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    TX released a new update for October, and it's actually pretty... decent? Well, mostly.

    [Why it's badly implemented]

    Despite this segment being about why it's badly implemented, it really... isn't?
    I don't see any major issues with it, except one thing...
    THEIR USB LIB. It's great that they're making new, open source stuff, compared to how SX itself is in general, but there is already an existing USB library.
    Q: Why would you reimplement something that already exists and make it only available to your platform?
    A: To make more profit.
    I don't blame them, however that is a bit of an annoyance.
    Waiting to release this just for Halloween is just another annoyance, since these are bugfixes, and are usually necessary right after release.

    [Stolen code]

    Oh hey, this is the part where I talk about stolen code.
    As far as I can tell, since this is (mostly) just a bugfix update, there is absolutely no new stolen code.

    [Final thoughts]

    It's a pretty decent update with something new that is open source from TX, which is nice to see... That's all I can really say.

    Q: Is it good?
    A: Sure, it's not really much of a special update.

    Rating: 7.5/10: Surprisingly enough, not horrible.
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    This is a mini blog post that is part of "TX Haters!" where I basically say whatever I feel about TX.
    I'm not going to release new posts only for updates, but anyways, here we go.
    [I messed up]

    In the last entry I made, some claims were made with little to no evidence other than "TX has done this in the past, no way they didn't this time!!!!" and for that I am sorry. I have updated the OP with accurate information. I will not let this happen again for any future posts.
    [The Gateway theory]

    So it's been rumored for months now that TX is Gateway. Since this entire series is for critiquing TX, why not dump all the info supporting this here?
    This next part will be a copy and paste of something I put in the comments in the last blog post because I don't want to rewrite it, but modified HEAVILY.

    Gateway is TX. It's been hinted at multiple times by credible sources, like Hexkyz and naehrwert.
    The story goes like this:
    The old TX sells all of their assets to an investor, who possibly is GaryOPA,(?) this is known because of this archive of the SX site (yes, the domain is that shows the MaxConsole admin hosting the site / having access. The guy who owns and administrates MaxConsole is GaryOPA. GaryOPA also seems to make every news post for SX updates, and he even did the same for Gateway, which is a reason to believe he did Gateway too.
    The new TX owned by the investor starts doing SX which is heard to be commissioned work by credible developers (I personally believe TX has done this for every piece of original code used, but this is not certain) / a bunch of stolen code.
    SX also contains a lot of callbacks to Gateway in it as well.
    The brick code, the Gameboy rom (this same ROM was used in Gateway!), and the MIPS vm used for the obfuscation.
    I believe they also may possibly be BigBlueBox (the warez distribution group), due to the fact that BBB did stuff in the Gateway era, and they also released tons of XCI files. Their main motivation being sales gained from Gateway / SX. This one I'm not entirely certain on.
    Is this negative?
    Not necessarily, it just depends on how you look at it.
    [Final thoughts]

    This was interesting to think about, and I just wanted to get it out there so there could be a compiled list of all of the evidence. This was really fun to make!

    Rating: Conspiracy Theory / 10

    Sources: All of them are linked right in there!
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    Creatable [Intro]

    Welcome to this blog post, I'll be sure to make more for every new SX update. I guess this'll be a series?
    So anyways, SX has made a beta update, 2.2 to be precise, with the main feature being USB drive support, that's the explanation segment.

    [Why it's badly implemented]

    The USB support works, however it will only install NSP files to your nand, or to your SD. This is particularly annoying because most of the time, USB installation would be used for when you run out of space on your NAND or SD card, but you cannot do that for this.

    [Stolen code]

    Stolen code is the part where I talk about whether the code is stolen or not... This shouldn't be necessary, but oh well.
    (UPDATE) Apparently this *doesn't* use stolen code. Good for them. I assumed they had used the new LibNX update because that's the TX-y thing to do. Sorry for the issue, and next time I'll try to be more... credible, I guess? I won't make assumptions. Promise!

    [Final thoughts]

    This is another quickly pushed out update to draw in new customers for their product. It isn't even all that good. I'd give this update a 6/10, since it is does some of the stuff it intended to do.
    (I've removed the file because I looked over it and I generally just didn't need it there)

    Sources: SciresM Tweet.