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    Basic Rom Selection Menu for Snowflake

    I've got a basic ROM selection menu working in Snowflake now, displays some information and such.

    Now I start coding the Python server that will supply the UI with all the info it'll need. After that, I'll work on polishing the UI, and adding more features to it.

    Yes, I know that there's no Super Mario World 2. And that SMW's publisher is Nintendo. Hell, it's just a demo.
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    What I've been working on

    I've actually gotten to writing the emulator frontend, or at least a part of the UI of it. I call it Snowflake.

    I ended up writing the UI in Flex 4 instead of Java, since I found Java's UI building tools to be horrid. I'm planning to have a local server written in Python to communicate with the UI using sockets and JSON to display things like ROM lists, each system, and also to launch games, so anyone can write a UI in any language for it, they will just have to parse the JSON. Also, I'll make the default UI have some kind of basic skinning support as well, but UI is not my best strength in coding.

    Right now, all it can do is display a bunch of logos, but soon I'll have the ROM selection UI up, then I can move onto the Python side. At the moment, everything is hardcoded. Though

    Here's a video of the UI in it's current state. Right now, everything is hardcoded, but I'll have read from JSON soon.

    My laptop can't handle the snow effect well, so the fps drops at about halfway down the video. My laptop is using a Nehalem i7 with integrated graphics, so when I debug, I've disabled the snow.

    The source is here if anyone wants to take a peek at it.
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    I built it

    I asked for some tips on building a PC for emulation, gaming, and watching some TV Shows a few months ago and I've finally built the thing. Got all the parts, and built it in under a day. Now I've got to do some overclocking, get a wireless sensor bar and a gamepad, and get some games and ROMs. Went over budget by about 100 bucks though, but got a better graphics card and some extra RAM ..

    • RAM: G-SKILL Ripjaws-X 2x8GB
    • CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K
    • GPU: Sapphire HD 7770 GHz Edition
    • Motherboard: Gigabyte B75M-D3H
    • Case: Antec One
    • 2TB Storage HDD
    WARNING: VERY Large Pictures!



    Some more pics here
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    I'm beginning to clean up the Menu Structure, and untangle some of the Spaghetti code for FH. Also, I'm soon going to add BAGPLUG installs for the DSTWO.

    If anyone wants to try the new menu structure out, try out r16 from the SVN repo. It asks you if you want to install MoonShell and Menudo before it starts.
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    Fucking eShop tax

    I'm 25 cents away from Shantae, thanks to tax.

    'nuff said. :cry:

    Now what am I gonna do with $12.18?
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    This will be the official development blog for FlashcartHelper mainly because I didn't want to double/triple post on it again just to post updates..

    Anyways, I'l sort this out in the near feature, but I'll just put a to-do list here

    The latest build is r11, latest released version is 0.8.3

    To-do list

    • *Command line parameters
      *Add downloads Complete as of r12
      *Safer recovery options Done as of r13
      *Direct Write toggle Cancelled after some thinking.
      *Safer DSi update downloads
      *Make a tutorial
      *Moonshell+Romloading download
      *Support for more R4 clones
      *An option to download the latest svn build from versioned releases
      *Logging Partial
      *A .bat builder for easy CLI access
      *DLDI patching

    Estimated release date for 0.9 ...Feb. 25th

    Hopefully I'll do most of the to-do list by then

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    What to get with 1100 DSi Points?

    Well, I have 1100 DSi Points left over, and i'm stuck between Rayman and Mighty Flip Champs. I wish I could get Shantae, but i'm 100 points short.

    So, which one should I get, or is there something better?
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    OH, COME ON!

    Warning. Rant is imminent.

    A few days ago, my harddrive screwed up and the boot sector got corrupted and I thought I lost all my data. Which included my whole iTunes Library, complete romsets of NES, SNES, Genesis, SMS, GBC, and a whole bunch of other systems, and my Wii WBFS files. I wasted 4 days trying to use those "Data Recovery Programs", and ended up with craploads of corrupted files.
    TestDisk didn't work either. Screw that.

    When I found out that Tuxera NTFS ignores the boot sector and MFT, so those 4 days, I could've just plugged my screwed drive in my Mac, and hookup a USB-USB cable to my PC.
    That's 4 days I'm never gonna get back..

    Also, I just lost my watch. It isn't very expensive, but it was special to me, because my Aunt bought it for me, the last time I went to Hong Kong, which was only a year ago..;(

    Now I can't find it anywhere..

    Fuck this. I just hope that it'll pop up..

    Rant is over

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    I cannot stop drooling over this trailer

    I know, it's and old trailer and whatnot, but I just cannot stop watching and drooling over this..
    Level-5, don't let us down..

    Also.. does anyone notice the sound that plays when the page is flipped sounds like a piston in Minecraft?
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    Yeah, Im going to change my name

    ..to Punyman.

    Now who to ask?
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    I'm considering a name change

    I've been thinking of changing my name.

    I can't really decide, so I made a poll.

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    I finally finished sorting my iOS apps

    After I upgraded to iOS 5, my extremely painstaking folder structure went missing. On this very day, I have restored it, and I'm down to 12 pages now :D

    Cower at my organizational prowess :evil:
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    GLaDOS Prompt.

    I got bored.
    I guess it's useful if you have a virus and cmd is blocked, or maybe you need to get cmd at school or something, I don't know.

    Any commands you can do in CMD, you can do in this piece of crap :P

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    Europe Vacation

    Well, yeah, i'll be off the face of the Earth for about a week. In the hotels I'm staying in, only 1 has free wifi :(

    Well, Anyways, I'll be visiting Paris, London, and BeNeLux, I think. I'm hoping I can get at least 1 DS game finished, and hopefully, most of the Warrior Storyline of MapleStory DS edited, I mean, I'll have a crapload of free time, 8 hour plane, and hours on a tour bus.

    In unrelated news, I'm trying to get Android on an HTC HD2.

    In other unrelated news, FlashcartHelper 0.8 is nearly ready for release. Hopefully, I can release before my vacation.
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    I just noticed I have 2 ribbons

    That is all.

    Wait no, there's more..

    Well, My Chinese school is so screwed up. Every Friday, I have to go to this screwed up class to learn Chinese, but I'm not learning anything. The teacher is.. well, today, she made the class sing some kind of song about Dim Sum.

    Dim Sum