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    Jesus christ

    Screenshot from 2021-01-25 06-56-34.jpg
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    im boutta say it

    this is fucking terrifying to hear from a mod
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    so i made my own pfp for once

    its the drop out bear (from kanye west's first few albums) with some jack frost theming
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    A final note about 2020...

    This year has been... okay, you know what? Let's cut to the chase. This year was the year form of cock and ball torture.
    2020 has a lot of things that we have considered problems... but, let's ignore the negatives, and try to find the positives.

    Whilst many would say this year would be the year to forget, let's not overlook the 2 things, at least to me, that I think 2020 shined in.

    Number 1, The gaming industry. This year is what PC , XBOX and PlayStation users would call really good, but unfortunately, what nintendo fans would call unfortunate. (#FreeMelee)
    We have had a lot of booms in the gaming industry this year, from AMD releasing it's 3rd gen Ryzens, (Ryzen 3 3200G gang rise up) to the release of Cyberpunk finally. From next gen consoles, to DOOM Eternal.
    I would say that 2020 has been a really good year for the gaming industry.

    Finally, number 2, GBATemp as a whole. This forum has been essentially a stress releaver for me. 2020 has been really stressful for me, as it has been for a lot of people. But I know I can come here and enjoy myself.
    This forum has helped me throughout 2020 like crazy. And I can't thank enough for that.

    Before I finish up, I just really want to thank @Stealphie for just chatting with me on discord. He is a really cool guy. And I appreciate what he wants to talk to me about.
    Also, another thank you to @Scott_pilgrim for making the EOF a bit more interesting.
    And finally, another thank you to @AlanJohn for making the EOFCast and Tempcast. I don't know if he knows just how much people appreciate his podcasts, but they are amazing. (x65943 interview best episode imo)

    Anyways, with that out of the way, I will see you guys in 2021.
    Have a good night,

    - CPG.
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    free blog for lilith valentine to get 23000 messages

    also happy 23000 messages lol
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    CPG's Dream Log #1

    dont remember lol
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    Welp, I am now pretty sad.

    I swear... it has been, a month? And three of my favourite YouTube channels have been facing some form of drama.

    First OfflineTV, then ZeRo, and now my Canadian boy RelaxAlax.
    I really do and don't want to know who is next.
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    Welp, I am in quarantine sort-of.

    So, my mom's friend recently got diagnosed with coronavirus, and we visited him recently. And now his nurse has advised us to stay in our house. I am going to get cabin fever super quickly. I can't wait.

    edit: ama if you want
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    May I please mention how impressed I am with this block of text that @Chary conjured up?

    Oh no.
    Oh no, you're actually serious.
    You're that salty.
    You're that blind.
    You're that bothered.
    You're that STUPID.

    I guess you're not just rusty on Japanese, but also common sense and logic, too. I was gonna just ignore your little pathetic whining, but if you wanna tango, let's go.

    You're so astronomically unsettled by being ousted from the magazine staff, that you've held onto a petty grudge against me for over a year. Which is amusing, because I was just giving your pathetically plagiarized attempts at writing some criticism. But oh well.

    Before I joined the magstaff, the news was YouTube links without words, pun-filled casual pieces by Gahars, and highly opinionated snark from Guild. T-hug was the one to change all that, with Prans and I helping in that quest.

    I don't call myself anything but my name, but Costello, T-hug, and Shaun all agreed on the role of Senior Editor. There's three more to add to your petty grudge list, I suppose!

    You wanna talk stolen articles, eh? You really must be projecting hard. Every source I give is to the direct, initial, original announcement. Just because you're lacking some brain cells does not make the source incorrect. Unless you want to go call out literally every other news site ever. Please do point out even one piece of news that's plagiarized. Except you can't. You just cry about it instead, because YOU were the one found to be copy-pasting Siliconera's stuff word-for-word like the utter bumbling buffoon that you are. Scarlet, T-hug and I ALL called you out on that shameful display.

    Ever since I said that you were salty for being ejected from the magstaff, you started using the word salty to refer to me. I guess that's all you can do, though. Copy others' words and claim they're your own.

    You're walking a fine line, with every single member of the moderation and magstaff laughing at you whenever you open your fool mouth. Sit down, shut up, and for your own sake, CEASE.
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    AITA for not showing up to my own funeral?

    So I (74M) was recently hit by a car (2014 Honda) and died. My wife (5F) organized me a funeral (cost $2747) without asking me (74M) at all. I (74M) was unable to make it because I (74M) was dead (17 days). At the funeral I heard my dad (15M) and other family members talking about how they wish I could be there and now I feel bad for not showing up. AITA?
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    The Alert Ready system test all over Canada.


    Anyways, going back on topic.
    This is my first blog post, so, yeah.

    So today, the Government of Canada released a test of the alert ready system today.
    And I had no idea that this was happening, until everyone of us in History class got the notification on our phones.
    In my opinion, (because I am a absolute freak.) I found everyone's reaction to the "BEEEE-BURRR-BEEEE-BURRR-BEEEE-BURRR-BEEEE-BURRR" coming out of our phones.
    Everyone was going crazy. The teacher had to spend 10 minutes to calm everyone down. Not only that, just to make everyone in the SCHOOL scared, our principal plays the sound over the PA system.

    So, yeah. A lot of people were bruised...

    Okay, I'm done.