steamed and screwed

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    i quit my class

    big supprise here to think being coursed into a course that would only upset someone with mental instability what they freaking expect i've never amounted to anything and (at least in my mind) always felt inferior to my younger brother I just rather not do any me classes because pushing me will only result in 1) me biting your freaking head off and b) me end up hating you
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    creating yugioh cards need help thinking of effects for cards...

    so i decided to make cards again at yugioh card maker I was thinking of making my own number cards (archtype featured in Zexal) but why not make negative number cards? i know it was thought of but basicly these are a set of dark attribute monsters so powerful even the barrians would be possessed and made even more evil they will be XYZ cards but with a twist to summon (I was thinking bout shaving off LP dramaticly (maybe by 2000 or half of the Anime's starting amount of LP) the first card I thought about is Yuma's go to card, number 39 Utopia so I was thinking of Number -39 Dystopia

    maybe a attack redirection? basicly you detach 1 XYZ material to redirect an attack to direct damage to the attacker's LP? or 2 XYZ to double the damage thought of that as a semi polar opposite to Utopia's ability which negates an attack tell me what you think
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    I'm done with class (for now)

    an update to my class i finished it 6wks done by a week and a half now to the victor goes the spoils if you see a post by me in the pc forum appreciate your input
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    week 2 complete plus a deal for me

    well the hardware part of the course is done (in less than 2 hours even) the head of the team of a assisted living place i live at made a deal with me I completete the course i get a gaming laptop of a value up to $2,000
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    IT course week 2

    so last week I started one of googles IT courses (IT fundamentals) and so far working hard on this 8 week course i felt so defeated for so long (between depression, my little brother succeeding me (recently i learned I was going to be an uncle come august) I just had enough being a failure this is my last ditch effort to redeem myself and to prove a certain school wrong for discrimination not letting me try out PC repair week 2 consist of PC hardware/building custom rigs
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    Job assessment

    well yesteday I had a work assessment at a 3rd party (unauthorized) apple repair store I sorta white lied about my knowlege on mac (I used mac OS on my hackintosh rig (technicly illegal) anywho I blew the store manager away by knowing where all the stuff to pull basic info about "checking in" macs for repair in the end i told the truth about my distain for apple's right to repair stance and unethical (in my mind) bussiness practices and to my astonishment she agreed in fact she's part of the group suing apple over that issue (and the reason why she's unauthorized because she doesn't want to play by apples rules for "repair") so i left my name and number for the head owner (she was assistant manager) in hopes to at least get an internship maybe even a job later down the road
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    guess my softmodded xbox isn't a one trick pony

    so I recieved my DVD+RW's today i was a little nervous they wouldn't work cause i have a tompson drive to my amazement I burned rocky 5's extra disc iso and it booted on my xbox so guess i made a wise purchase without even realizing it
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    it's that time again...

    ......for another gambling trip with my folks this time to DC or dover DE so wish me luck and i hope to do some shopping on the trading forum soon
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    xbox one or....

    so i was thinking of getting a new system either a switch lite when it comes out (my origional switch is not only banned but the L Joycon has drift issues and the dock has the FGLOD (flashing green light of death) so TV mode won't work or get an XBone and pray MS doesn't patch the exploit in time, also after an incident involving a crack head (she was on something dunno what) destroyed my bike getting a new one hopefully in the next week
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    what system next?

    ok so I'm selling my PS4 and was wondering what to get next, I'm looking at two things 1) good games (Mainly rpgs are my thing) and 2 hackability I'm split between a vita,ps3 or N2dsXL cause I have a switch and an old 2ds already
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    i'm depressed....

    ok so I had a cat for 19 yrs 7 months until friday,as you can tell 19 years is a long time for a cat to be loved, held,scolded, and taken care of I moved out of my parents in 2016 and last year got my own cat the cat that got euthanized was with my parents over the past year he steadily started to show his age then for the past month his QoL (quality of life) really deteriorated quickly to the point he couldn't walk,refused to eat so my parents did the best thing to put him to sleep, right now i'm crying (which i rarely do) but i know he's not suffering anymore at least I'll miss him dearly

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    october 2000-March 9th 2019
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    so i got banned from the retroarch nx discord

    so it all started when another member got banned i read rule one on their server (mentioning reinx/Kosmos/SXOS by name) is an instaban perm for 1 year I lost it and stated the matter how you sugar coat it emulators are piracy enablers and fall under the same catagory (I mean think people only use emulators for one thing and one thing only to play roms/iso's) i use it the same way as everyone else i also said before the ban hammer fell that no matter what console hacking scene (PS4,switch Xbox etc) has become a vile toxic cestpool look at Kate tempkins from team atmosphere she was ousted afaik cause she wanted gender reassignment surgery can't believe some devs are vile like that don't get me wrong their work is awe inspiring able to unlock consoles to their full potential for better or worse this white knight persona is just stupid no matter how you cut it (depending on where they live) they are technicly breaking the law anyways by circumventing IP security even if it's not for piracy nuff said
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    no more

    after my superban on my switch i decided to update to 5.55 on my ps4 and not use a kexploit (I want to get better at fortnite so yeah not worth it) so far no issues reinitalized my ps4 and went from 5.05 to 5.55 (yes the repairman didn't update my fw) i just hope as long as i keep my hacking behind me Sony won't swing their ban hammer (I can only hope)
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    AUP Warning from cocks communication

    ok so I received 3 in the past and even had my net turned off once (Back in June during E3 of all times) I got it re instated a few minutes after pleading for them so I could watch E3 haven't heard from them....until today this is what they sent me

    Dear Valued Cox customer ,

    Cox Communications has received a notice which claims that someone using your Cox High Speed Internet service has violated U.S. Copyright law by copying or distributing the copyrighted work listed in the attached complaint. THIS COMPLAINT IS FROM A THIRD PARTY AND NOT FROM COX COMMUNICATIONS. Details of this complaint are available through your customer portal.

    We ask that you review the complaint and, if you believe it is valid, promptly take steps to remove or disable access to the infringing material (typically movies, music, books, or TV shows). If other parties are using your account, such as through your WiFi connection, you should ask them to disable file-sharing in peer to peer applications such as BitTorrent, or delete the copyrighted works.

    If you disagree with the claims and believe that no one using your Internet service could have been the source of the alleged infringement, please do not contact Cox Communications to resolve this matter. Cox is simply forwarding the notice to you. However, if you have WiFi, please make sure your WiFi connection is secured with a strong password to prevent unauthorized use of your Internet service. In addition, make sure anti-virus software is installed and up to date to help prevent malware infections.

    The material that you share online or make available for sharing is your responsibility. Cox encourages responsible Internet use, but we do not monitor nor control the information you transmit. We have a policy, however, consistent with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, to take steps when we receive notifications of claimed infringement. We also have a policy of terminating repeat infringers in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Safe Harbor for online service providers.

    If we continue to receive infringement claims notices for your account, we may in appropriate circumstances suspend your account, disable your Internet connection, and/or terminate your Internet service.

    For information about Cox's Acceptable Use Policy, including copyright infringement, please refer to:

    To learn more about your responsibilities concerning copyrighted material, please refer to our help article at:

    General information & FAQs about DMCA notices:

    now I've noticed some problems with this email

    1) the email received doesn't include the said infringed item if any in question it just say to log into the customer portal (red flag in my mind)
    2)ever since the last time I've stayed away from torrents (even legal like linux distros) since the last time, I only downloaded one (the TWL FW files directly from to fix DS mode on my O2ds since then if I ever pirated I used file hosters or private servers from certain wares sites

    3)about the TWL files the letter was timestamped at 10:40AM EST the dl initiated after 11am

    so somethings not adding up
    also my internet was never cut off this time so that perplexed me more
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