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    updates on my projects(for those who care)=fail

    so recently I thought I would get in on this whole rom hacking translation thing after wanting to see these games translated but of course no one did and my reason for wanting those games translated is no longer here so about two month ago my new neighbor moved next door and he showed me hes ds collection and told me which ones he plays the most which happens to be these games and the only k-1 game on the ds so then after those games peaked my interest I went to the romhacking site and started reading up on how to do this stuff and of course I requested those games here except for the k-1 game because d3 publishing is bringing it here(who knows when) so then I started working on them and at some point I got confused and came here for some help and managed to get to the translation part and had the files ready to hand them off to some else so that they could translate them and do the graphics and everything else I did that by myself for all four games I was excited about finally playing the games but then some unforeseen issues came up like the ssd on my netbook dying and a relative getting sick so now I pretty much gave up and I must attend to matter at hand so now I'll just have to wait until or if someone does pick this up and I'll wait patiently remember its four games that I've been told text wise is easy to translate anyway corr0126 out