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    Figuring out your passion late in life

    Howdy anybody who may actually read this :) I wanted my first post to be something that I felt really is a big part of my life. I wonder if any of you have or are going through the same process?

    I'm not gonna lie. I was a pretty lazy kid. Unless it had to do with manual labor for my father growing up, I really had no idea what I was good at. Living about 20 minutes from any of my school friends, I spent most of my adolescent years at home wasting time watching television, and trying to stave off the fits of boredom. As a person who has never really been much of the outdoorsy type, living out in the woods down a road that consisted of a whopping 15 people was pretty dull for me. The things that truly kept me sane were video games :) Link, Star Fox, Ratchet and Clank, and many more characters were like friends when I needed them, and are still franchises that I cherish to this day. The only problem I realize today with this is that, though I always knew that when I grew up I wanted to make games like these, I never started to learn any skills to help me along this path.

    A little background information. Throughout my career in lower education, my schools never reached any larger than around 350 kids throughout the entire school. Unfortunately, these smaller schools did not offer much more than a few sports, student government, and "computing classes" which were just classes designed to teach children typing skills, and the functions of Microsoft Office products. These schools were not exactly top grade.

    Around the 1st grade, my father began to notice that, when we practiced my writing skills, I could not take imperfections. Whether it was messed up letters or rogue erasing marks something in my mind would not allow the error to go unfixed, sort of like spell check in my head :P Later on, I was diagnosed OCD, and was put on medication to help relieve these impulses. I don't blame this at all for anything in my life as this has just forced me to work harder to overcome it.

    Fast forward to the year 2011, I applied and received my letter of acceptance to the state university that I worked very hard for my 4 high school years to be able to attend. I decided that. if I wanted to continue towards my game design dream of being the best THAT NO ONE EVER WAS, this was the school that would help me do it. My first, and yes I did say "first", major was Computer Animation, and I was stoked to begin this new chapter in my life. Que my first required Drawing course. This class was HELL. Always having a little more trouble picking up on concepts quickly and having no prior art education, picking up the pencil in class terrified me because I could not reach the high expectations I set for myself. I decided that art might not be for me, and decided to change majors to follow the Game Design path within our universities Computer Science Department. Having never been much of a logical thinker and trying it out for two semesters, I had some real soul searching to do. What was causing me to jump back and forth from majors, and how could I fix this? The answer finally came to me after a few weeks of truly asking myself "What legacy do you want to leave?" The answer was: No matter how hard the art classes may be, you will have to fight in life. If I wanted to make the game ideas of mine a reality then returning to the Art program was the path I needed to take.

    Fast forward to the present semester, though it has been tough, I am sticking it out as an Animation major. Working hard, practicing more outside of school, and with the help of good friends I happily heading down a path that makes me happy :)

    So, that is my first blog post. If there are any grammar mistakes please bare with me lol.

    Now I wonder. Have any of you experienced similar events, or even have a story to tell? Please comment below, link your own blog post, or even message me. I would love to hear all of them :)
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