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    Chris_Highwind So today, I decided to dive into Mario Kart 7 Online for a bit, and joined a community, which I always do when playing online. It was me and one other person on Bowser's Castle. It was neck and neck at first, but eventually I gained a big lead over the other player. Suddenly, my screens go black and I'm hit with an "A communication error has occured" message. My first thought? "Don't tell me he ragequit..."

    And there's my problem with online games: A lot of the time, I'm being beaten by superior racers, but the one time I'm actually winning, someone decides to ragequit, thus making the whole thing pointless. Of course, this infuriates me because I rarely ragequit myself (I want to say I never ragequit, but that's just not true.) It seems to be impossible to play legitimately in most online games, as everyone around you is using glitches or hacks, and those you're beating legitimately decide to bail out before the results become final, thus robbing you of a win.

    I'll try playing MK7 online later on, but I'd like to play it against someone who won't ragequit if I'm beating them.