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    We're a couple hours away from Brawl's release/dump/what have you. Based on speaking w/ pros who already tested the game @ E for All and Whobby 08...its not the same as Melee, but at the same time it isn't exactly SSB64 neither. Its like a mix of the best of both worlds, and then some. Super Smash Bros. Brawl, or as the Japanese coin it, Dairanto Smash Bros X (which I think sounds HELLA COOLER) has many different meanings to all of us.

    Over the internet I've noticed many sites lagging like HELL, sites being suspended, sites just going through server downtimes and then some. Why? Well the release of Brawl is right around the corner, and many gamers right now are excited as ever. To reiterate, Smash has touched us all in many different ways.

    To the hardcore professional gamer, this is just another chance for you to get ahead of the game so that by the time the US Smash gets released in March you'll be ready and prepped to kick arse. Now that our fave technique, wavedashing, is out, we have to conform to new methods of play. That means bye-bye sexy-lands off the edge onto stage, sexy wavelands onto platforms, off platforms/edges into crazy attacks in midair, also the the basic ability to retreat from attack w/ the option to retaliate immediately after w/ ease is gone (now we have to submit to pivotting attacks outta dash dances...which necessarily isn't hard...it just takes getting used to), the ability to have an extra option of mobility outta your shield (it benefited characters like Samus who had crappy rolls), it'll be tough wavedash...but hopefully something will take its place. Its like a whole new chapter in smash history, especially now that ones can train w/ pals (that were actually good on a competitve level) that they would usually have to travel far to play/train w/. Now even the night before a tourney, you can just easily call up a pal, log on to the WFC and do some hardcore training sessions at the comfort of our own domiciles. As w/ previous Smash titles, new techniques have been conceived and took root, updating/changing the metagame forever, and this Smash will be no different. I can already imagine smashers clocking in long hours after work/school/church/whateva looking to find a way to break their character, or create never before seen combo/setup. One of the most exciting things in competitive smash, is seeing an underdog come outta nowhere and dominate. Its even more exciting when its a character you'd never expect to make it far in a tournament w/ a roster full of beasts. Even tho winning money is good, its not everything. The fun factor is one reason why many smashers still play despite the fact that they lose over and over again.

    For the casual gamer, I've yet to go back and remember my noob days XD. Items, stupid stages, and thinking that fighting 3 level nines made you teh sh** LMAO! Then you go to a tourney and lose w/o taking a stock off your opponent ROFLMAO!

    ...more updates as time passes.