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    CreeperMario Hello.

    Its almost been a year since I initially expressed interest in developing a file manager app for the Wii U, and I'd like to think that I would have completed it, or at least had some kind of usable demo by now. But I haven't.

    You (the homebrew community) haven't done anything that would warrant me to not release a project of mine. Its not your fault. Its mine. I'm sorry.

    Its not that I don't like programming for the Wii U, because I do enjoy it. Its not because I've seen the dark side of the community and want to do my best to avoid it. Its because I suck at managing my free time. I procrastinate pretty much whenever I get the opportunity to, unless I have a specific motivation to complete a task.

    And its for that reason that I've now fallen into a hole. A deep, dark hole.

    As my school workload continues to increase, I've begun to evaluate potential times for which I can continue to work on Wii U software, but it doesn't seem likely that I'll be able to any time soon.

    I was free during the Christmas period, and throughout January. That time, if used correctly, could have resulted in WiiXplorer U being in an alpha or beta release by now. But I chose to do other (completely useless) things during that time. Looking back at how I could have used my time, I can't help but feel angry with myself.

    I've reached the point where I want to get back into programming, but I've done so much other work it feels more like a chore than a hobby—another task to add to my ever-increasing backlog. And I wouldn't have this backlog if I could find the motivation to have the work done ahead of time.

    Time management is a skill that I should have learned over three years ago, but somehow I still fail at it.

    I look at some of the active community members who are certainly eager to see this little project of mine completed, and then I look at the laziness that defines my life and feel depressed.

    I need to change my ways. I will change my ways. I will take action to make myself better, stronger, more capable.

    It might happen immediately, it might happen in a few weeks. It might take until I reach the end of high school for me to be able to start working on something as soon as I have the time to, whether or not I like what I'm doing.

    The fact that I have been okay with myself for wasting my precious time these past years really makes me wonder how I managed to come so far.

    I feel utterly horrible for not working on Wii U stuff when I could've been. I blame myself and my stupid habits.

    ... *sigh*

    Writing this blog post really helped to clear my mind. If you read this far (you really couldn't have done something better with your time?), thank you for understanding my situation.

    I guess this is the kind of stuff the human mind does when, in an attempt to catch up with your backlog, you read half of a war-time novel in the space of one day.

    Well, have a nice day, everyone!
    CreeperMario So I was at a family friend’s house tonight. My brother saw an Xbox 360 Slim console lying inside a cabinet underneath their TV set. He asked our hosts if he could plug it in and play it, and they agreed.

    My brother, having no technical knowledge, asked me to plug it in. And so I did.

    Turns out that the only controller in the house had no batteries in it, and there were no AA batteries around to put inside it. So all I had to interface with the console was a Kinect, which seemed to have no trouble recognising me.

    I booted up Kinect Star Wars, and told my brother to walk in front of the TV and wave his hand, like a normal person. No matter what he tried, the Kinect would either not recognise him at all, or would recognise him and then instantly “lose connection” with him. But it would still recognise me without any trouble.

    I decided to turn the console off and on, because that apparently fixes things. The animated Xbox logo came up on the TV, but then went blank and a small grey box with text showed up in the corner of the screen, with a red light on the console and an error code.

    I restarted it again, same error.

    At this point, I had resorted to Google. Looking up the error code took me to Microsoft’s support website, which detailed instructions (with pictures) for removing the console’s hard drive. To this day, I had never used an Xbox 360 before, and didn’t know they came with removable hard drives. So I took it out, and it booted up successfully.

    But then I got a new error. I was unable to use the Kinect without a firmware update, which was supposedly stored on the hard drive I just removed. So without a standard controller or a Kinect to interact with the console, I gave up and packed it away.

    It turns out that the owners had won this Xbox in a contest, and paid nothing for it. They assumed that it was dodgy because of this reason, which I can understand living where I am. They also hadn’t used the console since they won it, so it may have degraded or something.

    So that was a fun two hours of my life. And with that, my laptop's battery is flat, goodbye.
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