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    Just Ordered Another DSTWO

    So, many moons ago, I sold my dstwo to some kid for 60 bucks... I did so because I had gotten rid of my aqua blue 3ds... So... Being the idiot that I am... bought another 3ds. The red one,, the one that came with Super Mario Land 3d... I've had it for about a month and a half and I've only gotten to world two lol... So I ordered my DSTWO from Real Hot Stuff.. The price was decent and it ships from the US. I hope it ships quickly. I hate taking my ds lite to school because the top shell is scratched...
  • Crimson Ghoul

    I finally made Platinum

    It took like a cagillion surveys but I finally got platinum status on club nintendo.. awwwwww yeeeeah :yay: