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    Finished with my Master's Program!

    I am now a graduate of UW-Madison!

    What a crazy ride last term was. Covid-19 really messed a lot of things up for people but I got through it somehow. Apart from being stuck inside 90% of the day, classes that were recorded felt like an eternity to get through. I swear, a 40 minute video translated into 2 hours since there was so much backtracking. Systems didn't always work well, especially canvas. I'm just happy to be done with it and have a job now.
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    Just finished a presentation on the course How to Learn.

    Spent a good few hours on this. Let me know what you think? How may I improve this?

    I've attached the file as pdf, and admittedly it's a bit messed up due to formatting.

    Anyone have any experience using piktochart?

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    Gearing up for grad school (Update!)

    I've hit the point of no return. I have amassed a pretty decent list of grad schools to attend, including Wisconsin-Madison for engineering, Rutgers for IT Analytics, Worcester Polytechnic for engineering, SDSU for IS, GMU for Software Development, etc.

    In all honesty I am not sure where to go.

    After 3.5 years of work experience in Manufacturing IT systems, I figured I'd head into Systems Engineering, but then that point of view was challenged because I was not in pure manufacturing; I was in IT as well, so I thought, maybe I should end up as an IT professional, perhaps in ERP/Supply Chain since I was doing configuration control anyway. Then I had to add in all the other things I was okay/good at. I worked with databases/ sql server, and terradata so I now I added that to the mix.

    It's killing me, I don't know where I should head since the curriculum at each of these places can be quite flexible and I take courses outside of the given department if I wanted to.

    Anyone go through the same thing? How did you guys decide on the best place for you?

    I have accepted admission to Wisconsin Madison, and as a backup to MST. Will be departing in the fall, and as I will consume by my graduate studies, I will unfortunately have less time, if any, to be on GBAtemp. I'm ready for my 2 year adventure.