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    Costello I had no sodding idea.


    To enable them, go to "Settings" -> "General" -> "International" -> "Keyboards" -> "Add new Keyboard..."
    Add the keyboard called "Emoji".


    There are tons of emoticons, like, hundreds...
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    Costello A long while back, I used to pirate games to play them. I was a kid, I didn't have a job, I had no money to buy games and the only way I could get those was asking them for my birthday and Xmas, which I did every year. But games are expensive and I'd only get one or two at a time. So when I learned I could get games for free without asking my parents for money, I instantly went for it. It started with copying PS1 discs that I borrowed from friends, then I got a GBC flash cart, then an X-Rom for the GBA etc.

    Nowadays I have a job, an OK situation overall, so I buy games. Not a lot: I've only got like 4-5 games this year, but that's as much I'll play. In fact it changes the way I play completely. When I pirated I used to be able to get every game I wanted, so I'd just download a game that looked good, and if I didn't like the first minutes of it I'd drop it and try another, then another, etc. and I'd never end up really playing a lot of games. Now I try demos, and whenever I settle for a game I just buy it and enjoy every single minute of it.

    I have to say, I love this new way of gaming. I wouldn't go back to piracy for anything in the world, except maybe if they region locked consoles real hard (I live in China and have to import games no matter what). I no longer have to feel guilty for playing games without paying for them. Every time I buy a game I feel excited, impatient to receive it and delighted to play it. It doesn't affect my budget much since I buy only 4 to 5 games a year, but it also means I only get to play a select few games and miss out on tons of things.

    Besides, I don't usually get games as soon as they are released, save for games I cherish particularly such as Skyrim - got it preordered from Play Asia. For lesser games (in my books) such as LA Noire, Gears of war 3, I get them months if not years later: lets me save hundreds. I'll probably be getting myself LA Noire for Christmas, for less than 20 bucks sealed. Yeah I play games later than most people. Sure I miss out on some titles. And I don't usually get to play with people online since they play games early unlike me. But heck it's a whole new world for me in terms of gaming.
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    Costello Could not resist posting this since I am obviously happy
    I proposed today, we had a great time and everything went fine!
    We're on an island somewhere south of china (Hainan... google it) and this place is full of gorgeous sights!

    Won't detail my proposal but it was quite romantic as you would expect from a frenchman ;)
    Wedding should be sometime next year if all goes well!

    Anyhow we're going back home tomorrow, it's been a nice couple of days!
    And my birthday is tomorrow too so I'll enjoy every minute of our last day here (plane takes off at 9:40pm)
    Costello Went skiing today... took a couple of nice shots!








    Costello That's what I call team work alright!
    Narin and I have just finished polishing up a nice little new feature for the portal.
    You can now find out how many users are connected to the IRC channel as well as get the list of users that are connected.
    You'll find this on the portal in the online users box:


    If you click on the amount of users you'll get the list of users online.
    The list is displayed in a neat ajax box ("Highslide" library, google it).


    We hope you enjoy this nice little extra.
    Costello & Narin
    Costello Large images on the forums & portal will now be resized using Highslide, an amazing script that does plenty of things.
    Please do a full refresh in your browser (Ctrl+F5) if you can't see the changes.
    Here are some photos I've taken near where I live, in France.


    Neat stuff: when the image pops up, press the left or right arrow key to view the next or previous image (works like a gallery).
    I love it!
    Costello Hello everyone,
    I promised Xcalibur I'd do it, so here I go:
    I've fixed the Picture Upload Service so that it now works under Opera (and other browsers too).
    I've also upgraded the allowed file size up to 6 MB.

    :moogle: Picture Upload Service
    Costello Hey everyone, fellow tempers!

    We've been planning a meeting for a couple of weeks now.
    Only, the meeting topic was posted in the staff forum which is obviously a problem for non-staff members willing to come and join us.
    So, in this topic we'll discuss what we're going to do, what time we meet and where.

    Well it appears that the Victoria tube station is a good place for most people, so we'll probably just meet there at first.
    It's recommended for anyone to have an oyster card or something that allows you to use the tube on an unlimited basis.

    Confirmed members to come: Costello, Little, shaunj66, dice, the teej, Thug4L1f3 (& Mrs Thuguette), jaxxster
    Likely to come: moozxy, inf, Hadrian
    Probably won't come but you never know: ShadowXP, xcalibur

    Well if you haven't noticed the topic description, it's on November 29th (next Saturday).
    As for the time, well it depends on when you can make it.
    Apparently 10am at Victoria tube station for the earliest, then we'll see about the others later?

    - Definitely bring your DS and games or flash cart.
    - We're going to the Trocadero (a 4-floor arcade)
    - We'll probably have lunch somewhere, maybe dinner too in the evening, depends who's still around
    - any suggestions?

    --- extra question: can I come too?
    well if you're a long time member and think you'd feel comfortable hanging around with us (a bunch of 20-30 yr olds), then feel free to join us! It's gonna be fun!

    Photos will be posted in another blog post after the meeting!
    See ya all!
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    Costello HEHE hehehe... this made me laugh out loud
    (click for full image)

    Ah, Mr Molyneux...
    Costello [​IMG]

    Saw this movie two days ago in the cinema... Awesome! I really recommend it!
    [quote name='Plot' date=' Wikipedia']Based on the 2005 Western novel by Robert B. Parker, Appaloosa is centered around lawman Virgil Cole (Ed Harris) and his deputy Everett Hitch (Viggo Mortensen), two friends who are hired to defend a lawless 1880s town from a murderous rancher (Jeremy Irons). Their efforts are disrupted and friendship tested by the arrival of a woman. (Renée Zellweger).[/quote]

    Has anyone else seen it?
    Has anyone else loved it? :)

    What I liked most about this was the charisma of the main 2 characters (Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch).
    Costello I know this isn't much, but I've updated two little things.
    • In the latest posts box, when you click on a link from the "blog" tab, you're now taken to the article on blog portal page (you were previously taken to a regular forum topic). This way, visitors are now able to easily read previous articles.
    • On the blog portal, you can now view older entries (finally!). There are links at the bottom of the page.
    If you have more suggestions I'll see what I can do!
    Thanks :)
    Costello I've just updated the shoutbox.
    FYI the shoutbox can be found on the portal but is only visible to our regulars.

    What's new?
    Well... not much. The shoutbox now uses ajax: it should be much faster, and a lot lighter in terms of server load.
    Just thought I would let you guys know!

    Costello I'm making an action-adventure game.

    For now, I'm using graphics from Zelda, but eventually my intention is to have original graphics and to publish the game on the XNA Community.
    That would mean my homebrew can be downloaded from any 360 console connected to Xbox Live - yes, that means I'd be getting money because homebrew games aren't free on the XNA community platform. That feature (XNA community games) will be appearing in the next 360 dashboard update.

    Here's a video of the game in action!

    sorry for the lame quality, it was recorded with camstudio...


    Post your thoughts!
    Costello You may now access the old style profile page, from the personal portal page:


    This page has been re-enabled and fixed for all 3 skins.
    Enjoy! :)
    Costello Hello guys!

    I might be having a little spare time (just a little) in the coming days.
    I might spend that time fixing some stuff on the boards.

    I was wondering about what to do in priority.
    So please tell me what you want fixed or added and if I'll establish a to-do list according to your suggestions.