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    CheatingSoi I've been drinking, just now, and just randomly remembered that the exact day GTA V came out. The midnight release for the 360 and PS3, was also my girlfriends birthday. That sucked because she had just moved 2 hours away from me so I had to visit her and we hung out with her best friend and went to a restaurant, and watched some movies. And at the end of the night I broke it to her and was like, welll... I've kinda gotta go. It was like 10:30. And I had to get back for the midnight release. I was already going to be a half hour late but I figured I'd get past some of the lines at this point. It really sucked. I was speeding home, getting texts from a bunch of my friends who were already waiting in line. It eventually all worked out but man. Of all days for that to fall on. Girls just don't understand!