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    Ebay scam

    Check this out on Ebay what a scam lol $80 bucks item number 320615278960
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    I'm Not a Dumb Arse

    Hi i work at a Truss and Frame factory.
    My job is to manually cut the timbers that the machines cant cut.
    My main job is to cut all the sills, lintels ,head packers ,unders and overs (wall members).
    I place them on a trolley with a piece of timber with the name and job number on it and spray it with florescent paint so its easy to see what job it is.
    Well we have had a few people off sick the last couple of weeks and the company hired a couple of people to take up the slack.
    Well 1 of the guys started on the frames and today he spoke to me for the 1st time.
    He said as if i knew what job they are up to "WHAT TROLLEY IS NEXT"?
    I replied "I don't know you will have to check your job number"
    In a bit of a huff he went to the trolleys and picked up the job name and number from both trolleys.
    I said to him "Your better off leaving the names with their trolleys so you don't get them mixed up" i took 1 of the names and put it back on the trolley it was from.
    He said in an angry voice "I'm Not a Dumb Arse" and picked the name back up and walked back to his workstation to check the numbers.
    I just thought fine you'll stuff it up.And i was right he swapped the names around on the trolleys and took the wrong 1.
    I didn't bother telling him i just went up to Doc and told him what had happened (insert face palm)
    Doc went and told him that i said he had swapped the names around he responded with "That guys full of shit i didn't".
    Doc of course came back and told me what he said i just looked at Doc and said with a screwed up face "I'm not a dumb arse" we just laughed at it.
    Doc went back and changed the trolleys and names around and wow all the walls were rite.
    Some people just have a real problem taking advice some times.