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    Info-bombing people who ask lots of questions.

    Does anyone else do this? I know it's a little evil but sometimes I can't help myself.

    Also I know I'm kind of coining the term here, so basically it's when someone keeps texting you asking lots of dumb questions and you get sick of having to respond every 45 seconds, so you just dump ALL of the info on them at once. Text after text, blowing up their phone until there's no way they could ever absorb everything you've thrown at them and thus can't rightly continue asking questions. They become immobilized by the overload and just stop asking anything at all.

    Like I said, I know it's a little evil, but... :P
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    It seems like computer illiteracy is on the rise again.

    So, my first real experience with computers was around the mid-90s, and I was young enough then to be a good little hipster and get excited about anything new, but I was also old enough to understand concepts like file systems, OSes, the basic hardware components and so on. So I was at just the right age to have developed an understanding of the technologies before most of my family and friends. I was always the go-to computer guy.

    As time went on they started picking things up on their own and I didn't have to explain as much.

    There was a point around 2005-2010 where it seemed like the average person's computer literacy was generally on the rise, but then mobile started replacing PCs and laptops for most people, and from that point forward it seems like it's gone the other way.

    In recent years I've had to explain to people what SD cards are, why file sizes matter, how to unpack archives, what an Internet browser is, etc. All the basic things. And it seems like it's only getting worse now as times goes on. We're talking about super basic things not even relating to desktop computers specifically, but in regard to technology in general.

    Am I the only one who's noticed this?
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