1. also im uplaoding this with a pc[ATTACH]
  2. [ATTACH] what the fuck is this speed i miss korea
  3. [ATTACH] D R U G S
  4. i dont know my background is korean but i live in austalia *confusion sounds*
  5. i found out corruptions is fun please wait imma go destroy brain age [ATTACH] this guys a devil
  6. [ATTACH] what the fuck are these icons you know i miss old microsoft
  7. microsoft bad heres how to demicrosoft your life 1 delete system 32 2 install linux
  8. so... there is a special version of minecraft called edcation edition or the poor kids edition and sadly 90 percen of my friends dont have java edition so i am forced in order to play with the i need to play on that versio it fuckin awfully modified berock edition enough said also note to...
  9. ok i feel better now etc but hey im dyudbdbsjkejdh so how did gbatemp change while i was staring at github just waiting for people commit stuff
  10. as days go by my mental health degrades slowly engulfing myself about stuff i shouldent worry about, gbatemp was a good / bad place to at with conflicts with a mod starting issues with me i am almost inactive with this account now i am here to isolate my gbatemp account from things that can...
  11. here [ATTACH]
  12. hah man this emulator is becoming supreme though dsi needs work some screenshots [ATTACH] my name is tim :creep: [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] this this runs like a charm just need to iron out some bugs
  13. well theres a glitch in BOTW where you can get the master sword early you do the camera glitch well that was fun
  14. koreans hate four were superstitiuos about it enough said