, didn't? of course u did. :)

    so let's see here...what did i miss...
    -omg! linkiboy and orc left!? wtf y?
    -nice sum new staff! and sinkhead was promoted. gratz guys
    -mother 3 nice
    -menudo looks pretty sick

    hm.. anythin else?

    EDIT: o shi- 998 posts? almost time for red badge ^^
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    ATTN MODS- Ban me plz

    hey guys. i have midterms comin up, and because i have no self-control, instead of studyin, i keep coming here lol. so i would like to ask a mod to ban me from now until...um oct.23.

    thanks for your help xD

    cya guys till then.
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    My bittorrent days r over (at uni)

    yeah so i got this notice from the university:


    We have received a notice containing evidence that your York University
    Airyork connection has been used to electronically distribute copyrighted
    materials. This may be the result of your direct action or the nature of some
    Peer-to-Peer applications which automatically redistribute the file that is being
    downloaded. This complaint alleges that this action is in violation of Canadian
    copyright law and also University policy. (NOTE: original complaint is available
    upon request)

    Infringing Date: 24 Sep 2008 13:17:38 GMT
    Infringing Filename(s): Tengen_Toppa_Gurren_Lagann_1-27-HD

    As you are responsible for the use of your network connection, be
    advised that violations of University policy may result in termination
    of your network access privileges.

    If you feel this complaint is in error or you have the authorization
    to distribute this content please inform us. If not, we ask that you cease
    distribution of this and any other infringing materials and request a reply
    indicating your compliance.

    Thank you.

    CNS Information Security

    heh i knew it was only a matter of time before they caught on :P but i don't care, my uni internet sux balls anyways. so fuck em :D
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    *sigh*. well this is my first time writing a blog...here goes lol.

    yeah so i just started university this year. good chance to meet ALOT of new ppl (compared to the scope of high school), so i decided to make the best of it. met this girl, started hanging out with her. i luckily had 4 classes with her per week, and we coincidentally took the same bus home. we started eatin lunch together regularly, and hanging out alot. things were going very smoothly, and we were very comfortable around each other. one day, she was showing me pictures of her trip to bejing for the olympics. while looking thru the pics, i couldn't help but notice this same guy was in a few of em. curious, i asked her who he was. she casually mentions its her bf who's in china. i was completely shocked and dumbfounded. i didn't no wat to do/say, but i attempted to maintain my composure, and stay "cool". she, not noticing, continues showing me pictures for a few more minutes.

    then i did sumthing incredibly stupid. i confessed to her. yes i know she JUST told me she had a bf, and i've only known her for wat...3 weeks now? y did i do it? to get something of my chest? to purposely make things awkward? iunno...well she was a bit shocked, looked me in the eye and said "i'm sry" in a quiet voice. an awkward silenced followed. she then stated that even though we knew each other for a very short time, she feels very close to me, and doesn't want to lose me bcuz she needs me and my support. course this makes sense, being first year uni, and the difficulty of it, so iuno if that meant much. i had just asked her early to dinner/movies, which she agreed to. but i didn't no wat to make of wat she said. i was tired of being "just friends". i've had enough close friends as it is. tru u can never have enough friends but GOD forbid i experience something a little more...

    but yeah, i know it probably would have better to either: confessed later so there's a greater chance she mite accept, or not say anything at all to spare our friendship. though i just HAD to get it off my chest. can anyone relate?

    anywayz, of course its not her fault, she wasn't leading me on or anything. i blame myself. i blame myself for falling in this situation, and hurting myself, and our friendship. now i'm not posting here for advice, but just wanted to get it off my chest. i truly appreciate u taking the time to read this. i guess i'll go suck it up, and attempt to mend whatever awkwardness that might have ensued from this...

    peace out

    P.S. if u have sum good feedback AND spam, i wouldn't mind xD. i could use a laugh rite now...