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    ChrisYT I have good news today! Remember that sh!tty controller that I got that didn't work? Well i got a refund! And i asked my mom for a controller that cost 30 Dollars on amazon and had 4 stars, because I NEED THIS CONTROLLER TO PLAY GAMES. My keyboard is kinda bad (it's a laptop one) and this would be perfect for gaming! Looks perfect; nice design (nintendo related stuff cause it's a pro controller, and i chose a procon to connect it to my switch and my pc at the same time), the quality is almost like an official controller (as Amazon customers say it) and it's colorful! In some days i'll order it and my life will be complete! And goodbye, drifting Joy-cons! Alright, that's basically the end of this blog entry. It was much longer than my other blog posts, so if it's not good, that's because i suck at telling long stories.
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    ChrisYT I just bought a PC controller that doesn't work. I spent 35 dollars on this piece of shit! That's more than half the price of a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller!!! I can't believe they sold it for this ridiculous price. I bet i can find a better controller for 15 Dollars. So i wasted my money and now i have to wait for support. Did you have any experience like that? leave your answers in the comments below.

    Should've stayed on keyboard.
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    ChrisYT read it or i'll take your robux
    ChrisYT Why can't i fold the 2DS?
    What would the 1DS look like?
    Is 2+2 REALLY 4??

    these are my existensial questions. post yours in the comments below!
    ChrisYT he will do Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) streams if you're interested. if you like dat game u should check him out. he just did his first livestream hours ago. oh and i forgot to mention, he is french, he won't talk to you in english.
    oh wait i forgot to tell you his channel's name, it's jonathan354st . lol he will be surprised when 10 non-french people will go to his stream
    ChrisYT which one is better? laptop or desktop?
    i prefer desktops honestly. leave your opinion in the comments
    ChrisYT like seriously. why can't people just type "probably"? this is just stupid. it's only 8 letters, it's really easy to type. or maybe you don't know how to type "probably" but that's just dumb. why is there even a S in probs? this literally makes no sense. also, there is only one L in probably but two in prolly...
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    ChrisYT "oh cool they have a blog thing on gbatemp"
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