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    Polyphasic sleep: Day 2

    So day two.
    I haven't been able to sleep anything on my 20 minutes naps at all.
    So I'm up in 25 sleepless hours.
    Will hopefully sleep on my naps today, Next one is 10:00.(2 hours left)
    Eyes are itching and red and I'm feeling tired.
    Not that DEADLY tired that I have been so many times but something like "oh I't would be so nice to go to sleep and sleep the whole day"
    Just eat a steady breakfast.
    Going to find some anime to watch and find some more stuff to do, I do have a lot more time now time's, maybe even more than needed?
    Oh well I have decided to (well not really... hmm I do so now though hmm let's say) try this out for around 2-3 months at least.

    I would be glad for any recommendation to pass my new gained time.

    Seems that I have entered the famous "regret" phase because of lack of sleep.
    I'm tired as fuck and don't want to complete this task anymore because of my tiredness.
    But I'm smart enough to know that those are thoughts my mind make because of lack of sleep!
    If i manage to pass this stage without giving up I'm one step closer to adept to the sleep schedule.
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    Polyphasic sleep: Day 1

    Yes you read right I'm going to start sleep polyphasic.
    Some might think it's either crazy or dumb or you simply deny anything new coming at you.
    Anyway this is the start of my day one, I will update it later today after some of my naps and probably tell how everything is going.
    So I woke up today this morning, Sunday December 4th 06:00 UTC/GMT +1 hour.
    About seven minutes ago that I decided to write this "crap" to make the time flow. I'm not someone that normally like blogs that much, so don't expect me to be good at it either.
    Anyway I'm still I'm well rested at the moment and have extra % to learn new skills and my mind feels weird.
    Going to fix the dishes and then go out and run/walk for a while then meditate followed by playing some Skyrim until it's time for my first nap time.
    Well I update this blog in about 10 hours something and tell if I got some sleep or not.

    Sleep/Wake Schedule:

    Wake up at 06:00
    A 20-30 min Nap every four hours, first one starting 10:00 (in about two hours and forty minutes).
    See you later!
    PS: I slept about nine hours this night in so I start this well rested.