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    Chris_Skylock As soon as the app called LOOP for the Nokia N8 and C7 was released, I downloaded it.

    I didnt knew Nokia would use my work as an example for their Nokia Blog.

    YEAH!!! I ROCK!!! I got my 15 minutes of FAME

    Also found on GSMarena

    Here's my profile for the website hosting the LOOP app
    If you follow that link, you can reach me in Facebook.

    Im using the name Chris621 and Chris_Skylock on the internet

    Here are my Chris621 names in SymbianTalk

    Im using Chris_Skylock in Club Nintendo and here in GBATemp (My username in Nintendo of America is Chris621)

    Do you have a work that is featured in a famous website? Share your story
    Chris_Skylock it was so cold, very very very cold

    Niagra Falls yesterday.

    You must have a Facebook account to view the video. You can view it in Youtube on December 6th (Asian Time)

    My Canadian trip since Nov. 22
    <coming soon>
    Chris_Skylock To all admins and mods, you can confirm my IP address and tell the rest of our tempers that I am in Canda.
    So far, here are my first impressions:

    IMMIGRATION GUARDS were so nice.

    I dont need to let my laptop and all my hand carries be checked, that's good (our tempers are right - THEY DONT GIVE A SHIT)

    Im living in Toronto with a lot of Filipinos nearby and filipino foods. (God! 3 dollars for a filipino delicacy)

    my hands weer frozen solid in today's windy day

    that's it.

    Thank you to all my canadian/filipino friends here who guided me about Canada. I will stay good and stay out with assholes around me so I will not be departed and forfeited my permanent residence

    im using a free wifi here in my aunt's apt. we're here in Toronto and I must say the buildings are not on my expectation list - they're so natural with Philippines.
    Chris_Skylock [​IMG]

    Today marks the end of the suffering of my Original Style Nintendo DS Pokemon The Park 2005 edition.

    When Pokemon The Park 2005 was announced in Japan last 2005, I was eager to visit it. When Nintendo and the Pokemon Company decided to bring out the DS edition, I wanted it really bad.

    I was happy when it was released by WalMart at around the end of 2005 so I asked my aunt in Texas to buy me one.

    I bought a Jelly case for it to protect it. I remember I kept on polishing it until to the point I made some dents and scratches on it. I know it's a limited edition but I learned quickly to take care its next generation COLLECTORS ITEM.

    The first DS game I had with it was the Pokemon Trozei as I asked my aunt to just buy the Pokemon Emerald. It was also my very first GAMEBOY ADVANCE handheld.

    I finished Pokemon Emerald with it and it had my very first LV 100 with not cheats or whatsoever

    I had so many memories with it and it came to the point where it loosed its LCD flex as the top LCD has no display. I decided to fix it but later I accidentally cant switch it on.

    So yeah, four years of service and it gave me the courage to buy more Nintendo DSs. I will store it in my cabinet to be remembered as I was an owner of a Pokemon edition Nintendo DS.

    Today, I only have the following Nintendo DSs:

    Onyx Black Nintendo DS Lite
    Cyan Blue Nintendo DSi
    Metallic Blue Nintendo DSi
    Burgundy Nintendo DSi XL
    Midnight Blue Nintendo DSi XL

    I was addicted to the Nintendo DS because of the PokePark DS I used to play and had. Now, it will only be seen through a case of glass for visitors to witness there was a Pokemon edition DS.

    Chris_Skylock On Oct. 1, 2010 at 4pm, I purchased the Burgundy Nintendo DSi XL just 10 days after my Midnight Blue Nintendo DSi XL purchase.

    Let the pics tell you how HAPPY I am with my Nintendo DSi's and XL's

    The Cyan Blue Nintendo was from my sis after I gave it to her. I tried giving her the newly bought Burgundy but she's not the mood to receive it.


    Until then, for my next Nintendo DSi XL Bronze purchase within 10 days.

    PS: Im too tired to collect the White and Black Nintendo DSi so Im now going for the XLs and the 3DS.
    Chris_Skylock Just got the Nintendo DSi XL Midnight Blue and all I can say is:



    The weight? I can live with it. The PSP 100x are much more heavier but reportedly the XL is more heavier as reported.

    I paid Php 9,000 for the unit with free HORI-quality screen protectors meaning IT DOESNT SCRATCHED easily (talkingabout haggling. lol)

    Mr. Dynamics in Greenhills Shopping Center

    I currently own:

    1 broken (no top LCD) Pokemon the Park 2005 Original DS
    1 Black Nintendo DS Lite
    2 Cyan Blue and Metallic Blue Nintendo DSi
    1 Midnight Blue Nintendo DSi XL

    I just registered it on Sep. 21, 2010 with additional 90 days more warranty
    Chris_Skylock How do I order using Western Union in Philippine Peso for Play-Asia.

    I hope there are fellow Filipinos who already ordered in Play-Asia using Western Union using Philippine Peso.

    Going to import Pokemon Black but until then, I must get some infos about Online payment.

    PS: No paypal. no credit card. I cant have them
    Chris_Skylock Thanks to POCKETMONSTERS.NET, they provided me a link on where to watch Japanese channels LIVE!!!! I can finally watch Pokemon as it's been watched in Japan.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Dont intrigue me on why I have 4 currently active phones. I will use them while Im in Canada this winter. Im using all Major networks here in the Philippines - SMART, GLOBE, SUN, Red Mobile.

    I will soon have the Nokia N8 this September, October for use in Canada with its PENTABAND 3G and QUADBAND GSM


    So yeah, How many do you have (Dont answer if you're in the US or Canada or any country that prohibits you on having two SIMs or more)
    Chris_Skylock All Filipinos that lives in the Philippines are now celebrating Christmas on September 1.


    Merry Christmas to all

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Chris_Skylock Use INTERNET EXPLORER. It's from my Nokia X6 16GB Driver Edition

    register and it entitles you for 500 songs LEGALLY from Universal Record

    Reply whoever got my code.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Like this or say thanks

    I dont know any 500 songs as I listen to Japanese Music.
    Chris_Skylock Just got myself a Nokia X6 16GB that was given by Nokia Philippines. I love it and boy, I feel new on the CAPACITIVE touchscreen. It is so SENSITIVE.

    Overall, it's a great music phone with super loud speakers. Im getting bored with it because I used to do so many stuffs on my Nokia N900 currently. My Nokia N97 was returned in its box because of some reason.

    Yeah! The Nokia N8 should me my next phone and my fourth one this coming September/October

    Thank You Nokia for the Nokia X6 16GB with Car accessories

    This is why I love Nokia - Simple and affordable and yet powerful devices. a truly CONNECTING PEOPLE


    recorded using my Nokia N900. you can see it's auto-focused and blurry in the background
    Chris_Skylock The Nokia N97 aint that bad but I was surprised at what GLOBE PH has done to advertised the Nokia N97.

    Chris_Skylock Am I allowed to post a picture of a little girl here? It would be nice but Im just following some rules. FULL article is in my Facebook "blog" (notes). I just want to share to all of you what I wrote and I want your opinions on my article.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Welcome to my first attempt to write an article about the people I've been illustrating for my projects. First stop is a girl who's been in my heart for a very long time. She's like a sister to me not because I gave everything to her but she reminded me on how important "sharing" is and how "love" can change you.

    Esperanza is a girl that's full of fun, mysteries and joy. She's there for you to know the importance of life. She's also there to cheer you up. She's there when you want to have some fun. Most of all, she's there because you are very important.

    She's a God-fearing girl and is very kind. She will sometimes tease you but that's something a personal preference for anyone. She rarely gets mad at you but that's something I'm trying to avoid currently.

    On the next following paragraphs, let me share to you how I met her and how she bacame a part of my life.

    Year 2007, as I remember Esperanza as the girl who always cried every time she was left at the school I used to attend. Every lunch, I was told to carefully pick the food she eats. I only had PHP 100 left on my allowance that day and she was very hungry. I then went to Jollibee in the middle of a hot day to buy her a "B1 set" (Regular Jollibee burger, fries and a soft drink)--boy! was it hot then! And then I bought her a meal from Jollibee every lunch every time I have enough money left.

    I was there every time she cried. I was once told not to carry her around so she would not be spoiled. I then remembered the time when I was her age in Edna’s School. I cried when my aunts (alternate), Aida Ramos, Salome Macatbag, Maria Valerio, left me in school. I was like, 6 years old back then (I remembered that I was still in the Preparatory Level). So I knew how Esperanza felt as she's new in school.

    I started to draw her after I took a photo of Esperanza and her classmate Gwen, during the 18th birthday of my schoolmate. It was planned for "A-Calling: WIND of FATE" but it was used for Miel and Riel. The picture was so adored by many and was dubbed as a Telenovela photo since both Esperanza and Gwen are like the main characters--Esperanza being the Protagonist, and Gwen the Antagonist.

    Ever since she started coming to school, I've often seen Esperanza crying, waiting for the one to pick her up. It reminded me of how I acted during my preparatory school days with my aunts. After they left me in my classroom, I waited in the door for them to arrive. I remember auntie Ayds went to the "waiting area" and I was there crying. And it’s the same with Esperanza.

    I used to try and make her laugh but my serious nature made it difficult. Her other classmates and schoolmates were there to make her smile until I arrived back from Jollibee as it was the only thing that cheers her up. And since I’m used to going outside, even though I'm sometimes tired, I always try to do my part to make her happy.

    These moments and the 18th birthday are the only things I can remember about her. She and Gwen performed a song for the debutant on that special day. Too bad my camera was not powerful enough to record such a performance. That's the only time I can remember her since she suddenly left the school.

    When I started making "Fireflies @ Dawn” on 2008, I knew quickly that I need a newer set of characters for my projects. DESTINY CALL X and FIREFLIES @ DAWN were my current projects then and I was running out of characters in my project SKY. I had forgotten about Esperanza that year because I focused on my two projects. I then began putting new characters such as remixed versions of my cousins from the ECGR database.

    At around that time, I was only at about a fourth (1/4) of the database. The other three-fourths (3/4) were still unnamed. Names like Francesca and Elisa are part of the database and were used for FIREFLIES @ DAWN. It took a while before I finally created a name for it. F@De is meant for FIREFLIES @ DAWN: EVOLUTION. The name was not implemented until the May 2009 when I finalized the names for Yshimaia.

    One more name was added the July of that year. A new student enrolled and she became a part of the front liners. And in August, I finally set our flagships for F@De. But things didn’t get so well. I had a problem with one of the Flagships due to the fact that she's also part of project SAM.

    Then on September 3rd, a girl suddenly appeared at school. She was wearing a purple sleeveless shirt and purple shorts as well that looked like cycling shorts. I didn’t recognize her but everyone called her PRINCESS. And I told myself "could she be the princess from before?" I then tried to take a picture but she kept on running away from me as if she knew me or something. Then the teacher told me that the girl is Esperanza who's returning to continue her schooling from where she left off. I was surprised to see her again.

    It was the 4th of September and it was Esperanza's birthday. I tried to get to know her better so I can draw a more detailed Esperanza for my character. I was honored that I took part in her 7th birthday as a photographer and as a videographer. I then used some of her pics in making her anime character that'll be a part of my future project and to promote F@De as an advanced database of ECGR and SKY.

    Esperanza, as I know her, is a girl who likes to explore things. She likes new and old friends. She's being called Princess but she acts more as a friend to others.

    I know I’ve been giving her too much and that made her classmates a bit jealous (As told by someone close to me). But that doesn’t mean they will get angry at me. I only gave her things because she was like a sister to me. But I did try to be the kuya of everybody. If I gave something to someone, you can expect that I can give a better one to somebody else.

    Esperanza replaced Marah as one of the flagships of F@De and she and the rest of her fellow mates were treated equally. Well, it wasn’t really equal if you look at it from a different perspective.

    When I had a problem last February 2010, I changed the flagships --instead of the first batch, I used the second batch with Esperenza included. F@De KAURA has been the replacement and it included her, Nadine and two of my cousins from Canada. I know that I will learn a lot from the problems that arose from F@De.

    I then gave her a birthday gift last winter of 2009. I tried to save my money and budget then to buy her the gift she requested. I learned a lot of things from her, and I know that I will still learn from my experiences with her.
    Chris_Skylock At 3pm of June 10, 2010, I finally got my very own Tablet - a 3.5" tablet that I dreamed.

    The budget that was used from my aunt in the US, my aunt in Canada and my mom here in the Philippines as my birthday gift.

    With my Sparkling Brand New Nokia N900, I can now explore a glimpse of Linux and hopefully improved my programming skills by using the Qt languange.

    It's Php 25, 400 including all the taxes you can think of here in the Philippines.

    pictures below

    PS: My GLOBE sim is an asshole. I cant connect in 3G because of the slow connection. Im connected by unable to open OVI and other websites. Fuuuuuu

    Warning: Spoilers inside!