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    filler blog entry

    koreans hate four were superstitiuos about it enough said
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    my experience with gbatemp

    once upon a time there was me
    i exist
    i wanted help
    on hacking
    so after stumbimg around i found gbatemp a nice fourm to help kickstart wii homebrew and after that blah
    i decided to make an account and yES iM UNDERaGE (not anymore also if any mods reading this can you help me change my date of birth?)
    and so left my gbatemp account alone

    a few months went by and disasterous things happened on riiconnect 24 discord in which somthing happened, so i went to find a place to talk and express my feelings. which then i rediscovered gbatemp.

    lots of stuff happened and it really felt nice lots of friendly people and more, after that this place is now my goto place for news, homebrew and etc

    thanks for reading
    (mods dont ban me i was dumb when i was making a account)
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    about microsofts anti malware executable shit

    so i take everything i say about no$gba it is a decent emualator
    but heres the culprit the anti malware execuatble really that fucking piece of shit was slowing down my pc. so heres what i learned
    so really im slowly transitioning to linux so i fired up wine and nocash to do stuff. really i was expecting potato performance but really acually ran better than windows plus it running on wine, at first i thought it was the more ram my pc has when it runs linux but i was way more, going back to my last pc...
    a few years ago intel had that meltdown and spectre crap and microsoft had to fix it at the cost of performace, really that was bad because my pc was a potato after updating minecraft ran about 20% of the speed it originally ran and i saw more blue screens because of that, at that time i brushed it off because of my aging hardware but completly unaware of the vuneralbilities intel cpus had etcetcetc
    fast forward to 2020 i was looking at a thread on gbatemp, one of the comments mentioned something about the malware crapo and disabling it inproves speed, but really i brushed it off again (big brain) but really after doing stuff on linux i realised that the program does somthing to slow it down
    so really use linux dont use windows unless wine hates you
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    my thoughts on melonds

    so there are lots of ds emulators like the trashy as fuck no$gba and slow but stable desmume and tons of others but theres one ds emulator that emerging, melonds.
    so what is melon ds? so melonds is about a ds emulator that aims to run ds games perfectly without the hell speeds of desmume, plus the fact my pc is semi potato it can be a bit annoying to use desmume i had lots of slowdowns and such that it made me sad so i went scavenging for an ds emulator.
    many months passed and couldnt find a good emulator with good speeds until...
    i was on retroarch finding some emulators to use until i found melonds, so i quickly duckduckgoed melonds to find neat features on the emulator so i quickly downloded.
    it ran like a charm! it runs great on my semi potato pc and i dont see any bad graphical glitches!

    so now time for features
    hd upscaling is a neat feature my pc can go up to 3x until i see lag it is good!
    dsi emulation is a work in progress but run better than that fucking trash no$gba though compatibility still goes to no$gba
    also WIFI WOWOWOOWOWOWOOOWOwoOWWOOWOWOWOW THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER this is the only emulator that emulates wifi which means i can connect to wiimmfi though wifi is also a w.i.p

    so in conclusion trash other emulators except drastic if you use android or reaspberry pi and use melonds!
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    about me

    hello my name is crazynoob458 or tim also as known as timmy time, dim sim or tim tam
    so i started learning about computers for a long time while being on gbatemp for a year and been helping people and sharing my thoughts and stuff
    so really i wanted to start a blog to share my thoughts on wii hacking/homebrew, ds (i) hacking/homebrew and emulation ive been known in riiconnect24 dicord server as an korean idiot.
    so enough intro i really want to share my thought with you!